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I am an unfortunate undergraduate student pursuing biology at the tertiary level. Why I call myself unfortunate? The reason is I fractured my right hand at a time when I was supposed to start studying hard. The time was just two months before the final examinations. During this period, our college assigns research and term papers to the students. Actually, I am a member of the college rugby team. In the first match in the inter-college tournament, I suffered a collision and my arm got dislocated. The doctor advised me to take rest for at least two weeks. But I couldn’t. I had work to do.


Just what I anticipated, my professor assigned us research papers within three days of my accident. My topic was human metabolism. Having no other alternative, I started working with one hand. Yes, it was painful but I had to complete the paper within the time. At this time, I realized how slow a person becomes while working with one hand. I was taking a lot of time to write just one page. Along with the writing, I had to research too. Practically if I had continued at that speed, I would have never completed my research paper within the deadline. Hence, I decided to take research paper help services.


There are quite a few online help providing services working in UK. Among them, some are quite famous. I had a talk with my friends who use these websites regularly and searched on the internet especially looking into the reviews that every website collected from their customers. Based on my own research and the opinion of my friends, I selected three websites which seemed to the best of the lot. But I finalized


There were some definite reasons behind finalizing the name of I had a chat with their customer care services I came to know that they were located in UK. I also found several samples of research papers given on the website. I had read some of those samples; they were really good. Another thing I noticed that was unique in their service is that asked for full payment only after complete satisfaction of the students. Due to these above-mentioned factors, I decided to take help from


But I must tell you at first I was not very impressed with the look and design of the website. The look of the website was very cluttered and anyone visiting this site for the first time can easily get confused. Definitely the design of the website is not professional. Though they gave a variety of information about their services, the crucial and relevant facts are missing. The most crucial one is the absence of pricing policy. When I took the service, I had almost no idea how much price they were going to charge for my human metabolism research paper. I had to ask a quote by dropping an email to them. They should have a clear pricing policy which should be given accurately at the website. But the prices were not too costly, and they replied according to my mail, demanded reasonable remuneration for the service.


The order process was smooth and took not more than 5 minutes. According to their procedure, I paid half the total amount to start the procedure. After completing the transaction within half an hour I received the mail that the order was confirmed and an academic expert had started working on it. I found that the customer care services of was efficient and replied instantly when I was chatting or sending them mails. But they become equally unresponsive when I tried to contact them over the phone. Such disparity was very surprising especially for a UK-based site!


The customer care informed me over the phone (the first time they contacted me) within three days that my research paper was complete and I could download it by paying the final amount of money. I had given them three day time to complete the research paper and they did it within the timeframe. Timely delivery is an essential factor which determines professionalism of an academic assistance provider. But timely delivery does not mean that you have got the ideal papers that you were looking for. The same thing happened with me.


The research paper that they delivered was written in pure American English which made me doubt that this website is based in UK. It also had several spelling mistakes. It became quite obvious that they delivered the paper without proofreading it. They also did not deliver the references and plagiarism report. But on the positive side, the arguments made in the paper were strong and it also had the necessary diagrams (mandatory in any biology research paper) at their appropriate places. However, it needed a thorough rework for which I had to contact the customer care.


Thankfully, the customer care was available this time over the phone and told them about the issue. provides free reworks to the students. I noticed it while placing the orders. They agreed to do give a revision but I requested them so that I can personally talk to the writer but they did not allow. If I could personally tell my requirements to the writer, the chances were that the research paper would have been stronger. But they completed the rework and delivered it, again, within the time I told them. This time, they also delivered the references along with the content. Perfect Harvard referencing! But some of the mistakes still remained in the content even after the rework. The spelling errors remained. Example? Every time, they mentioned Adenosine Tri-phosphate as Adenosine Tri-phosphorus! I had to change all these mistakes again by myself.


Finally, they again charged me for the plagiarism report which I asked for. After the payment, they gave the plagiarism report.


Overall I would rate service as two and half stars out of five stars. Firstly, I highly doubt that they are located in UK. No, not just the papers even the customer care executives with whom I interacted were speaking in South Asian accent. Also as a first-time customer they did not give me any discounts on my research paper order. They had some discount offers running at that time but you could receive those only when you booked multiple papers at a time. They run the service by promising ‘full payment only when you are satisfied’ however you cannot download the paper till you make the complete payment. So, the promise is absolutely false. Their quality needs improvement and so does their customer service.


Do you want to know the grades I received in my research paper. Well it was ‘B+’. I leave it to all of you to decide whether it is good or bad.

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Super Cool

Reviewed By Alex8976 on 10 Mar, 2018

Hey mate, just astonished to see your content written for my assignment. It was awesome; my lecturer gave me nice comments and applauded me in front of whole class. Thanks Essaycorp.

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Reviewed By Jackpritchett007 on 10 Mar, 2018

Brilliant writing done by your technical professionals in Mysql assignment. No words to express my happiness. Thanks.

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A one assignment provider

Reviewed By Miltyjames318 on 10 Mar, 2018

A grade for me in my term papers. Thank You EssayCorp your services are 10 ON 10

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Very Helpful

Reviewed By Dylan145 on 10 Mar, 2018

EssayCorp turn out an ultimate saviour in cutting down my stress level by helping me out writing the best term paper.

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on time delivery

Reviewed By Mitchell11 on 10 Mar, 2018

I just want to appreciate EssayCorp for delivering my accounting assignment before the deadline.

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