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Shiksha Study Abroad offers access to appropriate overseas universities if you wish to study abroad. The website claims to provide insights into universities, courses, examinations, admissions, scholarships, loans and student visas. Shiksha Study Abroad claims to have information on 2159 universities across 56 countries that provide 71,153 courses and offer 2,237 scholarships. According to their site, Shiksha Study Abroad claims to have 4,74,769 registered students in 2021.

Shiksha Study Abroad offers dependable information from 14,000 institutions with a registered database exceeding 3.5 million students. In addition, the website claims to provide more than 40,000 courses to its students. Its renowned education streams include Aviation and Tourism, Information Technology, Retail, Medicine, Languages and Teaching, Management, and Animation.

What Shiksha Study Abroad offer?

The website claims to provide courses on Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, MBA in International Business, Bachelor of Information and Communication Technology, Masters in Mobility Systems Engineering and Management (MSEM), and BM BCh Medicine. Shiksha Study Abroad also offers a Diploma in Business (Strategic Management), Master of Business Administration and Master in Marketing. In addition, the website mentions they offer courses on VFX, Animation, Science and Engineering, Gaming and Comics, Retail, Films and Mass Communication, Design, Media, and more.

However, students have complained that marketing-related courses like MBA were not up to the mark. They were more expensive than other competitive courses. Some students complained that the VFX courses were too expensive.

Company Detail


Based in– India

Pricing – The website claims to offer detailed insights into university courses, examinations, admission processes, loans, student visas and scholarships. It’ll help students understand the visa guide for student application procedures, study permits, fees and other requirements. Students can also learn about the three admission seasons Primary Intake (Fall), Secondary Intake (Winter) and Summer Intake (Spring). They’ll learn the benefits of studying in Canada. The website claims to facilitate transfers to nations like France, Nederland, Sweden, Malta, Poland, Switzerland, Greece and many more.

However, some students claim that the information on the study benefits in Canada is inaccurate. On the other hand, a few students have also claimed that the information misled them.

Establish– 2008

Size– Shiksha Study Abroad claims to offer student-centric processes throughout a wide variety of universities. The website claims they have 4.7 stars from 2,480 customer reviews.

Serving Country– Australia, Canada, Sweden, USA, UK, New Zealand, Netherlands, France, Germany, Singapore, Ireland, and more.


Shiksha Study Abroad helps students choose from across 56 nations, over 2100 universities and more than 71,000 courses. Their website claims to offer more than 2000 scholarships for their students. In addition, Shiksha Study Abroad offers several student guides and popular courses most students like to pursue.

Shiksha Study Abroad Review

Admission Process Support

Shiksha’s website offers a vast range of options for the admission process. It provides a detailed description of the process. The institution advises students to treat and work on the entire subject for the lengthy admission procedure. The website offers around 20 links addressing the various requirements for the process.

But some students claimed that the information was minimal. They've also complained that the backlinks didn't do them much good.

Visa support

The Shiksha Study Abroad website provides full details on the basic requirements for a student. The website offers details on the two main types of documents: a valid passport and proof of a bona fide student. In addition, you can get complete information about the essential documents you need for the visa application. The website also offers information on language proficiency and financial lucidity. You’ll also learn about the various scholarships you can get to study abroad.

But some students have complained that the information on a valid passport was minimal to come to any use.

Pre-departure Support

Shiksha Study Abroad promises to offer a detailed description and information about pursuing courses abroad. The website includes pre-departure details of different countries and shows how they vary from one another. It reveals information on the programs to suit your requirements. Shiksha Study Abroad ensures you can achieve your dreams with the proper connections and networking. They also offer valuable information about the various education systems in the United States of America. The website also gives details of your accommodation and orientation at a foreign location. You’ll learn about the intake seasons and the various exams that will prepare you to move forward.

Yet, students have complained that the site lacks sufficient information about the US education systems. Although the information is valuable, there are far fewer details for a student to relate.


Shiksha Study Abroad helps students meet their study and career goals with placements at the top universities. You can also access multiple education streams and specializations to advance your career. However, it is better to tread carefully since there are quite a few negative reviews about the brand.

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