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Assignmenthelppro Review- Is Assignmenthelppro Still Scam in 2022? is one such academic portal that claims to cater to all the writing needs of students at basic costs. But in this trend of buying reviews and growing online frauds, it becomes necessary to do the reality check before trusting someone with your crucial tasks. 

So, to make it simpler for students, we have done some investigation on the services of to save them from ongoing scams and online fraud. The passage will help you find out the actual experiences of customers with the company.

Pricing and Products

The prices of are relatively higher than the normal rates. So, it becomes impossible for economically weaker students to hire writers from the platform. Also, they do not guarantee any quality standards after charging a hefty amount for assignments as the writers here remain unpaid or underpaid for their efforts.

The below-pasted screenshot will account for the same agony over writers.

Company’s credentials

An online writing platform must provide reachable and working contact details. But both the company’s credentials and customer support system have disappointed to a great extent to its users. 

“I was completely excited and at peace to find the claims of services and reviews at their portal. But do not fall for this sham and their sugar-coated words as I did. All the promises and officials vanished once I was done with my payment. Also, there was no response on any of their mail id’s and my consistent inquiries.”

The above-quoted review is from Sayed Hill, a distressed client of the brand.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is a legit company? Wanting to know before i spend my money!

Ans. However, the company claims to stand upon all the requirements of legitimacy and standards. But the honest reviews will not say Assignmenthelppro is not legit. On the contrary, most of the clients are unsatisfied with their services and demand a complete refund.

Q2. Can I get a 1,000-word essay done by 11 pm tonight?

Ans. Though you should get it as per their claims, the real experiences show quite a difference in their words and actions. So, make a thorough check by yourself before trusting any company with your immediate deliveries as many people have recorded a complaint against their unfulfilled promises.

Q3. I have already paid for my assignment. Why do they need some documents (identity, address?

Ans. One shall be extremely careful about their personal details and crucial documents in this growing trend of online frauds. Also, no reliable academic organization asks for anything more than your mail id and assignment information. So, be careful when someone is asking for anything extra and do your examination on

Q4. Do Assignmenthelppro provide service to customers in Singapore?

Ans. Sadly is failing to cater to their native audiences and their academic needs. So, it might be a bad option to trust such platforms with your crucial papers in Singapore. However, you may look for some writing help platform with native writers and their acknowledgment worldwide.

Q5. How long does it take for to complete an undergraduate essay?

Ans. Technically an undergraduate essay will take a day or two to get finished after thorough research. But it is not a task of more than one or two hours for experts. Unfortunately, makes a bigger deal and takes a week-long time to deliver essays on the simplest topics. 

Q6. Is Assignmenthelppro a scam or a legit company?

Ans. Assignmenthelppro has mixed reviews on its services. But most of these are paid testimonials which makes people wonder if the company is a scam? Also, their weaker customer support system and bad communication make it difficult for clients to consider it a legit writing organization.

Q7. How much is a 500-word essay?

Ans. They charge approx. $50 for 500 words which are way more than what the rest of the platforms is offering. So, decide to benefit both your academics and pocket and choose wisely. Also, you can get competitive services at half of the price on other online platforms.

Q8. What resources do you have to help you with proper citations? My professor wants scholar resources

Ans. Naturally, citations and bibliography are some of the most imperative sections of any write-up especially project works or dissertation and research. So, it might question the whole integrity of your write-up if your citations go incorrect or dicey. Unfortunately, does not have such pro citation skills so, make your choices after completing research.

Q9. Can I hire an expert for me throughout the semester?

Ans. Yes, they claim to get you an expert for a complete semester. But most of the customers are terribly disappointed with their one-time service. So, how can you trust someone to help you whole through the semester? 

Q10. Is the Assignmenthelppro site is fake?

Ans. No, the Assignmenthelppro is not fake, but it has several connection issues and glitches in its system. Students complain to face several technical issues, and there is a lack of work process and smoothness in the platform.

Q11. Do you do online protected exams?

Ans. Yes, the company has better records in assisting online protected exams and tests.

Q12. Can I cancel an order and book another of the same value?

Ans. Yes, however, you can book an order of the same value. But it is hard to trust their quoted price to equal the worth of their write-up. Also, there is no fixed pricing card of the platform, and you might feel lost at some point in time about their authenticity.

Q13. Will I get a complete money back if I fail in assignments?

Ans. Refund is what they claim but might never offer as per their previous records. So, do not waste energy on doubtful sites and do the research yourself to get all your money back regarding the quality of your assignments.

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Reviewed By Assignmentstudio on 03 Jun, 2022

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Helper 13 Jun, 2022

What better way to help your customer than through a quick chat on your website?

Samuel Jackson 22 Jun, 2022

Samuel Jackson 22 Jun, 2022

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