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Just a week was left for me to submit my C programming assignment and I was down with immense viral fever due to the weather change. My health just screwed me up, and there were hardly a week left for me to complete my programming assignment. I asked my pals if anyone of them could help me out in completing my assignment so that I could save my marks at the last moment. But luck didn’t seem to favor me since one friend was himself down with fever while the other was too busy with his assignment to lend me a helping hand. Yet, my ill friend suggested me that I try out online assignment writing services from as he had done the same for his English assignment. He told me how well he had scored in the assignment after giving this service a try.

Well, I visited this portal and initially I was pretty impressed with their brand name’s subtitle that states “Changing the way we learn”. I even found a kid’s picture with the LEARN blocks between his palms too cute and relevant to the tagline. I thought of placing my C Programming assignment order with them right away without giving any second thoughts since my health was low, deadline pressure was immense, and my work was nowhere. But let me tell you that my euphoria was quite short lived by the time I experienced their services entirely.

Initially, I uploaded my C assignment details by filling up their order form with details like my email id, password, project title, subject, and so on. Then I waited for my assignment material for three days as I wanted the next four days for preparing the task’s final draft. To my utter surprise, three days had passed by and I didn’t get my C Programming assignment order till then. I decided to follow up by shooting a reminder email but to my dismay there was still no proper response from their side. Then I decided to directly approach them through chat by hitting the messenger link just beside the order form page on their portal. After filling up details such as my contact number, name, etc. I got to do a live chat with their personnel.

Initially, looking at their slack service I felt that they would not address my concerns properly via chat. But to my sheer surprise, I found that the live chat support personnel was extremely patient and cordial with me. I told her that I had been really been waiting for my C assignment material and three days had passed within which I was supposed to receive the order. She apologized and assured me that I’d receive my order within the next one to two hours. To my surprise, I received the C assignment help material exactly in a span of one and a half hours. But then again my joy was short lived, thanks to

See, I’ve learnt one thing from the experience of trying this portal’s services that timely delivery doesn’t necessarily translate into qualitative content. After receiving the C programming assignment material I just thought of getting its coding checked from a senior since I was slightly apprehensive about using these essay writing services. After checking it all, he showed me various bugs within the coding portion of the assignment content that made the work faulty. I was shocked to see that how could professional writers commit such errors while making my assignment material. I saw that the academic specifications like the referencing style, word count, etc. were fine but what’s the use when the basic essence of the work which is C coding is at fault. They were certain coding errors related to the topic of Pointers.

I immediately contacted the live chat personnel again and demanded a refund as I had received faulty help material. By the way, let me tell you they accept order payment via PayPal and I didn’t need to worry about paying through tedious methods like cash or cheque. But it doesn’t mean that they should be slack with their work and I can’t seek a refund. The personnel started giving lame excuses for not returning my refund on their policy grounds but again assured me of a rework. Then I demanded the rework to be done within 24 hours since already I was late with my assignment. She again assured me that I would receive the C assignment material reworked properly and within my specified time.

After a day, I checked my mail and received the assignment help material which seemed to be rectified. This time I didn’t want to take any chances with the help material so I again called up my senior and got it rechecked. Thank heavens; there wasn’t any bug I mean programming error this time. But then I thought of getting its plagiarism also checked so my senior ran it through the Turnitin online software. Luckily, I didn’t find any trace of plagiarism but there were numerous spelling errors in the draft. It seems that the writer concerned had done the rework in haste. I again demanded for a rework so that at least I could receive a C assignment material that’s free of bugs, plagiarism and vocabulary issues in a single go. But this time the live chat personnel told me that I’d need to pay extra to receive the reworked help material. I argued with them on the grounds that with such slack service initially at their end, how the hell can they seek extra charges from me. In spite of constant discussions and arguments over the issue, they didn’t budge from their stand.

So this time, I decided to work on all the spelling and some grammatical mistakes by myself. Yes, my entire assignment on C programming wasn’t restricted to coding alone but also had some notes. Despite being sick, I rectified the C assignment help material and then went ahead with the final draft preparation. I knew that I was risking my C assignment on a crucial topic like Pointers and my marks may get affected. But I went ahead and submitted the final C programming assignment draft only to secure a C grade. Thanks but no thanks to due to which I missed out on at least a B+ grade.

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Better not to waste your money!

Reviewed By Lacy gill on 23 Jan, 2017

I wish I could have known the consequences before placing the order. I would not dare to spend money on such services. It is totally not worth it!

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