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About Writemyessay.co.uk

Writemyesay.co.uk was established in 2007 to help students with essay writing, assignments and dissertations. They offer coverage for almost all subjects such as Social Studies, English Language, Accounting, Management, Social Work, Law, History, Media, Nursing, etc. If you want to place an order, you should go through their ‘Client Reviews’ section to see if their services are reliable.

The price chart

The company has not mentioned the price list on the website. However, you can check the overall price for your paper with the help of an online calculator present on the website. The prices vary, depending on the essay length, the deadline, writing standard and your academic level.

You can select a quality from the three writing standards such as 2:1, 2:2 and 1st class standard. There are extra charges for proofreading services and the basic price starts from £115.00. To avoid being misled by any fake or fraud information, it is better to contact them directly and gather information about the prices.

According to their website, Writemyessay.co.uk offers discounts as well, but the amount has not been disclosed. So, you need to contact them to know about the discount. You might have to order an essay, and then you might be eligible for the discounts.

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Money-back Policy

If you are not satisfied with the quality of their work or the delivery of the work was late due to some reason, then you can ask for a money refund. You can also ask for proofreading and critiquing services to ensure that the writing quality is as per the University standards.

The proofreading and critiquing services will take care of the grammar, referencing, flow of writing, organisation, spelling and style of the writing. Place a call at their number and have a word with their support executives to have a clear idea about the money refund policy to avoid being involved in any scandals.

Payment Charges

Go through their ‘Payments’ page to make sure that the payment procedure is legit for you. The website has two bank details to which you need to send the money after placing the order. The money transfer charges may vary and you need to pay that amount right away.

They also offer payment through PayPal. But, due to the risk of fraud with this system, they suggest students to send their full name and address if they tend to use PayPal. Confused about whether the payment system will be safe or not? Call them up and clarify the doubts.

How to Place an Order at Writemyessay.co.uk?

You need to fill up the order form which includes the number of words required in your essay, the deadline, your academic level and the writing standard that you want to opt for.

The online calculator will show you the price that you need to pay. Once you hit the Order button, you will be redirected to the payment page. Complete the payment and the writers will start working on your project. You will receive a confirmation when a writer is assigned with the task.

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How To Get In Touch With Them?

You can contact them through the phone number provided on the website. This number is only meant for enquiry purposes. You can also send them an email on the mail ID. There is an enquiry form on the website which you can use to clarify your doubts or register complains.

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They are running a scam service

Reviewed By Yugraj Singh on 08 Feb, 2021

They are running a scam service. I thought everything on their website is real. I booked an essay. Though overpriced, I placed the order because they said that experts would write it. My paper was 60pecent copied, and they didn’t even bother to refund my money.

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