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Website: Headquarter: USA
Pricing: Start at $15.79 Establish: 2016
Size: NA Serving Country: 7
Payment Option: PayPal, MasterCard, Visa                 Refund: Yes
Discount: No Rework: Yes
Refund Policy: Yes Services: Assignment writing


Assignment Geek review has a below rating of 2 ⭐stars out of 5 indicating that customers are not satisfied😞 with AssignmentGeek. Moreover, the most complaints about AssignmentGeek are📌 'awkward phrasing and unconventional grammar', 'hectic rework', and 'hidden T&C for refund'📌. To sum up, AssignmentGeek is 35% legit and safe for your assignment.

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i. Quality of Assignment iii. Delivery
ii. Price Structure iv. Support and Refund Policy

Owing to the high standards of education and stiff competition, most students rely on online assignment writing services. In the deluge of many similar sites, is one such site that claims to cater to students of the USA, UK and Canada. But is it reliable? Read on to get a general overview of the website and see what clients had to say about the brand’s services. Here is everything that you need to know about the quality and the other factors of the company.

  Quality of Assignment

The website claims that the site has 500+ degree-holding writers. But one look at the writers’ profiles arises many questions. You will not find any details that divulge the qualifications of the writers. Moreover, the papers delivered by the site have not garnered positive reviews either, thus making the site seem to be a scam.

Below is an excerpt, where Lori says that the charges may be cheap, but the content delivered is equally cheap.

Img source: www.trustpilotcom 

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  Price Structure

Although the brand boasts of its cheap rates, the charges are quite high when compared to other online essay writing services. The site also gives an introductory rebate, but you only get to use the coupon MYGEEK10 when you place an order above $40. Moreover, there is no price calculator page which makes it difficult to consider the site to be trustworthy.

Here is what a client, Kory Tisdale from Canada, has to say about the brand’s apparently “affordable” prices.

"Their rates are quite high. So I thought I would use the discount code for once. Every time I tried to apply the code on my cart, they would show that the coupon is not applicable. I called the customer care agents, and they failed to explain why that was happening. The offers are all fake. Do not fall for it.”



While is not altogether bad with timely deliveries, the problem with them is that they charge extra for quick delivery. So, the shorter the deadline, the larger the amount you need to pay! And considering the poor quality content they deliver, are you ready to spend so much for a poorly-written assignment?

Here is a sneak peek into their delivery system with the review from Claire Edwards, a student of the UK and the brand’s client.

"I had a paper to submit in 3 days. So I hired their services with added charges for fast delivery. Although the writers delivered the solution on the deadline set by me, the copy was incomplete. I sent it for a rework, and they did not send the revised copy back. So had to submit the incomplete copy and eventually got a bad grade."

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  Support and Refund Policy

Having a definite refund policy is part of the legal requirements of an online brand. But, does not have any separate page that elaborates on the refund policy of the brand. So there is no way that you will get your money back if you are dissatisfied with their services. Although you can reach out to their customer care agents, who are (according to the website) available 24x7, chances are they won’t have any solution to your query.

Here’s what a client has to say about the brand’s after-sales services.

"I called them to ask about my refund. The agents just said that I wouldn't get a refund but never cared to explain why and on what parameters. Very rude replies and inadequate answers.”

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  • How can I trust these reviews about AssignmentGeek? is a highly-trustworthy reviewing website. We assess all the crucial details before providing a final verdict on a website. We also have designed a remarkable algorithm that can outline scams or frauds at a go to highlight only the honest reviews. Thus, you can trust our unbiased review of AssignmentGeek to make an informed decision.

  • Is AssignmentGeek legit? has a rating of 2 out of 5 on most review websites implying that the clients are unsatisfied with its services. They provide mediocre solutions with unacceptable quality, have unclear pricing strategies, inflated rates with no such discounts, unresponsive writers and support agents, etc. Thus, is not a legit website to trust your precious assignments with.

  • Is AssignmentGeek scam or safe?

