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I am a student of English literature, pursuing my postgraduate degree from the Cornell University. I know there are thousands of students like me, who are contemplating to seek the assistance of an assignment service provider in the hope of getting their tasks done. My review is for those people who seek academic assistance. During the second semester of my postgraduate degree, I had decided to opt for Ultius.com, which claims to be a premium academic writing service. So, without further ado, I'm going to share my experience of ordering tasks from this website.

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1. Navigating through the website

When I was looking for an assignment help service to delegate my task, I came across this website after a couple of internet searches. At a glance, the website came across as extremely professional and credible. It had all the information that I needed to know before I assigned my task to the experts. So, after having a one on one interaction with the customer support executive, I successfully placed an order. Here, I must point out that their website runs quite smoothly and I had no issues moving from one section to another while placing the order. This made me think that their service was reliable, but little did I know that I had my hopes high.

So, I would give them 4 out of 5.

2. Delivery of the task

Now, this is where the real trouble began. Initially, I had set a deadline of 5 days from the day of placing the order, but on the third day when I checked their website for the status of my order, I was notified that it would take another 3 days for the paper to be completed, as the research process is taking time. I had placed the order 2 weeks before the submission date, so I had some time. I thought it’s alright to give the time, given that my assignment was at stake. But after a week, when I checked their website, I was notified that it would take another 48 hours for the paper to be delivered. That's when I understood that they are not punctual with their delivery of tasks, which raised my suspicion about whether they are legit or not.

I would give them 2 out of 5 in this regard.

3. Quality of the tasks

Now I had very high hopes regarding the quality of their tasks, since the website itself claimed to have received positive reviews from some of the popular assignment reviewing websites. But I was utterly disappointed when I received the draft of my assignment only to realize that it was filled with typos and blatant grammatical mistakes.

I was really taken aback because when I placed an order on the website, I was repeatedly assured that I would receive a brilliantly written paper. Instead, I received a substandard quality of assignment.

What I also noticed, in this case, is that they have not even carried out proper referencing and citations process, and neither did they provide me with a proper plagiarism report. So, the tall claims they make about preparing "flawless" assignment is fake.

I would give them 1 out of 5 in this aspect.

4. Writers on the website

Now, the website claims to have writers coming from different academic backgrounds and have extensive knowledge of their specific subject. But judging by the quality of the assignment I was handed over, I cannot speak highly of the writer.

I must mention that since the website comes with a free revision policy, I had decided to avail the service, considering the paper needed major editing. But when I placed a request, I was told that there are no editors available at present. This again raised my suspicion regarding the fact that their services might be fraud.

Also, their service of direct communication with the writer is basically useless because no writer is ever available to have a word with.

Figure 2, Ultius.com

I would give the writers 1 out of 5 points.

5. Customer Service

In comparison to all their services, their customer service somewhat stands out. I have discovered that the customer service of the website is extremely responsive. Whether they are actually helpful in solving any issue or not is a different question. But they have always been active whenever I have tried to reach out to them.

Although they have not been able to solve my concerns, but they have definitely entertained my queries, and that was the only relief I got by opting for the service of Ultius.com.

I would give their customer service 3 out of 5.

Apart from all these services, they also don’t offer full money refund, and even though they claim to offer a 15% discount, it doesn't make any difference in the final price of the assignment.

All in all, their overall rating should be 2 out of 5 points. And, my advice to students looking for assignment services would be to avoid Ultius.com, and choose from other service providers who offer better services at a less price.

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Customer service is good but writer not

Reviewed By Angela J on 05 Sep, 2019

Writer is not good. They are about making money. Their customer service people are always helpful- at least for me.

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