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ApplyBoard helps students fulfill their dreams of studying abroad. They shortlist programs and universities for you on the basis of your skills, interests, and background. ApplyBoard also acts as a recruitment partner where it can recruit eligible candidates to work with its recruitment partners. This platform is trusted by at least 1500 institutions from all over the world.

They have a support team that claims to be available 24*7, but that’s just bots providing you with automatic responses most of the time. ApplyBoard provides access to scholarships, though they haven’t mentioned anything about the specific scholarships they provide help with. The team helps the students apply to their preferred school and get through the application process successfully.

What ApplyBoard offers?

ApplyBoard offers admission counseling and assistance for studying at foreign universities. You can choose from 100,000+ programs across the US, the UK, Canada, and Australia. They have a team that offers financial guidance related to scholarships and financial support options. They also offer visa assistance. Though they mentioned that they provide continuous support, I found them offline often.

They have specific programs and promotions for students to study abroad with secure finances. The International Student GIC Program, for instance, makes your Canadian study permit application stronger. The Flywire program claims to speed up the application process through quick and reliable fee payments. The validity of these programs is yet unknown. I also didn’t find any testimonials about these programs.

Company Detail

⇒ Website: 

⇒ Based in: Canada

⇒ Pricing: ApplyBoard hasn’t mentioned anything about the prices clearly on their website. You need to register to log in and contact them to know the overall cost.

⇒ Establish: ApplyBoard was founded in 2015 by Marton, Massi, and Meti Basiri. They partnered with 1500+ primary, secondary, and post-secondary educational institutions to create this platform for students to study abroad. Initially, they worked with 10,000+ recruitment partners across the US, the UK, Canada, and Australia.

⇒ Size: ApplyBoard now has over 1500 team members appointed from all over the world. The headquarters are in downtown Kitchener, ON. They have representatives in at least 5 countries like China, the Philippines, Vietnam, India, Nepal, Bangladesh, and more.

⇒ Serving Country: ApplyBoard helps students study in Canada, the US, the UK, Australia, and Ireland.

⇒ Services:

  • Application assistance
  • Admission counseling
  • Financial guidance
  • Visa assistance
  • Support from recruitment partners

Applyboard Review

ApplyBoard has a quick response time. They responded to my query about studying Masters in Canada within 24 hours. They recommended me to quite a lot of colleges for my Masters in English. But, the majority of them were not among the top colleges for English in the USA. So, yes, they should update their list of colleges and universities.

⇒ Admission process support

ApplyBoard claims to provide you with complete admission process support. I find it hard to believe since their team gave me vague replies when I asked them about the best colleges to pursue a degree in English. They either didn’t have an idea or avoided the topic because they couldn’t partner with those colleges.

The admission essay is an integral part of college admission abroad. I asked for their samples, and those weren’t impressive enough as compared to the money they charged. The admission rules and cut-off percentage have changed for various colleges in Canada after the pandemic. ApplyBoard didn’t seem updated with these changes.

⇒ Visa support

They promise reliable visa support, and I am quite satisfied with the assistance I received. They equipped me with all the documents and paperwork required for a smooth visa application process. This team was familiar with the new immigration and study permit rules to study in Canada.

⇒ Pre-departure support

ApplyBoard hasn’t mentioned anything clearly about the pre-departure support. Other similar companies provide assistance with accommodations. But, I didn’t find this information mentioned on their website. However, they provide assistance with loans and scholarships.


ApplyBoard is a good choice if you are mainly looking for visa assistance. It isn’t, however, reliable enough to provide complete admission assistance or guidance regarding accommodations. The team needs to step up their game when it comes to helping students get through admission applications since they are not aware of the changes in the process.

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