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Well, I am someone who does not like to write at all. Not that I do not have any skills, but I find no interest in academic writing. Since I had to pass my semester, I had to write a paper on travel nursing. I prefer the subject since it is my passion to travel and see the world and also provide nursing service.  But writing anything is a strict no-no for me. So I thought to get someone for help in my assignment, someone who will write my papers for me. I approached many fellow students and few other people, but I did not get what I was searching for. Finally, I decided to have a peek on the Internet and see if I can find anything there. I typed what I was looking for and found a long list of assignment help service providers. I saw through few sites at the top of the list, surfed through the pages and started to make a comparison. Finally, I decided to choose because I got impressed by the site. I also read the reviews that made me feel dependable.


Efficiency of the writers


I got my assignment and went through it. I might not like to write, but I am an ardent reader of books, articles and journals. I won't say that the assignment writer is bad, but he could have done better. At least, after reading much articles and journals, the comparison automatically came. I thought that the writer is knowledgeable enough to write on the topic fluently as the site claimed that they had PhD writers. But I was disappointed a lot. He could have written my papers in a more presentable way instead of being too ‘scientific'. What I mean is providing only raw facts and a brief explanation. The starting was good but with the progress of the writing, the proper usage of words deteriorated. I doubt whether the paper was written by two writers and then combined together.


Quality of solutions


The quality of the work was ok. However, I expected the quality of papers to be high as they said that I would get high quality work. The work was not so called ‘Plagiarized', but the writer could have used better references. The in-text citations were not properly done, to be exact, not mentioned for every time the citation was used. And then the words were only shuffled and paraphrased. I thought I would get an original work and was excited, but I was a bit disappointed. The paper is good for high school level, but at the university level, the paper will not be able to make it stand. I thought of getting a high quality academic paper. I got an academic paper, but I had to omit the terms ‘high quality’.


On-time delivery


Yes, the delivery was on time. But I had to call them many times to ensure that I get it within the deadline. They said that I would get my assignment few days before my deadline so that I can check it and proofread it to see that all my requirements were met before I can submit. That did not happen. I had to bear the hassle of continuously calling the customer care executive and check when I will get my assignment delivered. I am not fully satisfied with their delivery because I had to ask for a day or two's time extra from my professor to check my assignment. I wanted to avoid this because it was a matter of my prestige in front of the class. But since their delivery was at the last moment, it was not possible to avoid it because I do not want to submit my assignment with one single fault. I wanted it to be perfect.


Range of services


They had quite a handful of other services like providing all kinds of writings on all subjects. Though it was not possible for me to check all the subjects but the list contained all the major subjects that I could remember. The site told that once registered with them, I will be updated via SMS about the progress of my assignment. But I received no such texts from their side except my registration confirmation text. They do not have a good range of other services.




The pricing is high. Still, I went for it just in the hope that I will get what they claimed to provide on the site.  I thought the high price is due to their work quality that they provide high academic standard writing to their customers. But after getting the work, I am very disappointed about the money that they took for that menial quality of the assignment. I asked a refund complaining about the quality of the writing and the charges that they took. But they said that I would not get back anything. 


Efficiency of Support Team


The support team was not so highly qualified with providing solutions. Every time I called, I was put on hold for a long time, and the call was passed from one department to another. And most off the times it got connected midway. And they wouldn't bother to call back. The customer executive was not so called ‘rude', but he needs to be quick with his work. He also needs to work on providing a solution to complex queries. Also, they were not available all round the clock. It was always not possible for me to call during their office hours.




Concluding my assignmentessayhelp reviews, I would like to give a maximum of 2.5 out of five. A lot of improvements need to be made by the assignment writing service providers. There must be a stringent quality check of the papers written. The customer care executive must be more proficient and fast. A revision of the rate chart is necessary. There must be more supporting services specially a proper SMS service. They must strictly adhere to their promise of delivering papers before the due date.

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They cheat on people

Reviewed By TrivikramWong on 04 Aug, 2017

I got cheated to a good extent by these people when I took my dissertation help. Since it was a dissertation they charged pretty high for my paper. But ultimately when I got it, the work was just a copy paste one with rewriting of content. When I complained they did not even bother.

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No timely delivery!!

Reviewed By RileyShapcott on 02 Aug, 2017

My friend told me about their punctuality. That is why I got convinced to place my order with them. But my luck is bad. They did not deliver the assignment within the deadline. I am not going to order my assignments from them anymore.

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Zero response from the support team

Reviewed By SiennaAtkin on 31 Jul, 2017

I got the assignment mailed in my account directly. That's appreciable, but when I tried to reach the customer support in between, I found them totally unresponsive. I had certain queries to clarify, and found no one to seek help from.

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The ‘knowledge’ of their writers is shocking

Reviewed By EvaClunie on 29 Jul, 2017

Their writers have no knowledge at all. They seem to be high school kids who are trying to earn some extra money by doing assignments. They don't even know that Hitler came from Germany! There so were so many such errors in my assignment!

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You destroyed my reputation!

Reviewed By HarrisonChambers on 27 Jul, 2017

I've always been a good student and took assignment help only this one time coz I needed to. But you guys made my professor hate me with the quality of the paper. You guys are evil!

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Pathetic, awful!

Reviewed By Henry thomson on 25 Jul, 2017

Is this what they call math assignment? I'm pretty sure even my ten year old niece would have done a better job. I should have just paid her all that money. Why do they even charge so much when they deliver shit?!

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Great price, unimpressive content

Reviewed By Kelly Meto on 18 Jul, 2017

The best part about getting my dissertation done by them was that they did it for me at an unbelievable price. But then they ruined it by giving me a dissertation of an average quality.

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