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I am pursuing a Master’s Degree in History at the University of Canberra. Some weeks back, my mother met with an accident at our home in Sydney and fractured her elbow. I had to take her to the hospital for treatment that lasted for almost a week. I required submitting a History essay assignment a week after my return from the hospital. Yes, the deadline was days away, but the essay was crucial for securing a good grade overall. It was an essay on the chapter of Renaissance where the topic was Black Death, a huge-scale pandemic in Italy.


I realized that it was my duty as a student to work on the history essay assignment all by myself but looking at my mother’s medical condition, I was not in the correct frame of mind. I felt that writing the essay on my own would mess up my final work since an in-depth subject like History requires immense concentration. Hence, I felt the need to take assistance from an unknown party to get my essay done. I searched the Internet for an assignment help website and came across as one of the top (popular) search results.


After visiting their website, the first thing that came to my mind as a student was the pricing scheme. It was interesting to see that the website has a price calculator for customers to check their exact budget. The calculator showed that I would need to shell out $139.47 from my pocket to avail a Master’s level guaranteed 1st class essay service. Honestly, I didn’t feel like paying so much as I had already contributed my part-time earnings on my mother’s treatment. But I thought that history essay help was the only way out to get a perfect task done before I missed my deadline.


I went ahead to give these services a try after going through some reviews about this website that sounded quite positive. I just felt that all this company’s writers needed to do was get a history essay assignment done for me that could bring me decent grade. I left a message to their agents via email asking them to get back and address my problem. Their live chat facility was inactive at that time.


I read some samples of their writers’ previous works that they had uploaded on their website. One such sample was on the topic of hotel management whose content seemed interesting to me. So I went ahead and placed the order. I received an email confirmation of my essay order after making the online payment. I then went off to Sydney to attend my mother again.


It took me some more days to return since my mother’s condition wasn’t that good. When I returned, the deadline was just two days away. When I contacted the firm, I was told that my history essay material would reach me within the deadline. It made me feel nervous since I wondered if I could sit down to make the final essay draft or not.


But I indeed received the work before the deadline and I checked it for my personal satisfaction. I read the essay content and was shocked to find errors related to grammar, factual errors related to Italy’s Black Death and the event dates. The incident of Black Death took place between 1348 and the year 1350, but it was mistyped as 1338 and 1360.


I didn’t have adequate time and the mental state to rectify these errors on my own. I felt that since the service ‘promised’ to provide free unlimited revision so I should get the rework done from the concerned writer only. I contacted their customer support agents via their live chat facility that became active after a while and asked for rectifications in my essay. They assured me to provide the revised essay material in a day. Since I had a day in hand so I thought of giving it a try.


Fortunately, I received the reworked material before the deadline but still there were some two to three errors left within the content. These were the last hours, and I didn’t have the time and mood to rectify these errors. So I had to use the remaining time in my history essay draft’s documentation process and giving final touch-ups. Ultimately, I received a B grade for my History essay assignment in contrary to my expectations that professional assistance would help me secure an A if not an A+ for sure.


If I have to state about my first time experience with professional assignment help services, then it was a bit disappointing. The company’s services seemed to be average for me although they were quite punctual. I just wish that they introduced a robust 24x7 live chat facility rather than a part-time passive message box for students in distress like me. I even want this company to increase their discount from 25 to 30% on each of their orders since already their service prices are slightly high.


Even the Skype Call doesn’t work properly at times on their website. It’s a big problem for students like me who have a weak Internet connection, and a dedicated phone number (toll-free) is the need of the hour. I received a pretty decent grade in my History essay assignment but not as per my expectations.

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down quality assignment

Reviewed By Rose Watson on 07 Feb, 2018

I will never again place an order with this website. there is no quality in; I had such a bad experience with the customer care person. Such rude and unprofessional behavior is just unacceptable, they charge so much money and then they provide with such bad quality work and then they have the audacity to ask me for more money because apparently it was a communication gap from my end! I had supplied with all the information in the first go.

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Mediocre content

Reviewed By JaiHardman on 28 Jul, 2017

I must say that the content quality was really not up to the mark. I mean I had paid for an excellent quality essay help, but the paper I received finally was somewhat disappointing. Care should be taken in this matter.

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Bloody bastards!

Reviewed By Robert Hook on 26 Jul, 2017

These douchebags are such big liars, I tell you! They provided a fully plagiarized essay to me and then had the cheek to tell me that it's completely original. I felt like slapping them!

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Unpleasant customer experience

Reviewed By Adam Hebrew on 17 Jul, 2017

My experience with them wasn't that great. I mean the essay I got was okay, but I needed some changes. Their customer support just never got back in touch. Shouldn't have expected much at such prices.

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Truly Frustrating

Reviewed By Alice Davison on 12 Jul, 2017

Go and donate your money to charity. You will feel better for it. Not 1 question was answered satisfactorily on the assignment. If it wasn't so frustrating I would of laughed at what was produced.
Absolute Disgrace. Ive seen Nigerian Banking scams that are more trustworthy.

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Don’t visit

Reviewed By Essay Help on 27 Jan, 2017

Friends, don't take help from this site. The papers they deliver are poorly written. I think the writers are not as qualified as they proclaim. Don't spend your money on this site.

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They are running a scam

Reviewed By Olivia Thomas on 23 Jan, 2017

I must have been crazy to seek assistance from this service. You are right; they are fooling us and robbing us of our moneys. I got a good scolding from my teacher for submitting such low-class assignment.

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