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About Goassignmenthelp.com

Today, innumerable assignment writing services have mushroomed online. One such brand is GoAssignmenthelp.com, the reviews of which claim the mediocre solutions delivered.

So, the question arises, Is GoAssignmenthelp.com a scam or a legit company?

To form a lucid idea of the website, we decided to order one test paper. Based on our experience, we plan to present a general evaluation of GoAssignmenthelp.com, where we plan to discuss all crucial aspects in detail. This will help you form an idea of what to expect when you hire its services.

GoAssignmenthelp.com: A Quick Overview

GoAssignmenthelp.com is an online academic website that provides professional assignment help services to students. As claimed by them on the website, "GoAssignmenthelp.com is a one-stop destination for students from USA, UK, Australia. It helps students from K9 to PhD complete assignments, essays, and dissertations.”


GoAssignmenthelp.com claims to offer a huge discount of 51%. As per their website, "If you are visiting GoAssignmenthelp.com, we offer you a flat 20% off on the first order and an evergreen loyalty 10% off all on orders."

Also, numerous other services are free, but all of them are not true. Their eyes are ultimately on your pockets. We hired their services for exorbitant prices. Again, similar to any other scam company, they will not show their pricing list or payment methods.

Details Of The Company

The details and their responsiveness only prove the credibility of any company. As per the website of GoAssignmenthelp.com, the essential details of the company are as follows-

Mail Id- contact@goassignmenthelp.com

Contact Number- +61-1800-905-719 | +44-1173-180-550

However, there is no actual company address provided on the website. We also observed that the customer support system, which plays a vital role in keeping the customers happy, is not up to the mark.

Take a look at these frequently asked questions on GoAssignmenthelp.com to develop a comprehensive idea of the website-

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FAQ about GoAssignmenthelp.com

  1. Is GoAssignmenthelp.com a legit company? Wanting to know before I spend my money!

As per thousands of negative reviews on different platforms, it is clearly evident that GoAssignmenthelp.com is not a reliable or legit company. The so-called experts' con students by delivering completely plagiarized assignments. The writers are not even native English speakers.

  1. Can I get a 1000-word essay done by 11 pm tonight?

When it comes to meeting urgent deadlines, GoAssignmenthelp.com has perhaps the worst reputation online. The website has writers who will compel you to call the customer support team multiple times for simply getting the solution. Furthermore, there’s no explanation or justification provided for delayed delivery.

  1. I have already paid for my assignment. Why do they need some documents for my identity or address?

GoAssignmenthelp.com claims to maintain 100% confidentiality of their customers. However, the reviews and testimonials of their customers say otherwise.  Numerous complained that their confidential information like name, address, bank details, etc., were shared with the third party.

  1. Do you provide service to customers in Singapore?

GoAssignmenthelp.com do not offer any service in Singapore. Furthermore, they use fake UK addresses while they exist only in a remote part of Nepal.

  1. How long does it take for GoAssignmenthelp.com to complete an undergraduate essay?

Though GoAssignmenthelp.com claims to have a quick turnaround of 8 hours, as per their order form, they take about 23.45 hours for just completing a paper of 250 words. There is no clear delivery chart mentioned on their website, and they usually never meet their clients' deadlines.

  1. Is GoAssignmenthelp.com a scam or a legit company?

GoAssignmenthelp.com is not a legit website according to what the customers of the brand have to say. In contrast to their promises of delivering impeccable writing services and round the clock support, students get none. Instead, they receive mediocre papers for which they do not get refunds too. Thus, it can be safely concluded that it is a scam website, eyes closed.

  1. How much is a 500-word essay?

GoAssignmenthelp.com has no estimated price on the site. You can view the price only if you provide your email id, and then they will offer you a price. This implies that there isn't a uniform pricing chart.

  1. What resources do you have to help me with proper citations? My professor wants scholarly resources.

Chances are fairly low that GoAssignmenthelp.com will provide you with solutions with accurate citations and include scholarly resources in your papers. Moreover, the writers of the website are not native English speakers,

  1. Can I hire an expert for me throughout the semester?

The writers of GoAssignmenthelp.com deliver mediocre solutions to their customers, and the secondary resources used are clearly not up to the mark. Their solutions also turn out to be 70% plagiarized without the inclusion of any proper citations.

  1. Is the site of GoAssignmenthelp.com fake?

On analyzing reports on various portals online, it is only safe to say that GoAssignmenthelp.com can’t be trusted easily. They promise students high quality solutions but only deliver plagiarized papers. They do not care about the deadlines of the customers and charge high rates for poor solutions.

  1. Do you do online protected exams?

Yes, besides providing assignments, essays, case studies, and dissertation writing services, GoAssignmenthelp.com assists students with their online protected exams.

  1. Can I cancel an order and book another of the same value?

There isn't anything mentioned clearly on the GoAssignmenthelp.com website, as there is no pricing chart. One needs to contact the customer team regarding such queries, and chances are they might not respond on time.

  1. Will I get a complete money back if I fail in assignments?

As per the customer reviews, GoAssignmenthelp.com never claims to refund the money if you fail by submitting their solutions. Despite the refund policy on their website, most customers did not get their money back.


Based on our evaluation, we did not find GoAssignmenthelp.com to be reliable writing service. It definitely has certain pros, but the con clearly outweighs them. We would like to advise if you do not want to entrust your paper writing responsibilities and keep your fingers crossed so that it gets completed seamlessly, then GoAssignmenthelp.com should not be the choice any day.

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