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IDP Education is an international leader in helping students get admitted to foreign universities. They provide advice on courses and institutions and claim to assist students with any issues they might face on their journey of international university hunt.

IDP Education has developed over 120 placement centres, marking their presence in over 30 countries and allowing admission of students in over 700+ institutions in New Zealand, Australia, the United Kingdom, the USA, Canada, and many other places.

But how many of their claims are legit will unfold as we discuss them below.

What IDP Education Offers?

IDP Education claims to offer counsel and course support, cover students' overseas health bills, look after their visa assistance and accommodation facilities, and offer “Students Cards” to utilize in emergencies. Of course, they advertise all these, but most of these claims are untrue. Furthermore, thousands of students suggest that most students fail to get the services promised.

Delay or no assistance with the VISA process and unsatisfactory counselling with no leads are negative reviews on their services which are certainly a red flag.

Company Detail

IDP Education has been counselling international students for over 50+ years, creating admission opportunities in various renowned foreign universities. They also look into students' visa admission process and promise to offer many more benefits, which are partially true because not every student's experience with them has been up to the mark.

⇒ Website:

⇒ Based in:

IDP Education is focused on helping students attend institutions in New Zealand, Australia, the UK, the USA, Canada, and Ireland. It has helped students excel in their careers by admitting them to suitable universities. Also, six out of ten students mentioned getting extensive support from the support team to stay updated about the entire process.

⇒ Pricing:

IDP Education focuses entirely on helping students achieve their dreams and get the best support. Most of the IDP Education consultation is done for free.

But they are not 100% reliable as most of their free consultations are of no use. In addition, many students have complained about not getting any answer to their queries. Students claim that free consultations are not helpful and often misguiding.

⇒ Establish:

IDP Education was established 50 years ago to help students make a career in foreign universities. Their main plan is to offer international support, guidance, and advice for students willing to study abroad.

⇒ Size:

IDP Education has developed over 120 placement centres, marking their presence in over 30 countries.

⇒ Serving Country:

Currently, IDP Education has links with more than over 700+ institutions. In addition, it has tie-ups with institutions in New Zealand, Australia, the United Kingdom, the USA, Canada, and many other places.

IDP Education Services Review

IDP Education provides a lot of services to students who are willing to study abroad. For example, they provide free study counseling and course advice to suggest to students where to study. They also offer visa and flight departure assistance and claim to look after students’ accommodation requirements. But unfortunately, they have often failed to assist students in providing what they claim, leaving them helpless with no clue.

IDP Education seems like the absolute option for any student who wants to study internationally, but it’s certainly not the lifesaver you think it to be. Here’s why:

⇒ Admission Process Support

IDP Education links with many other foreign universities and claims to provide full support with the admission procedure. However, in reality, they have no ties. For instance, they cannot help students with admissions to top universities like Oxford, Stanford, etc. Instead, they link students with average universities.

⇒ Visa Support

IDP Education claims to provide complete support with the admission and the visa process. However, it will be wrong to 100% rely on them to get perfect help. Sometimes they take too long to respond, hindering the entire admission process.

Moreover, students have mentioned numerous instances in reviews where they have experienced minimal or no support from the team during the visa-making process.

⇒ Pre-departure Support

IDP Education also promises to provide pre-departure support and look after students’ departure and flight booking process. But all these claims are not entirely true. While some students have received unwavering support, many did not get assistance with pre-departure issues in times of need.


IDP Education isn't a genuine platform to get full support from international universities, and the user reviews are the proof. Therefore, one must be open to other options to avoid being fooled by false promises.

Undoubtedly, several trustworthy academic counselling platforms are known to offer complete support to international students looking to go abroad, like, and more. Hence, they are widely prevalent for helping countless students with their foreign studies journey.

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