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Website: Headquarter: Cyprus
Pricing: Start at $14 Establish: 2007
Size: 701 Serving Country: 1
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ThePensters complaints- 'fake essay competition', 'nonsensical writing skill', and 'poorly constructed content'. Consequently, ThePensters has a below rating of 2 stars out of 5 indicating that ThePensters is not reliable and not worth your money. For this reason, students are not satisfied with them. So we will not suggest Thepenster services.

Genuine reviews by the student for Read all reviews and decide whether the ThePensters is reliable, legit or fraud. Share your views with us.

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i. Quality of Assignment iii. Delivery
ii. Price Structure iv. Support and Refund Policy


Many students are looking for genuine review, which can state whether they can count on it or not. Here is honest to god Reviews and hope it helps you make your decision.

  Quality of Assignment

No matter what assignments we are asked to write, quality comes under top demand. According to a reviewing website, the writers are not as qualified as they promise to be for helping you get top-notch assignments.

Let’s have a look of one of the review:

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  Price Structure

The price structure of the is quite decent. But as per to the reviewing website, the price structure can be called quite expensive looking at the quality they serve. When there are so many assignment writing service providers who are giving neck-to-neck competition in terms of quality paper, why would anyone come here?

Here is a review of one of the customer:

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When it comes to timely delivery, is not a reliable essay writing service provider. They are not always keeping their promises on maintaining the delivery date. There had been few complaints against this from students who received their work after the asked time.

Here is one of the review:

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  Support and Refund Policy

A reviewing website came to the conclusion that student supportive executive team of have 24*7 customer service executive, but they start being agitated after some point. The supportive executive team should always be polite, which is not the case in here.

Even many of the students complained regarding getting their refund money. Even after getting  complain from the student, they remained silent and did not return the refund.

Here is the review of the student who faced such a dreadful situation:

I had put my trust while placing my order at, but unfortunately they had given me such poor quality paper that left me disappointed. When I called the customer supportive team and inquired about it, they did not say a word. I later asked for my refund since they had a refund policy.  But they denied on my face. I warn everyone who is thinking to place their order here.

-Margaret Brown

If you ask our opinion on this, one cannot expect legal services from Make sure you read the reviews if you intend to find a trustworthy writing service provider.

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  • How I can trust these reviews about

    The reviews about on this website are reliable. This is because provide you with honest testimonials of past users of the website,
    Each and every review is backed with proper proof in the form of screen snaps or statistics. Even the ratings are provided by the students or clients who have previously hired the services of believes in providing the truth of the services of various assignment writing websites all over the internet. It gathers all the information or the reviews from other websites and brings them on one platform so that you do not have to hop here and there on the web in search of the truth.

  • Is Thepensters Legit?

    Although is a website that does provide assignment help to students and is not outright fraud, there is nothing else that can be termed legit on this website.
    According to the reviews, they have various services if services are considered. But the availability of the experts is a questionable matter. Moreover, terms such as "fake essay help provider", etc., can be found in the reviews. So, the legitimacy of is pretty controversial.

  • Is Thepensters Scam or Safe? is not an outright scam website, but at the same time, it is not a safe one as well. Many reviewers state that they have lost their money and personal details provided to
    Some reviews even claim that they have been threatened by the customer service team when they asked for a refund.

  • Is Thepensters Reliable?

    The reviews of claims that the assignments delivered by the website are nonsensical, curated with worse writing skills, poorly constructed and full of errors. Some also said that the information provided in the papers is wrong and unreliable.
    Many claimed that they either got delayed deliveries or never received any. And some have received fake plagiarism reports and later found out that the copies delivered by are full of plagiarism.

  • How do I get a refund from Thepensters?

    The conventional method of requesting a refund is by contacting the website's customer service team. You can contact them directly through the given contact number or leave your query on their webchat.
    Although if the reviews of the past users of this website are to be considered, then has a very sloggy customer service team. They hardly reply or help the users out with queries or doubts.

