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I can honestly confess that writing is not a prowess of mine. But being obliged to the criterion of submitting the term paper at my university in Australia, I bucked myself up and got set over composing an assignment over the topic of the evolution of the English Language from the Latin variation till the form used nowadays. I researched a lot by going to libraries, seeking to the source links over this subject in Wikipedia, speaking to teachers about the potential books available—but whatever road I ventured into, darkness and vagueness was all that prevailed over my mind. I couldn’t even get to the mere starting point of my project. In such a circumstance, when I discussed my malady with a buddy of mine, the person advised me to opt for the digital project support portals for my assignment help. I listened to the one, explored Google and after a fair-enough consideration and apprehension picked My choice got mainly framed over the favorable people reviews about the portal and also over the sample essay that I downloaded and read.

 Writers’ Proficiency:

As I am aware about the vastness of my elected assignment topic, still but I must say the one who was assigned to write my paper did not live up to my expected standard. What the writer provided was academically grade-generating for sure, but it didn’t contain any distinctiveness to it. The history of the language, its journey throughout the centuries, its break-up into the two forms of British English and American Language, reason for it becoming world’s Numero Uno language—all were there but in a very conventional way of narrating facts. No narratives about the Phoenicians, no witty anecdotes about the language’s evolution or such sorts of unique material was there. Being acknowledged with the fact that the writers at the portal are all PHD holders in their field of subject, I would say that for catering accurate essay help, their flair of writing should be more sharp and striking. They need to refer to only to the sincere and solid stuffs in books, but also to the sleek and concise accounts in journals and magazines. Furthermore I would say that given to the fact that a PHD scholar is doing my project I expected the standard of language to be of superior quality. But in here the level is just an okay and regular one.

 Method of Accomplishment:

The way served help in my assignment was a normal and typical. The work was Plagiarism free no doubt, the structure of acknowledging the references and citations was legit, but as in there was nothing exclusive in it. The references and citations used were the very common ones and no unique books or resources were referred to. Moreover, with what I was truly upset was that just for increasing the pages of my project, many a times the writer did simply exaggerate one information with absolutely no relevance in it. I was lucky that my teacher took no objection on this ground but if this portal truly wills to cater best assignment service to Australian students and that too in accordance to the university norms then their ‘skilled  writers’ need to harness their skills more.  The content of my paper was not fake that is for sure but I would avoid to call it of ‘supreme quality’ which is a pledge of this website.

Delivery Timing:

Now, as a matter of fact taking help from a virtual platform for completing assignments is because of the main factor of time-maintenance. This in-review site too promises of delivery of your assignment far before the stipulated time set by your teacher—but what happened to me was that I got it just one day before the time-limit I have given to them. That left me with just one more day before I was required to submit the project to my teacher. One can very well understand the mental anxiety I went through. Along with the assignment the guaranteed free facilities of Plagiarism Check Report and Grammar Check Report were there, but I didn’t found any of the assured Quality Assurance Report or the Compliance Check Report. I had no extra time to have the paper read by an knowledgeable one or a senior of mine and had to rely on whatever quality of writing was there in my assignment without any kind of computer affirmation—which was promised of.  I truly fail to understand why the portal gives such fake assurances. They should understand what significance a term paper holds in a student's academic life.

Services Served:

Though vows to give a student a whole lot of authentic and wholesome services, based upon my experience I doubt how much these are legit. Just as I mentioned my paper lacked 2 of the vital facilities pledged of and added to that was the lack of communication from the side of the website. After processing my payment and getting the confirmation text of payment receipt from them, no more interaction was received of and when just 3 days were left before getting my assignment I had to call them and be ensured of if at all they were advancing with my project or not. The digital porch must be aware that such long gaps of non communication do increase the stress especially when the question of academic grades are involved. Moreover I need to mention that the so called ‘speedy assistance’ is not, in reality so quick at all. I had to wait for stretches of time before the person of the help desk got me connected to the right person. At most of the times I had to hear that the subject matter expert was not available for discussion.


