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SIEC Education Pvt Ltd has been established in the year 1995. It is majorly an agency dealing with overseas education, migration issues and recruitment consulting. They claim that they are certified by AAERI. AIRC etc. and is a gold member of British Council India. They have 22 offices across India and have several oversea branches including Canada, Australia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Nepal and Bangladesh. In almost two decades of service the organisation claims to have helped both students and institutions achieve their goals in the most efficient manner.

What does offer?

SIEC claims to have over 200 career advisors and support teams who intend to help students with their admissions in and outside India. They say that they have solid connections with schools and institutions in cities and countries across 3 continents and they can help students to get through them. They offer two-tier recruitment model for student placements –

They help students get placed in the institutions they have a tie-up with.

They give admission consultations and help them with selecting courses and programs getting student visa as per the student’s requirements.

As per the students’ reviews, the organisation mostly tends to go for the institutes they have association with. It might be because of the business continuity issues.

Company Details

As per the company website their mission is: “To provide a transparent and efficient service network to our students and institutions, while nurturing a delightful environment for our teams to flourish, personally and professionally.

And their vision is – “To be the number one service provider in Education Services, and for SIEC to be the name that pops up every time a student thinks of studying abroad anywhere in the world!”

Though they are not very poor service providers, there are several other brands that provide the similar services to students in a much efficient and student-friendly way. According to a few testimonials SIEC cannot be called a student friendly organisation because apparently it seems that they are more into business flourishing than actually being a guide to the students.


The official website of SIEC is:

The information that they have put in their website hypes a lot about their services. They keep on claiming only good things about their work history and services. But the strange fact is that nowhere they mention the areas they are working on. But certain reviews and testimonials from students claim that there are areas where the company needs to work on, like their communication. Not much about their scope of communication is available on the site.

Apart from these the website navigation is not so difficult. But again it is a bit less interactive.

Based in:

The company is based in India but has their services across 3 continents. 3 continents might sound big but the countries include – Canada, Australia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal and Malaysia. Except Canada and Australia, Germany and Singapore the brand fails to cover other global education hubs like Switzerland, Japan etc. Keeping in mind the number of years it is in the business it should have by now expanded to other bug hubs as well. There are many other countries with excellent educational facilities as well as better job prospects. Missing out on them is a drawback on the company’s end.


There is no much information about the pricing of the services is available on the site. This in very inconvenient. All the users must have transparent idea on the expenses before they make the final call. Not having pricing information makes the entire brand a little less authentic.


SIEC was established in the year of 1995. Since then it is trying its best to help and guide students regarding all formality about foreign studies. But a surprising fact is that the loyal customer base of the company is not commendable keeping in mind the number of years it is in business. More recent companies have better customer turnover than SIEC.


The brand claims to provide it services across 3 continents. But the number of countries is not massive. Moreover, in some countries they do not have their offices, they just have their networks which can get the students admitted. This structure is very confusing and involves a lot of hassle.

Regarding number of employees, they say that they have 200 career advisors. But there is no way you can crosscheck the same because there is no expert profile updated on the site. This again leads to doubts regarding the efficiency of the agency.

Serving Countries:

The company’s network spans across 3 continents, including 22 offices across India, and several overseas branches in Canada, Australia, Pakistan, Malaysia, Nepal, and Bangladesh. It is strange that it offers admission opportunities in Germany, Ireland, Singapore, Dubai but have no mention of offices there. Hence if students in these countries come across any problem during their tenure of education, they cannot easily avail help.


They provide the following services-

  • Guidance with choosing the right university
  • Help with university applications
  • Assistance with visa and other formalities
  • Setting-up events like educational seminars
  • Language exam coaching

Though they almost cover all kinds of guidance students might need for foreign study, but the guidance is not very detailed. Some students who have taken the service claims so. Review

The onsite reviews are all present and speaks highly about the brand. But the reviews on the unbiased review aggregator platforms say that there are quite a number of unsatisfied students as well. Most of them complain about the fact that the executives do not tend to listen much. They mostly try to implement what they find most suitable.

Admission process support

The admission process support is functional but not very efficient.

Visa support

The visa support is not very quick. The process is a bit slow.

Pre-departure support

They provide pre-departure support but regarding mostly those things that they think are necessary. They do not pay attention to the necessities of the students.


With so many years in business it is obvious that the brand has got some x-factor that enables its business continuity. But today there are many other brands who provide similar services in a much better and efficient way.

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Best Agency for Overseas Education, Migration Services, and Recruitment Consulting

Reviewed By Suresh on 21 Dec, 2023

SIEC is one of the premier Overseas Education, Migration Services, and Recruitment Consulting Agency for study abroad. I am happy with the services they offered me. Thank you SIEC.

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