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Terrible at recruitment

Reviewed By Istiaq Ahmed Mehedi on 29 Sep, 2020

In the beginning, I didn't know that this website is trash. It seemed good to me by seeing their frontend. But not only their service is bad, but their recruitment process is also worse. If I would know their awful services I would never drop my CV there. Nevertheless, I dropped my CV and they reject it without showing any valid reason which seems disturbing to me. Their total administrative process is awful.

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Hard to understand

Reviewed By Thomas on 29 Jul, 2020

The writers at thepensters are very poor at writing assignments. The physics assignment I received from them rarely had any content. It only used the equation to solve the problem. It was really hard to understand what happened in the solution.

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Poorly constructed content

Reviewed By Rosalind on 24 Jul, 2020

The solution received from for my history assignment is too bad to submit. It had no proper structure. The writer has discussed multiple arguments in the same paragraph and then concluded the paper without establishing the arguments. This is unacceptable.

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Thepensters is a fraud website

Reviewed By Neza Ku on 12 May, 2020

Thepensters is a fraud website that takes your money but doesn't deliver what you request. I got an essay from the website in exchange for a good amount of money. But the solution could not be submitted as the quality was really poor. I had to create my own essay at the last moment.


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Stay away from these scammers

Reviewed By Cham Lay on 02 May, 2020

These cheaters scammed me out of my money and wasted all my time. I could have had written the dissertation better by myself. Stay away from these scammers.

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Ruined my writing and my grades

Reviewed By Lynore Sansbury on 25 Mar, 2020

How am I supposed to rate someone so irresponsible? Though I got my paper on time, it was all trash written inside. Thepensters had ruined my writing, my grades, and took advantage of the time when I needed professional help the most.

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Never recommend thepensters

Reviewed By Shanti Shetty on 21 Mar, 2020

I ordered a dissertation that was urgent. The dissertation was not time as usual and also the content was 97% plagiarized. I asked to change the content but they did not. The whole assignment was waste for me. I will never recommend thepensters.

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Found punctuation errors

Reviewed By Gemini Demon on 19 Mar, 2020

The task I received was filled with grammatical and punctuation errors. The customer support team promised that their writers are efficient and they will produce excellent quality papers. But after checking the paper, I found those claims were false.

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Poor customer support

Reviewed By Paranjaay Gandhi on 17 Mar, 2020

Don’t place your order at thepensters. I asked for an essay paper on post-modern literature. But the solution they delivered didn’t meet my requirements. When I told it to the customer support executive, he rejected my rework request without listening to what I had to say.

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Don’t go near this company

Reviewed By Uma Shankar on 24 Feb, 2020

Is it okay for you to pay thousands of dollars for poor quality work? Then thepensters might just be the right company for you. Otherwise, try to stay away from it. They not only used irrelevant data in my paper but also cited the sources in an incorrect format.

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Irresponsible service

Reviewed By Clair Fox on 15 Feb, 2020

I am extremely disappointed with thepensters. They did not deliver my work on time. On top of it, they did not proofread or edit my paper as they had promised to do initially. The support executives do not bother to take your call or respond to your messages.

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Platform for scammers

Reviewed By Scott Simpson on 03 Feb, 2020

I wish I knew then what I know now. thepensters is a platform for scammers misrepresenting themselves as best writers using email. My own experiences are sad, but my hope is that if you read this before you buy you will consider what you are about to do and avoid getting scammed yourself.

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ThePensters Scholarship Winners Don't Actually Win

Reviewed By Alani Mason-Callaway on 20 Aug, 2018

My experience with ThePensters was with the scholarship essay contest. About ten days after deadline, the scholarship team emailed me telling me that I won third place and to send them my PayPal email to receive the prize. They also asked if they could publish my essay on their website. The same day, I said yes and sent my PayPal email address to them in the expectation that I would receive the prize in reasonable time.