This website claims that the cost of getting assignments done from them is fair-enough pocket-suiting but I must declare that given to the quality of writing they provide, the prices are way too high. Why would I spend more than my capacity for something which is just average? Honestly speaking, falling to the spheres of obliging circumstances, I had to do that too. And moreover, when, due to the missing of the Quality Assurance Report and the Compliance Check Report, I asked for partial reimbursement of my money, the chat support personnel plainly told me that those two Reports are mainly rendered for thesis projects and and paying back of money is only available in case of duplicity in content. Since, even by a mediocre benchmark, my paper was an original one, I had no more say. But I suspect with such fraud business gestures, how long can the journey of continue.

Support Team’s Accountability:

 This is a 90% scam thing on the part of In their home page they write that the persons in their customer care squad are all highly proficient and wise ones—but based on what I have gone through, with the exception of 1-2 individuals, most of them are inarticulate and clueless in catering what exactly a customer is requiring. My first encounter was with such an incoherent one who is not even aware about the basic difference between a term paper and a dissertation.  If this remains the yardstick of their knowledge, then how can the portal vocalize on solving even the critical questions through its support team? There are only 2 girls in the group, fortunate encounters with whom proved to be of some gain to me. And I should affirm that the 24*7 promise of availability is another falsehood, since once calling them at the nominal evening time of 7*00 P.M, I found their service closed. At the normal official hours also the phone calls remained unanswered many times without any kind of future reciprocation from the team.


As I am well aware that I am reviewing at the cyber forum of which is a banked upon platform for students around the world for choosing an appropriate website for their educational tasks based on the reviews published here—I will maintain total clarity in my points. I rate this discussed portal 2.1 out of 5. Their service is fine if you just want to pass your course or finish your term with satisfactory marks. But don’t take recourse to if you are preparing for your dream thesis or essay with the hope of impressing your teacher. Here nothing but mediocrity is catered. What I propose is that primarily this site must refurbish their writing team and add the vibes of real meritorious-ness, uniqueness and novelty at their method of accomplishing student’s projects. Moreover they must, with honesty, clarify their conditions of refund and availability of the electronic Check Reports. The help desk people need to more competent ones with a standardized education and brisk style of working and in-

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assignment was very pathetic

Reviewed By Emily parker on 17 Jan, 2018

The services provided by are not really up to the mark. In the website, they claim to provide the best quality service but the assignment that they provided to me is very pathetic. I paid premium amount for the services but what they provided to me was 20 pages of rubbish. I even had to request my professor to revise the deadline for the submission of the assignment because of the delay in getting my completed assignment from them. please add zero rating

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never order from this site

Reviewed By Olivia Thomas on 28 Nov, 2017

I heard from an acquaintance about online services providing assignment support, so I decided to avail the services of Initially they seemed quite genuine, but their customer service team was not at all cooperative when I approached them with some queries about their services. They didn't even care to notify me about the status of my assignment. I wouldn't recommend anyone to order from this site."

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Will sue them

Reviewed By Bassam Seeraj on 21 Nov, 2017 I am going to sue you. You people said that you are from US and I found that it is a lie because you are from India and the owners are also Indians. You have no writers in US else the writing would not be so pathetic and with that an incomplete reference list and without in-text citations. Is this how you make a paper complete? You people are just a bunch of liars lying to people about everything and only taking money. I am going to complain about all these lies and see that you people get closed.

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Troublesome and unprofessionalism!!

Reviewed By BrockNagle on 14 Sep, 2017

I never knew that asking for rework will be so troublesome. They are very cleverly not-reachable when I asked for rework. And then they said the paper was not done by them and I will not get any rework of my assignment!!

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Wrong assignment!!

Reviewed By SamanthaConolly on 14 Sep, 2017

They confidently submitted a finance paper while I asked for an English essay. It was so disappointing. And they continuously refused to admit their mistake.

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