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Collegedunia is a website based out of India that acts as an extensive search engine for getting information on colleges and higher studies. Students and parents residing in India, and even people who want to get information about the colleges and courses in India, can check out this website. This website is also a trusted place for players from the education industry who seek information on various educational institutes, as Collegedunia offers relevant and compact data on all the registered academic institutes.

What Does Collegedunia Offer?

Collegedunia is a one-stop shop for all your educational needs. Let us take a look at the information that you can get from Collegedunia –

  • List of the top Universities
  • List of the Top Colleges
  • List of the top Courses
  • Details about the Major Exams
  • Details about What to Do for Studying Abroad
  • All the Updated news in the Educational Industry
  • News about all the ongoing and future admission dates in 2022

You can also check the individual courses from the website to know about the highest-ranked institutes for each major course like MBBS, MBA, Design, Law, Science Subject, and many more.

Company Details


Based In: New Delhi, India


Collegedunia is free for all students. Any student or their parents can log in to the website and get any information about the colleges for free. They can create their accounts and log in to get personalised counsellor help as well, without spending any money.

However, Collegedunia earns its revenue from the colleges. The majority of their earnings come from CPL or by generating leads for colleges and banner ads. When a student applies for a college through Collegedunia, that college pays a certain commission to the website.

Establishment Year:

This website was established in the year 2013


Since this website depends a lot on its digital traffic for its earnings, it focuses on onboarding more students. This leads to a lot of malpractices in terms of miss-selling the concept to the students.

Serving Country:

Although Collegedunia serves Indian students to get into the leading Indian colleges, they have a major flaw. They are not a good website to cater to the needs of international students.


Collegedunia offers 'Free Profile Evaluation' for the students. Collegedunia has a team of expert counsellors who engages in one-on-one discussions with the students to analyse their profile. They provide a college shortlist based on the results, eligibility criteria, and preferences.

However, students cannot access all these features as a guest. They mandatorily need to create an account to unlock the full features. This proves to be a hassle for students who are not very proficient with computers.

Collegedunia Review

Collegedunia has a mixed opinion among the students. While many students love Collegedunia because they can find details about 25000+ colleges and universities on their website, some students complained about “paid reviews”.

Collegedunia also has been accused of paying students to write reviews about the colleges. Several students write doctored reviews to get paid, which decreases the website's credibility. Many students complained about bad recommendations and the inability to contact career counsellors even after multiple attempts.

Admission Process Support:

Collegedunia gives the students various information and access to blogs and articles on what to do to get into their dream colleges and universities. However, according to the reviews on various websites, they often provide inaccurate details about the cut-off marks, fees, placement opportunities, and many more on their website, thus offering end-to-end admission process support.

Visa Support:

Collegedunia offers detailed insight into how to apply for a visa to study in foreign countries like the US, UK, Australia and many more. You can get all your Visa queries resolved by login onto Collegedunia. Get answers to various frequently asked questions like –

  • Various types of visas
  • Pre-requisites for Visa
  • Visa requirements for specific countries
  • How to apply for a visa
  • What are the expenses of getting a visa
  • Vaccination requirements for a visa
  • The interview process for getting a visa
  • Reasons why visas get rejected

It offers various other tips and contacts of embassies and consulates to give students top-to-bottom assistance.

Pre-departure Support:

Collegedunia offers the students who are leaving for abroad to study various articles and last-minute tips and advice to survive in a foreign land. But some of these articles are old and contain outdated information. So students get deprived of getting updated information about recent laws, regulations and job opportunities in a foreign country.


Collegedunia has one of the major websites in the Indian academic scenario. Their student-friendly model and affordability have propelled them to great heights within a very short time. However, with many accusations and malpractices haunting them, they are yet to come up at the same level as other leading academic websites globally.

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