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Seeking help from online academic companies isn’t a big deal these days. But, you must choose the company to trust your academic papers with after careful research. is an academic writing company based in the UK, as the website suggests. However, is legit? What if the company turns out to be unreliable?

Here is a detailed review of to help you get a clearer picture of this company. | About the Review

According to the website, is a UK-based academic writing company. They have mentioned that their professional coursework writers are available online round the clock. They provide writing and coursework help to students.

Usually, reliable websites consist of a separate ‘About Us’ page to let the website visitors understand what the company does exactly. doesn’t have this page. Here is my experience with the company. Please read and make an informed decision.

Strengths and Weaknesses





A good number of writers

Not qualified or experienced enough

Quality of work

May fetch you a passing grade




Too high

Delivery timings


On-time but compromises with quality

Table 1: Strengths and Weaknesses of Quality Levels

Students often have questions like “Is reliable?” before they place their orders. It is normal to question the credibility of these websites. After all, one wrong decision can take a toll on your overall grades.

Subject knowledge

The website doesn’t mention anything in detail about the subjects they cover. They have, however, mentioned a few subjects- Maths, Physics, Economics and Statistics problem-solving. But, the UK curriculum consists of a wide array of subjects. I, for instance, didn’t find a suitable writer to handle my English paper at

Researched content

Unlike other reliable companies in the market, hasn’t mentioned anything about how they conduct research before writing the academic papers. What kind of sources do they use? Are their exclusive researchers on their team? The website provides no answers to these queries. They gave me vague answers when I asked how they do research before writing my paper. They are not reliable enough.


According to the samples present on their website, delivers quality work. They haven’t shared how they structure or format the paper. There are 10 samples on their website, and that is not enough to understand the writers’ expertise. The writers, however, did not follow the standard structuring guidelines while writing my paper. I had to redo the entire paper.

Syntax Skills

The writers at are not native English speakers. I can vouch for it. My paper had poor sentence structures throughout. Some of the paragraphs make no sense at all. Please don’t trust them if you are looking for writers with proper knowledge of English.

Citation knowledge

The website mentions nothing regarding citations, bibliographies and references. They have no experienced citation specialists. The writers are not familiar with all citation styles. In fact, they charge extra for the citations. It is illogical and irresponsible of them to deliver papers without citations.

Price and Quality

The writers deliver average quality work. I found nothing exclusive in their work. The research, formatting and structuring are basic. The prices, however, seem unreasonable and exorbitant as compared to the low quality of work they deliver. According to several reviews, they charge high rates in exchange for below average quality work.

Offers and discounts

As per the website, they offer loyalty discounts, first-time savings and more. First-time users can get 16% off on their first orders. There are lifetime discounts of 5%, 10% and 15% for 15+, 50+ and 100+ pages respectively. However, I didn’t find any code during checkout.

Customer Support reviews hasn’t mentioned anything about their availability. I tried contacting them via chats and calls but in vain.  

Revision and refund policy

I consider the company unreliable and improper since they didn’t convey information regarding revision and refunds. I wasn’t satisfied with their work and demanded revisions. But, no one responded.  

Online Reputation

Several students have shared their disappointment with Most of them complained about the high rates they charge in exchange for ordinary quality work. Ryan, one of my friends and their first-time clients, commented, "My professor found 35% of plagiarism in their write-up. Guess what? The customer support didn't pick up my phone or return my money afterwards.”


  • Is legit?

    No, after what I have been through, I can say is anything but legit. Everything they claim about their perfect writers and quality work is a lie.

  • How can I know that my paper given by NextCoursework is original?

    You can check the paper on a plagiarism checker tool before submission to see if they have delivered a plagiarism-free paper.

  • Is Safe?

    According to most students' feedback, including mine, is not safe to trust with valuable assignments. They do not have native English speakers to help you out.

  • 4.Will I get a complete refund from Nextcoursework if I fail?

    I wanted a refund but couldn’t get any.

  • Can I cancel an order on Nextcoursework ?

    The website states nothing about order cancellations.

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