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AEC Global opens doors to international opportunities for students. They facilitate the application and guidance process and offer students advice. AEC Global involves basic tests on personality and skill development, access to on-demand videos and a student portal. In addition, they provide education counselling, scholarship guidance, student accommodation, and visa application. The website claims to offer a free personality assessment test.

AEC Global offers certified counsellors to help international students meet their visa requirements. The website claims to provide information on different universities and career outcomes. Their certified counsellors understand the challenges overseas candidates face with international education. AECG begins their application processing with course selection.

What does AEC Global offer?

The website of AEC Global claims to offer the following –

  1. Education Counselling
  2. Application Process
  3. Scholarship Guidance
  4. Visa Application
  5. Student Health Insurance
  6. Student Accommodation

Company Detail


Based in: India


Like conventional websites, access to is free. Therefore, students looking forward to opting for an education consultation can seek their services. The website design is excellent, and the interface is very user-friendly. You can even access the website without paying any money. The front-end design of the website is impressive and decent. It lacks unnecessary cluttering of information or irrelevant graphics.

Yet, there are complaints students make about the hidden charges on the website. The website hardly offers any information on the underlying costs. The site also provides limited information on its services. Students have claimed that they received wrong price information from other sources. Sometimes, they have had to pay additional service fees to third-party sites to access the website. In addition, there are cases where students did not receive proper replies to their queries.

Establishment: The AECG website was founded in the year 2008.


AECG claims to span a global footprint that involves 12 countries. Their website claims to represent more than 500 top educational institutions and universities. Their global presence involves 14 nations with 39 international offices. AECG is available in countries like Australia, Nepal, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, and Sri Lanka.

Serving Country:

AECG serves various international destinations, including New Zealand, Canada, the USA, the United Kingdom, Australia, and Ireland.


AECG offers the following services –

  • Education Counselling
  • Application Process
  • Scholarship Guidance
  • Visa Application
  • Student Health Insurance
  • Student Accommodation

AEC Global Review

The reviews placed on their sites speak on behalf of the brand. According to them, AEC Global offers a range of services to help students, including student health insurance covering health policies and other insurance benefits. The website claims to cover almost 62 nations with student-friendly accommodations. The teaching staffs at AEC Global are well-skilled and highly educated so that you won't face any troubles. They will guide you through the entire training process to get the most out of your investments.


However, unbiased review platforms claim that the responses are not up to the mark. There are cases where customers did not get prompt replies from the organization. You have to sign up with your email address or your mobile number. But there is no guarantee that you’ll get a call back from the organization. Their site claims to cover student loans and travel insurance with their Casita X package. But there is no guarantee of how well they perform live in real life.

Admission process support

The admission support is operational but does not perform well. It takes sufficient time to register user data into their servers. The visa application process takes time for processing. Their English training skills are not up to the expected standard.

Visa support

Visa support is of an average standard. The visa experts barely manage the necessary visa paperwork for their students. Sometimes, processing the applicants' visas takes more than 6 months.

There are complaints that students received about delays in their visa processing. Some say that they’ve obtained their visas almost after a year.

Pre-departure support

AEC Global offers pre-departure support, but they often miss out on the crucial details. As a result, it's usually found that students struggle to meet their requirements. The website also claims to provide free-departure training for its students. However, there are complaints that some students find it difficult to manage their life abroad despite attending this training.


AEC Global aims to serve international students to obtain their visas. They also include various tests to screen their candidates. However, they do not clearly describe the price rates on their websites. In addition, the website lacks adequate information on its various services.

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