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About Dissertation-service.org

Due to the overburdening of assignments, students often randomly opt for an assignment service provider. But are they all genuine? No, not at all. Dissertation-service.org is one such service provider. Unfortunately, as per reviews, Dissertation-service.org has been negatively rated by most of its clients.

Thus, it is advisable not to fall into any trap. Before hiring, ensure about company liability by considering features like:

Company overviews

It is better to learn about the company's history, management, legal statement, address, and other essential elements to be on the safer side. This brand offers all information. However, the reviews on the same mention how flaky the company is.


It is obvious pricing differs from one company to other. But that never means you will have to pay a lot. Thus, as per the review, Dissertation-service.org charges price without offering quality assurance. 

Company details

Essential details like company address, email id, phone number play an excellent role in proving the legitimacy of any services. However, often clients have complained that they have called the brand and have never gotten through. The replies to mails are late, too.

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FAQs & Answers

1. Is Dissertation-service.org a legit company? Wanting to know before I spend my money!

There is no guarantee for Dissertation-service.org to be legitimate. Multiple negative remarks have come forward in the name of this specific service provider. Thus, before spending a single penny, go through reviews listed in different sources. 

2. Can I get a 1,000-word essay done by 11 pm tonight?

Yes, you can, but only if you hire experts from legit firms. There is no assurance that a fraudulent service provider will deliver your essay within a few hours. Thus, it is advisable to spend wisely and safely.

3. I have already paid for my assignment. Why does the brand need some documents (identity, address)?

Save yourself from such mishaps; this is a strategy for fraud and unethical use of your credentials. After hiring, what is the use of your documents? Thus, save yourself from falling under such traps.

4. Do you provide service to customers in Singapore?

With legitimate services, you can assure their genuine help from all over the global world. But fraudulent service provider is untruthful about their location. So, if you need assistance in Singapore, they will say yes, but you are being bullied. 

5. How long does it take for Dissertation-service.org to complete an undergraduate essay?

Along with reviews like: "Never seek help from frauds like Dissertation-service.org, they are biggest scammers", how can you relax back after hiring such services. So, forget about hiring such scammers for academic help.

6. Is Dissertation-service.org a scam or a legit company? 

Thousands of students regret hiring Dissertation-service.org for assignment help. Accordingly, as stated in reviews, some didn't receive an order after paying a massive amount of money. Thus, this website can't be considered a legit company; it is the biggest scammer. 

7. How much is a 500-word essay?

 If you choose a genuine service provider for writing an essay, it comes within a budget. Sometimes, with ongoing discounts, you can grab the paper at the lowest price. But, getting indulged with fraud like Dissertation-service.org is a waste of money with no outcome. 

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8. What resources do you have to help you with proper citations? My professor wants scholarly resources.

Reliable service providers will consistently deliver your order with proper citations so that you don't fall under the consequences of plagiarism. But that can't be expected from scammers. They aim to grab the money and have no proper methodology for citations. Thus, beware of such a scam. 

9. Can I hire an expert for me throughout the semester?

Yes, you can. But before that, ensure you are hiring an expert from a legitimate service provider. Several fraudulent are waiting to trap you and grab money. Thus, before proceeding further, do in-depth research of any services that you wish to hire.

10. Is the Dissertation-service.org site is fake?

It is not good to misguide you. Based on several reviews, Dissertation-service.org is considered to be fake. Students had made no positive remarks. This service is marked as top-scammers and frauds for grabbing money without any delivery. 

11. Can I cancel an order and book another of the same value?

Yes, you can. Suppose payment has been already made, genuine services are bound to stick with the refund policy. But can't expect the same from scammers, they have just a goal to grab the money, and there are no chances you will get back every single penny of yours. 

12. Will I get a complete refund if I fail in assignments?

Every service provider comes with a refund and moneyback policy. But these are only followed by genuine ones, and frauds have nothing to do with it. However, don't waste your money on any random services. Learn and in-depth reviews from websites like Topassignmentreviews.com before hiring any services for assignment help. 

13. Do you do online protected exams?

Yes, they do. Hiring any reliable firm can relax you.  Without any doubt, they will fulfill your requirements. But it is highly recommended to spend only on genuine ones because frauds are also roaming to trap you.

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