Ten days later, still having not received the prize or even confirmation that they received my email, I sent a follow up email. They had already published my essay on their website. I asked if they had an estimation of when I would receive the prize, and they said, "We will pay your prize soon". Not "by the end of this week", or "in three business days", but "soon".

Two weeks later, I had still not received any payment. I sent an email inquiring about the payout process and if they needed any more information from me. No response.

Seventeen days after that, and I still had not received a penny or any communication from ThePensters. I sent yet another email inquiring about the payout progress and suggested we try a different payment method. I asked for confirmation that they received this email, since I got no responses from my previous emails since the time they said they would pay "soon". No response.

One week later, I had finally had enough of the poor communication and non-payment, and asked them to remove my essay from their website unless/until they paid my prize, since I did not think it was fair for them to display my work without holding up their "end of the bargain" so to speak. They had not delivered. For the first time, I sent this email to the scholarship team AND the support team (previously, I only sent messages to the scholarship team), and only the support team responded, saying that they would forward my inquiry to their corresponding department and get back to me.

One week after that (which was today), they had not gotten back to me, I still was not paid, and my essay was still displayed on their website against my clearly-stated wishes. I sent a final email to them, requesting once again that my essay be taken down and informing them that I was disappointed in my experience. I again sent this to the scholarship team and the support team and only the support team responded, with, "Please accept our apologies for the delay. We will do our best to solve this issue within the nearest time. Hope for your patience."

It has been a total of 55 days since ThePensters told me I won, and 45 days since they told me that I would be paid "soon". I think that I have been beyond patient with ThePensters. They simply do not have it together over there. One hand doesn't know what the other hand is doing. They delay, their communication is poor, and they don't deliver on promises.

I would not recommend applying for ThePensters' scholarship, because even if you win, you won't win.

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ontime but bad service

Reviewed By Timothy Wilson on 08 Feb, 2018

The website has timely services I had received my assignment exactly on the time that I had set as my deadline. This is the good part, now comes the issues, the quality of language used in the paper was like a kinder-garden student. There were several sentences that made absolutely no sense which infuriated me. I don't want to be rude but the service of the is really bad.

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Fake writer profile!!!

Reviewed By CodyGreenway on 11 Sep, 2017

I was said that my Language assignment would be solved only by native writers. I was impressed and placed an order. I was shocked when I received it. It was all wrong across the paper. No quality, no language. Bloody writers! I failed because of you.

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Fine not great !!

Reviewed By AmberGrattan on 11 Sep, 2017

The assignment paper is well written, but it lacks the presentation and in-depth knowledge. It could have been better if the writer took more time to incorporate more relevant data, charts, diagrams, graphical pictures. All in all, it was fine.

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Not worth it at all !!

Reviewed By ConnorFinn on 25 Aug, 2017

Guys! Will you please tell me how this work for you? Because I did whatever you guys asked for. But did not receive the assignment in the end. What's wrong with your guys? I want my assignment. I don't know how but give me my assignment.

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What’s wrong with you guys?

Reviewed By EvaGalway on 25 Aug, 2017

Is there any way to make your writers understand what I want? I think not. Because I have told them so many times what I want in my assignment. But they vigorously failed to deliver the assignment. I want to know why? Why are they so unprofessional?

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Professionalism was missing!!

Reviewed By LeoHordern on 24 Aug, 2017

Quite impressed by your service but not at all impressed by the quality of the assignment. Such a good delivery you gave me. Such a good customer care service I found. But my essay paper was not written in a professional manner. After reading my paper, I felt that it is very simple and could be written by a new writer.

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Thought I would get the best service!!

Reviewed By AngelinaCanterbury on 24 Aug, 2017

Well, after seeing your site where you claim that you will give me the best service and that is what I thought. But unfortunately, I got a very average one. The assignment paper delivery was good and on time but the content was not of first class standard. I expected something very excellent in content. Even got a lot of help from customer care executive during the ordering process.

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