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I am a 2nd year MBA student at the Australian National University. I live in an apartment with my roommate Jim, who is also my classmate. Both of us are pretty serious about our academics and would have never used an online assignment help site but for a fire that erupted in our apartment a few weeks ago.

Jim and I were attending our afternoon classes when I received a call from one of our neighbors. He was gasping for breath and I could barely understand him except when he uttered the word ‘fire.’ Immediately, we hailed a taxi and reached our building. We saw huge flames bursting from the windows and firemen trying to put the flames out. After an hour’s struggle, the flames were under control and we went upstairs to our apartment wearing gas masks. Everything including our laptops, books, furniture, papers and all other belongings were destroyed.

Coming back to the review; our assignments titled 'Offshore banking leads to growth of parallel economy’ were destroyed in the fire. It was our most important paper and vital for our year’s overall grade. All copies of it had been lost along with the soft copies in our laptops. Both of us were close to completing our assignments and this setback hit us hard. We became so busy in contacting the insurance company and getting our apartment back together again that it was becoming increasingly difficult to write the assignment from scratch even with our prior research. That was when we unwillingly decided to take assistance from an online assignment help website.

We started searching for these and found to be one of the most popular picks for students. The site looked well-organized but did not have samples uploaded. It was a tough decision to go ahead with them even though we did not know about the quality and content of their work. We checked the pricing and found it to be similar to the other sites that we checked which were still expensive.

Regardless, we began the ordering process by providing our personal details like name, email ID and contact number. Then we had to provide details of the assignment that we wanted. We provided them details like the paper’s topic, type, quality level, number of words and pages, academic level, subject area, number of references, separate content request and the deadline date that we set to 5 days from the date of submission, that is, 4 days from the date of order. We received a 20% discount since it was a first order. That cheered us up a bit.

On the third day, we decided to check on the assignment’s progress as we were getting really worried. I called the customer care number and I must say that the lady who spoke to me was very rude. She did not provide any details of the assignment and maintained that we would receive them on time. She also refused to let us speak to our writers directly even though it was mentioned that clients could speak to the writers at any time. She hung up on me after repeating that we would get the work delivered on time.

We waited for another day and received our work on time much to our relief. We began our checking process and astonishingly found that both our papers were exactly the same! I called on the customer care number again and was again spoken to rudely by a different lady. I demanded re-work to be done according to our preferences and asked about the re-work’s delivery time. She rudely said that she was not sure about it and that we should wait till we get it. She then hung up the phone. We opened the site again to find other communication media. At that time, I saw a ‘platinum’ service that was given preference over other services in the form of extra facilities. It involved extra payment costs. We were too desperate at that moment and decided to purchase this ‘platinum’ service.

Immediately, we receive a call from their customer care number and the person who spoke to me was surprisingly polite and friendly. He assured us that we would receive our re-work within 2 days with all the corrections and modifications that were necessary. We were tensed and waited for the re-work to arrive.     

It did arrive on time again and this time, our papers had separate content, correct facts, figures, statistics and references. The papers did have a few grammatical errors, but they were negligible. We made the necessary corrections and the papers were ready to be submitted.

We submitted our papers on time and both of us received a modest ‘B’ grade. The end result was satisfactory but we were angry at the fact that the site only catered to people who paid extra money and spoke rudely to those who opted for their regular services. They have mentioned in their site that they help students in need and provide great service at low prices so that students who are financially weak can also avail help. Our experience proved that the site is just like any other corporate entity – catering only to those who are willing to pay them more. Sometimes I shudder at the thought of deciding not to pay that extra amount for the ‘platinum’ service. It is morally and ethically wrong to exploit customers like the way this site had done to us.

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Average quality !!!

Reviewed By SpencerPercy on 11 Sep, 2017

The assignment was purely average. There's no mistake or error I can detect, but the quality was not pleasing. It should be more in-depth, informative and presentable.

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Scammers need to be banned

Reviewed By EmmaSomerset on 25 Aug, 2017

I trusted you people for my marketing dissertation. I failed because of you guys' irresponsibility. Don't be happy you scammers. I will spread the word everywhere. I will make sure you will not get any business.

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References were not correct

Reviewed By BrockYarnold on 24 Aug, 2017

All references used in the content of assignment were little out of date. They were not current which I expected. Nevertheless, the quality of the content was good and presentable. They did deliver the paper on time too.

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Did not get what I wanted

Reviewed By SallyYeo on 04 Aug, 2017

I ordered an essay paper from them and what I got is just a paraphrasing of someone's content. They wrote my essay on a very common topic though I told them repeatedly to do something very new. I feel cheated on my money for they took a huge amount for just an essay paper just in the promise that they would give a unique paper.

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Took more money for delivery

Reviewed By CharlesOliver on 03 Aug, 2017

You people cheat so much. I had a deal for my essay for which I paid in full when I ordered. But when my delivery due date came, these people called me up and said that I need to pay extra for various reason which I did not understand. This is how they cheat people. Had to pay extra to get my paper.

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