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About Review- Is Britishcourseworkhelp Still Scam in 2023?

There are various academic help organisations and writers available for someone to cater to your writing needs. But one cannot rely on any random platform for their crucial papers and assignments.

However, call itself one of the most trustworthy and bright education help organisation. But it is necessary to cross-check the reliability of a platform to trust them with your assignments.

Also, the excellent and growing education standards compel students to look for nothing but the best. So, we tried to delve deep into the reality and find some hardcore facts about reviews and here is what we saw on its services and quality.

Quality of the solutions

The Britishcourseworkhelp claims its services to be of top quality and have simplistic solving methods. But all such claimed rates are not shown in most of their deliveries. As a result, the students have suffered poor quality works and huge setbacks in their academic lives for trusting the company for their assignment purposes. 

Below is the attached and latest review of Brian U Yeo, who got disappointed with the quality of their service.

Use of Credentials is also known to ask for personal and extra details of their clients. But, instead, the reliable assignment help services in Australia has nothing to do with the personal documents of their clients and asks only for the assignment details and mail id. Also, several cases of fraud and scams have been reported about the company due to the misuse of the client’s documents. 

Wade Williams wrote in his review about the company.

“I already paid the asked amount to and placed my order, but they still demanded my documents, citing reasons like identity proof, address proof, etc. However, later I got to know about several registered cases of fraudulence and scams of this company. So I am afraid now!"

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Refund Services

However, promises an instant refund in case of any errors or wrong in the assignments. But all their promises are fake and false because they have no such refund services once you pay for your write-ups to the company. Also, many students have claimed the refund due to the terrible writing quality of the writers here. 

Here is the attached screenshot of one of the students who used the platform for his assignment.

Timely delivery swears on their rapid and fast deliveries. But are they fulfilling the promises? The client's reviews make it clear that they hardly stick to any of the claims shown on their Website. Instead, all their efforts go onto framing the content for their site to lure readers into buying the services. Furthermore, they have no regard for the missing deadlines of customers and handle work carelessly.

Fake contact details

Any customer wants to stay connected with the writers once they order with an academic help organisation. But all the numbers and contact details posted in the portal of is fake. None of the officials works on it or entertains your queries once they get money for the services. In fact, they know nothing called ‘customer’s satisfaction about the products or services. 

The pasted review about them is itself evidence for the same.

Parting words,

Do take decisions in haste or carelessness when it is about your career or academics. So, it is better to conduct research yourself than to fall for the sugar-coated words of You cannot expect any damage control once they get the money for your assignments. 

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  • Is a legit company? Wanting to know before I spend my money!

    Of course, it is! But only if you are going by the company's claims and promises. Otherwise, is a stranger to the term called legit. There are several complaints about the spam and fraudulent practices of the company. Many customers have also taken legal actions against the portal, but they continue to practice their fraud worldwide.

  • Can I get a 1,000-word essay done from Britishcourseworkhelp by tonight?

    Forget about the same night. You might not get your deliveries even after weeks of their commitments. The officials here do not bother to entertain their customer’s queries and are in no haste to meet deadlines. So, make sure to research before you trust.

  • I have already paid for my Coursework. Why do they need some documents (identity, address)?

    Beware! None of the reliable or trustworthy writing companies will ever ask for your personal documents. Instead, all it requires is your assignment details and mail id. Also, there have been several reviews about the unethical use of credentials and fraudulence against the company. So, research well before placing orders.

  • Do you provide service to customers in UK?

    Though the company claim to provide services in different locations. But they fail even to deliver assignments for the UK audiences, which is the company's location. So, naturally, Singapore people should look for better service providers with reliable services with good records.

  • How long does it take for to complete an undergraduate essay?

    The delivery chart of shows a significant downfall since its inception. Hardly any of their delivery is on time and as per the client’s requirement. Otherwise, it might take even a week or two to deliver the simplest of your assignments for academics.

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