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Currently, I am pursuing my post-graduation in psychology from Edith Cowan University, UK. A few days back I availed dissertation-writing services from qualitydissertation.co.uk website. The layout of the website is neat and easily navigable. The simplistic approach to describe services is impressive. I was able to find what I was looking only after few clicks. It was for the first time I was hiring help from an online writing service provider. Therefore, I did a little background check, some articles on hiring assignment-writingservices to talk about checking samples before hiring writing services. However, even after looking minutely, I could not manage to find one sample on the website of quality dissertation. Naturally, I got sceptical about this site, later one of my classmates recommended this site, so I decided to try this websitefor once. Little did I know It provides fake assurance to clients. I thought they would be transparent about their services, because of the explicit price estimation on their website.

I was not totally convinced and decided to try their services for some other assignment before I trust them with my dissertation. They delivered my essay homework long before the deadline. I gained confidence in them and submitted my dissertation assignment. Still, there was a time of 1.5 months before the final date of submission. While placing the order, I was clueless that my decision would be ended up in a state of total despair. Moreover, now I have a half done dissertation assignment full of errors, which is due next week. To warn people off this malicious fraudster, I have taken time out to write this review.

2.No trace of who actually write assignments (Rating: 2/6)

You never know some college students might be writing your PhD thesis Paper. Now you can imagine the quality of the produced work. I was in a hurry to get my dissertation done, so I made the wrong move here. I did not check their writers' qualification or details. Later when I tried to find about their writers' base, I was shocked to conclude that there is nothing on their websiterelated to writers. I got more suspicious when after repeatedly requesting the customer care executive to get connected with writers, handling my project I was misguided and my emails were never answered. Matters written on the website seem to be just for decorating purpose. Although later I find out those are just mere false promises to attract new customers. I doubt 105 writers, which they claim they have, are students who are into this pitfall just to earn few extra bucks. No professional writer can produce such low quality write-ups. I was expecting to get help with my assignment, but I got robbed.

3.The final solution is now making me spend sleepless night to complete the paper by due date (Rating: 3/6)

It was a joke in the name of assignment help. The solution I got was far from what I expected. The result was dissatisfactory. The topic for my dissertation was ‘the importance of feedback and cross-modulation in information processing of our brain’, which is actually a common area of discussion. As I was busy with some work related issue, I decided to hire this writing service and trust them with writing my final project paper. I needed it to be written like a professional psychiatrist to earn good grades. When I enquired if they have Psychology PhD writers in their writers’ team to write my paper, the customer care executive assured me about the high quality. I was looking for a reliable writing service but ended up with this scam.

Just two days before the due date, I called the number to give a gentle reminder that I am expecting the solution soon. After the reminder, I got my assignment in the inbox one day prior the actual date. I was relieved. But when I started to check the paper, I found out the referencing was completely wrong. I even pointed out many silly grammatical errors, which means no editing and proofreading was done as per their promise.

4.Luckily, I got my dissertation on time (Rating: 4/6)

On qualitydissertation.co.uk,they do not have any online chat box. They have provided a phone number just in case students feel the need to get in touch with their customer care team. Every time I wanted to know the status of my dissertation, I needed to call at the given number, which is annoying.

One more thing, they claim they keep students updated by delivering regular SMS updates. However, in my case, I did not receive a single text message regarding the status of the dissertation assignment.

 5.Handful services are on platter, and the quality is not up to the mark (Rating 3/6)

As I have already mentioned the navigable feature of the website works well, but the quality of delivered work needs to be improved. Qualitydissertation claims to offer subject based assistance, which I find misleading. They mainly deal with handful subject matters like marketing, finance, business and nursing. When I got my first assignment, it was a quality write up but with my dissertation; they have really done a horrible job. 

 Valuable information was not written in my dissertation. After reading the entire write up, I got this feeling that multiple writers have worked on my project and that is why there is the inconsistency of subject matter between different paragraphs.

 6.Rates are not cheap, but their services are (Rating 2/6)

Qualitydissertation.co.ukis not a legit writing service provider. On their home page, you will be able to check details about pricing. Prices vary depending on word count and time limit. I needed to deposit an upfront of 50% of the rate, on which I got a 20% discount as I submitted a dissertation assignment. However, regarding affordability, as a first timer, it was expensive for me. After placing the order, they asked for seven days of time to complete the dissertation as well.

 7. Support team is not properly trained to tackle tricky assignment situation (Rating 1/6)

The customer care team of Qualitydissertation.co.ukis not properly trained to combat tricky situations. When I repeatedly called them to demand a rework or refund, they promised me to work on my assignment again to make required corrections. However, that never happened. Whenever I talked with the customer care, I felt that all of them have mugged up answers and kept repeating the same assurance. They assured me that a writer will get back to me and requested me to send an email writing my issues with the delivered work, which I did.

 I felt the customer care team of this service is unable to solve real problems. They promised me some services which I never got. When I tried contacting them, my emails were unanswered and later got a call from their customer care team, and they informed me that I would not get my money back and they will do a rework. After I got the revised version, it was not even slightly better than the last one. Now, when I confronted the customer care, an executive behaved rudely with me.

8. My Suggestion for you, if you are thinking about hiring services from Qualitydissertation.co.uk

In the name of providing assistance, they harassed me for one whole month and looted me. Yeah, you are likely to get your assignment on time, but the high-class quality is not guaranteed. I think this service provider is good with short essay type assignment. I don't have any complaint regarding the first delivery. So in case, you have already submitted your assignment request with them, you can expect a good output if it's a short assignment. But in case you are worried about an extended assignment, I suggest you avoid this service provider.

Finally, I would like to conclude by saying that it will be little harsh to conclude their service as inefficient only because of one poorly written assignment especially when I got quality write up from them in the past. However, management needs to pay genuine attention to improve the standard of services to be able to sustain in the highly competitive market. 

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unprofessional service

Reviewed By Emily parker on 08 Feb, 2018

My dissertation was flawed in several places and if I hadn't checked the file before submission I would have surely failed as my professor is very strict. I had found several faults in the references in the literature review, the writer has provided with fake references in the literature review which is the worst kind of work possible according to me. I rate zero quality to qualitydissertation.co.uk

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unprofessional behavior

Reviewed By Timothy Wilson on 17 Jan, 2018

Qualitydissertation.co.uk sent me a completely different file which was I am sure someone else dissertation but the customer care guy kept on arguing with me regarding this confusion, I don't even think they paid any attention to my complaint in the first hand and moreover they were not even ready to listen to me. Such unprofessional behavior form the customer care is unexpected. Finally I was proven right and I was supplied with my order on the eleventh hour of submission

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Please value time

Reviewed By NathanParish on 28 Jul, 2017

Guys please value time, it's precious, at least for a student who has to submit his dissertation without any fail. The project didn't case to me on time, and a result I had to make up excuses for a delay in paper submission at my university. Try and fix this loophole as early as possible.

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Could have been better

Reviewed By Ava luker on 20 Jul, 2017

I mean I don't have an issue with the kind of assignment work they have provided me with. But, things could have been better if the writers considered revising the content thoroughly. There were so many minute errors, and silly technical mistakes.

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