    Students need to pay to write their assignments. So, it is crucial to know if the website is a scam or safe and whether you can trust them completely. Firstly, the website claims to have 500+ degree-holding writers, but there are no details that divulge the qualification of the writers. Secondly, they do not provide timely delivery of the solutions despite charging for quick delivery. So, one can easily conclude that is a scam website.

  • Is AssignmentGeek reliable?

    No, as per the review of various websites, it can be safely concluded that AssignmentGeek is not a reliable website. According to numerous clients, the solution they deliver is filled with typos, grammar, and plagiarism errors. Moreover, they neither have a clear refund policy nor terms and conditions. Hence, it is wise not to trust the website with your assignments.

  • How do I get a refund from AssignmentGeek?

    Having a definite refund policy is part of the legal requirements of an academic writing service. However, does not have a separate page that elaborates on the refund or revision policy of the brand. Thus, there is no way one can get their money back even if they’re not satisfied with their solutions.

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Reviewed By Bianca Benadie on 29 Mar, 2021

Never in your life use this service. Paid for "best expert", did not even use the resources I provided and could not use the assignment at all. Resulted in revising it, still not correct and then getting a 10% deduction in my marks for submitting the assignment late as they provided it late after someone else wrote it and just ended up doing it myself and paying my whole momths salary sor rubbish.

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Total waste of money

Reviewed By Julia on 24 Jul, 2020

Placing an order at assignmentgeek is nothing but a waste of money. I made the mistake of placing an order there and received a school level essay on the American Civil War, while I asked for e a research paper on the same topic for masters' course. Don't place an order here.

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100$ for a paper full of mistakes

Reviewed By Lorena Otalora B on 13 May, 2020

I failed my course because of Assignmentgeek. They charged so much but gave me a paper that was riddled with spelling and grammar errors. The writer does not know proper English that’s for sure. Asking them to write was the biggest mistake of my life.

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Extremely disappointed

Reviewed By Priyanka Pathak on 12 May, 2020

I was expecting a good history essay paper when I placed my order. But they have disappointed me in more ways than I can tell. The solution they delivered didn’t even meet the word count I instructed. The quality was so poor that I had to make plenty of changes.

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The worst assignment support

Reviewed By Mike Oldenburg on 14 Apr, 2020

I wasted time, money, and grades for this shoddy assignmentgeek. I had an overnight deadline. They promised me to deliver in the morning. After multiple calls and emails, I got the paper in the evening. The worst I have ever seen.

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No clarity in solution

Reviewed By Sue Guinan on 07 Apr, 2020

Availing professional essay help from assignmentgeek has been disappointing for me. The website has delivered a solution that is not at all reader-friendly. You need to spend a minute to understand every sentence they have written. Not placing another order here.

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Copied assignment

Reviewed By Lyra Telfer on 25 Mar, 2020

Assignmentgeek said me they have subject matter experts, so I trusted them. I was in shocked after receiving my paper. Every code there was copied from other websites. They have never researched nor cited a single thing in my paper.

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Absolutely non-cooperative, never going back

Reviewed By Cory Allen on 21 Mar, 2020

I asked about my assignment status to assignmentgeek, I received some puzzling response from them. I was about to miss the deadline because of all this fuss. They have zero post-sale services and are extremely non-cooperative. I barely passed with the pass marks. Totally disappointed. All negative ratings for them.

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Fake discount schemes

Reviewed By Mario Garcia on 19 Mar, 2020

They have shown several discount schemes on assignmentgeek but actually that is all scam. There are several terms and condition under which you will not be able to avail any discount. They are cheaters and money minded. All they need is money they don’t care about the customer.

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Customer support keeps you waiting

Reviewed By James Smith on 18 Mar, 2020

Assignmentgeek customer support team at does not care if you are in a hurry. They will keep me on hold for more than 10 minutes to listen to what you have to say. Worst service provider in the market. Go for other websites which will listen to your queries.

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Horrible writing

Reviewed By Aziz Gh on 27 Feb, 2020

I thought I sucked at English essay writing until I looked at the work of assignmentgeek's writers. I doubt if they are even a graduate, let alone Master's or PhD qualifications. It seemed as if a two-year-old wrote my paper. There was no structure or citations. The headings were long and some of them didn't make any sense.

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