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Website: WritePass.com Headquarter: UK
Pricing: NA Establish: 2013
Size: NA Serving Country: 2
Payment Option: PayPal, MasterCard, Visa Refund: Yes
Discount: Yes Rework: Yes
Refund Policy: Yes Services: Dissertation and essay


WritePass complaints- 'false company allegation', 'unprofessional', and 'low subjective knowledge'. Consequently, WritePass has a below rating of 2 stars out of 5 indicating that WritePass is not reliable and not worth your money. For this reason, students are not satisfied with them. Lastly, WritePass's expert does not have knowledge that matches the Uni standards.

We are going to put a complete review on WritePass.com covering the following aspects:

Table of Content
i. Quality of Assignment iv. Delivery
ii. Price Structure v. Customer Support
iii. Offers & Discounts vi. Revision & Refund Policy

Students go through an insurmountable pressure throughout their academic life. Thus, most of you may depend on online assignment writing companies to deal with the pressure easily. WritePass.com is one such company based in the United Kingdom and the United States that claims to offer reliable assignment help to students. Let’s take a look at the reviews posted by their clients and other reviewing sites to understand if the company is capable of handling your work.

  Quality of Assignment

According to its website, WritePass.com offers unmatched quality and plagiarism-free assignments to the students. They have mentioned that students can get a 2.1 (B) quality guarantee if they order academic writing services from WritePass.com. But, what if it’s just a scam trying to launder money from students? Let’s find out.

According to TopUKEssays, WritePass doesn’t have what it takes to offer a standard quality essay writing service. One of their writers posted the following review on EssayScam regarding the quality of their work “I am furious.  I wrote for WritePass, sent my invoice but they won’t pay me. Also, they say English writers, not true. Liars.”

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  Price Structure

Unlike other academic companies, WritePass.com hasn’t mentioned anything about its prices on the website. You need to fill up the entire order form to know about the price of your order.

According to the reviews posted in BestBritishwritingcompanies.co.uk, the prices at WritePass.com are too high to be afforded by students. Another reviewing site, ratewritingservices.com filled out the order form at WritePass.com and found that they charge nearly £27.25 per page for an undergraduate level paper with a 15-day deadline. The price is quite steep for students as compared to the prices offered by other companies in the market.


  Offers & Discounts

Most online academic help providers have a slew of offers and discounts up their sleeves for students. But, WritePass.com hasn’t mentioned anything about discounts on their website. Let’s see what their clients and review sites have to say in this matter.

According to Edu-reviews, WritePass doesn't offer any discounts to first-time users. However, they seem to offer referral rewards and loyalty bonuses to their loyal customers. WritePass.com did not mention anything of this sort on their website. So you may want to talk to their support team to know more about the discounts and other offers.

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The client testimonials on their website indicate that the writers work systematically to complete the tasks on time. Punctual deliveries can help you understand if the company is trustworthy or not. Let's see what other clients and review sites have to say.


According to complaintboard.com, WritePass.com has a reputation for poor deadline management. The reviews posted on BestBritishwritingcompanies.co.uk indicate that the testimonials on WritePass.com are nothing but a scam. Thus, it is better if you think twice before ordering your paper with them in case you have tight deadlines.


  Customer Support

WritePass.com hasn’t mentioned anything about round the clock availability of their customer support team. They have stated that students can reach out to them via phone calls chat or email ID. But, you may find it difficult to reach out to them if you don’t know when to call, chat or drop the mail.


According to TopUKessays, the company staffs of WritePass.com are not proactive. They deliberately ignore the queries or questions of customers. The reviews on Edu-reviews.com indicate that the support team isn’t available round the clock and students may get the response to their queries only during the company’s office hours. You can call them up yourself to check if the company is fake or real.


  Revision & Refund Policy

WritePass.com has mentioned on their website that they offer unlimited revisions to the students for free. They have also claimed to refund the money of their clients in case of late deliveries and poor quality of the assignments. They have also explained why getting academic help from WritePass.com is legal for students. All these may sound too good to be true to many of you. So here is the truth shared by third-party review sites.

According to ratewritingservices, customers can request for revisions only within seven days after their assignment has been delivered. So if you ask for revisions after seven days, your request will not be approved. Also, you need to prove that your assignment is not perfect and it requires revisions. The reviews in BestBritishwritingcompanies indicate that WritePass.com doesn’t provide any guarantees, discounts or refunds.


  WritePass.com: Highlighting their Online Reputation

Time after time, people have enquired – "Is Writepass.com reliable or a SCAM service?"

Top Assignment Reviews aims to uncover the truth by closely examining the comments and feedback of its previous service users.

So pay close attention!

Well, according to Writepass.com reviews, the company's reputation online is very disappointing. 

Many have directly stated in their comments and feedback – "don't pay," "don't buy," and "don't waste money on the website!" 

writepass review

These negative responses regarding the company's dismal service indicate that the website is not reliable, not legit, and a big fraud!

Moreover, even other top review sites consider the site unreliable for meeting students' urgent demands. 

UK Rankings.co.uk & UK Reviews.co.uk both gives a general rating of 1.0, whereas Rate Writing Services.com presents an overall rating of 4.6/10.

writepass review2

And to be fair, the company does disappoint in many of its service parameters.

