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You should not trust everything you see on the Internet. I learnt it the hard when arranged for the nastiest surprise of my life by delivering an unfinished essay. I kid you not, that’s exactly what happened to me, and this review will tell you more about the quality of their services. had been making the rounds in our dorms for the last two terms as a few of my seniors had ordered essays from them. I did not check with them before ordering for an essay, and that turned out to be a mistake that cost me dearly.

It was the mid-term break, and I was supposed to submit a humongous pile of assignments in just a few weeks. So, I decided to hire the experts at to relieve myself of some of the stress. I had thought of them to be an honest and reliable website as I had heard some seniors mention it. To be honest, I wanted to save myself the trouble of having to scour the Internet to find a legit essay writing site. Hence, I zeroed in on the only one I knew of, and what followed made me regret the decision. – an overview of the services

When you are too stressed with assignments that are to be turned in within tight deadlines, getting professional help is the wisest thing to do. I thought of as one of the best service providers who could take over my essay writing task. Little did I know that I was ringing in doomsday for my grades when I placed an order for a three-page essay on literary analysis for my English paper.

Sham services and a non-responsive customer support helpline, is all sorts of a nightmare-come-true for students like me who hit the panic button when the going gets tough. Handling all the academic stress is difficult, and when an online academic writing service leaves you hanging by a wire, you know you are in for tonnes of trouble. Here is an account of my experience with Read on and you will see why I would advise all students to refrain from placing an order for an essay or an academic paper with

Unimpressive quality – 2 out of 5

Writing a literary analysis essay is no mean feat. With too many assignments to finish within tight deadlines, getting professional help for my essay was the only option I was left with. I wanted a good score so desperately that I decided to place an order with the first decent-looking website I found on the Internet. looked promising, and I ordered for my essay using their order form.

The essay that I got in return made me wish I could get a money refund from the website; it was far below my expectations in quality. I could have written a better literary analysis essay myself. The moment I read through the essay from, I totally regretted my decision of placing an order in the first place. The essay lacked the logical flow and smooth transitions, and the language was equally unsatisfactory. Some parts of the essay lacked connectivity and appeared to be unfinished, for they did not make sense. Overall, the quality was pretty disappointing as I had expected a lot more from

Delayed delivery – 2.5 out of 5

Coming to the matter of delivering my essay, managed to disappoint me on this front as well. I got my essay delivered a whole day and a few hours after the delivery deadline. Naturally, I got panicky and tried reaching out to them regarding the matter. But all my frantic pleas fell on deaf ears. I was on the verge of writing my essay all by myself as I was convinced that had duped me of my money and the essay was never getting delivered.

However, that was not the case. It did get delivered, but later than I expected. I reckon you cannot trust the online academic writing websites that claim to deliver assignments on time. At least that’s what I firmly believe after my experience with

Steeply priced essays – 2 out of 5

All of those who expect fabulous discounts on getting online essays done, do not go the way. Neither are there any fancy deals for you to clinch, nor are there pocket-friendly prices. I desperately needed an essay done, and the urgent status assigned to my essay made it even costlier. I had to shell out some extra bucks from my student savings, and had to go broke for the rest of the month, all thanks to the steep prices of essays at If you have a pile of money lying around that you would like to bust up on hurriedly hashed sub-par essays, only then can be a probable option for you.

Queries gone unheeded – 2.5 out of 5 left me hanging by a thread when it came to delivering my essay. I tried reaching out to them through emails and calls. There was no Live Chat option where I could drop my query regarding the essay I had ordered. I emailed them thrice, asking about the progress of the essay and estimated delivery time. However, I received no answer to my emails.

A customer support executive picked up my call after five tries, only to keep me waiting while he was “checking the progress” for about fifteen minutes before I disconnected the call. provides shoddy support when it comes to solving customer queries. I would not want anyone to go through the nervousness and panic that I went through after ordering an essay from

Wrapping up the review – 2.25 out of 5 did not offer a pleasant experience, and made me think whether it is a fake website swindling students of their money. I would not advise any student (especially the ones in need of essays written urgently) to avail their services. With poor quality of work, high prices and disappointing customer support, there is very little that tops at. Hence, it is best that you conduct a thorough research before you place an order for your essay or assignment and trust an online academic expert from essay writing services.

Parting words

If you want to score well in your exams, it is best to stay away from They will lure you in with all the niceties under the sun, only to dupe you of your money in exchange for sub-standard essays. That, in all honesty, is a fraudulent attempt at earning some fast bucks. I should have delved deeper into the matter before placing an order for my essay from

As you might know from the review already, my experience can best be described as an entirely horrid episode. I was appalled at their lack of competence in composing a university-level essay in spite of proclaiming that they are the best ones in business. Take this from someone who has been through it all that is not the ideal website for your essay writing needs. Do not make the mistake I did, choose a better online academic writing service the next time you want to order an essay online.

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Got plagiarized assignment

Reviewed By Sukha Gill on 08 Feb, 2021

I came across Topessay and placed my order. And guess what? They handed me a plagiarized paper. It's my thesis paper that they copied from somewhere else. How can anyone be so careless? I am going to take a legal step against them for robbing me.

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