Can’t Meet Deadlines:

The foremost issue, per Writepass.com reviews, is the company can't complete the accepted work within its timespan.

writepass review3

Many displeased users have frequently complained about the site's incompetence in completing assignments with tight deadlines. Some even openly condemned the site and included words like – "they don't deliver work on time," "don't sign up to these frauds," and "don't trust their half-truths and false promises."

writepass review4

Can’t Produce Plagiarism-Free Papers:

The next issue brought to light per Writepass.com reviews is that the service provider cannot produce flawless papers without plagiarism.

The ability to deliver top-quality assignment papers without plagiarism makes or breaks its online reputation among its service-takers. More so since plagiarism is an unpardonable crime in academic circles and most students dread plagiarism concerns in their papers.

Unfortunately, the company has proven to be an utter disappointment in delivering authentic plagiarism-free papers. And after being let down by the company on numerous occasions, many of its users spitefully opine – the company experts don't care and don't take responsibility to ensure the papers delivered are per instructions and  100% plagiarism free!

writepass review5

Panel of NON-experts:

A handful of users have even shown their abhorrence towards their panel of experts stating they don't know the first thing about writing assignment research papers. And the provided work appeared to be spun content loaded with grammatical mistakes, spelling errors, ill sentence constructions, and so on!

writepass review

These users have expressed their discontent towards the company with phrases like – "Don't get trapped into their scam" or "don't use their amateur panel of experts who can't even write proper English sentences."

Poor Customer Support:

If this wasn't enough, another section of its disappointed users stated they "don't reply to you" and "don't refund." All of this means the site has proven dismal, even in its customer support.

There are countless such negative Writepass.com reviews stating their customer support staff don't provide proper information pertaining to matters of payment, assignment status, or topic queries as quickly as they claim.

Some have even labelled their customer support team as unprofessional and useless in conveying crucial information quickly- especially at times of urgency.

Refusal to Refund:

That's not all. Complaints also stack up concerning the company's refusal to refund money despite producing dismal work quality. 

And after witnessing the company’s duplicitous nature, many of its users lost faith in the company and left after their first assignment order.

Top Assignment Reviews' Final Verdict on Writepass.com

writepass review6

The Verdict:

From whatever negative Writepass.com reviews and feedback has come to light, it is clear the company has disappointed in several of its service aspects. And perhaps why it finds so many of its service users leave them and seek help elsewhere.

If you are one such student considering this service, we recommend you don't, as they are unreliable and not legit!


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  • How I can trust these reviews about WritePass?

    The reviews about WritePass.com on TopAssignmentReviews.com is trustworthy. The reviews are 100% organic. These reviews are the honest and original testimonials of past users of the website, WritePass.com.
    TopAssignmentReviews.com believe in providing you with the unadulterated truth so that you can pick the best academic writing website without any hassle. Moreover, the reviews are backed with proper screen snaps and statistics to prove their truthfulness. Hence you can rely on TopAssignmentReviews.com completely.

  • Is WritePass Legit?

    WritePass.com is not a legit website. There are various complaints about it being a fake one. In addition, many students have lost their money. They had paid for the assignments but never received their orders.
    When they asked for a refund, they received none. You can check the reviews out from TopAssignmentreviews.com and find out yourself.

  • Is WritePass Scam or Safe?

    WritePass.com has got the allegation to be a fake academic writing company in many instances. Reviewers have claimed that they have paid for the services but received none. When they tried contacting customer support, they hardly got any response.
    There are other instances of loss of personal data as well. Some students even claimed they had to pay extra for the same service yet did not get the correct assignment. Hence WritePass.com cannot be termed a safe choice for your academic needs.

  • Is WritePass Reliable?

    WritePass.com is not a reliable website, according to its past users. They have used termed as "unprofessional", "fake", "low quality", etc. They also claimed that the experts of this website are unworthy of trust as they do not have the knowledge or expertise that matches University standards.
    The rating of WritePass.com is below 2 out of 5, which clearly states the level and trustworthiness of this website.

  • How do I get a refund from WritePass?

    You have to place a refund request through web chat or email to get a refund. You can also contact the customer service team through their contact number. But in the case of WritePass.com, you shouldn't keep the expectation of getting any money back.
    The customer service team of this website does not respond to the queries, especially once the payment is done. This is a common complaint of the past users that they did not get any money back.

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Never trust them

Reviewed By Ross on 13 May, 2020

They gave me some random nonsense for an assignment with wrong research sources, improper citations and no abstract. writepass said they would do my biotechnology dissertation the best way possible. To everyone out there, do not trust these fools!

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No referencing and citation help

Reviewed By Judith Randel on 14 Apr, 2020

I needed referencing style help so contacted writepass. The writers told me they know all the styles. So when I asked for Vancouver style help, they fumbled. As I pestered, they simply cut the call. I am lucky to call them beforehand and know about the lies.

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Writepass did not follow any Instruction

Reviewed By Neovy Nappa on 08 Apr, 2020

The writepass writers did not abide by the instructions that I had forwarded them. I had asked them to write in the first person and provided them with the files. Apparently, I was talking to a wall!

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