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About Tutoreye.com

Tutoreye.com provides one to one tutoring services to students. They promise the best tutoring services. They promise that the teachers who are associated with them are very qualified. But after the students enrol themselves and after going through the feedback, it can be said that the site is unreliable and fraudulent.

Let's discuss the Tutoreye.com review and know the dark side of this company.

Short intro about Tutoreye.com review

The company is wholly based on needs and learning styles. Tutoreye.com provides teachers to students based on the subject they have chosen. They provide their services in subjects like Math, Science, Physics, Chemistry, and math. But students who book their hired services receive very poor-quality assistance from the teachers.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Like any other company, Tutoreye.com has its own sets of strengths and weaknesses. Let's discuss a few.



They provide tutoring services for Math, Science, Physics and Chemistry.

Tutoreye.com does not offer tutoring services in major subjects like History, Journalism and English.

The UI of the website is attractive.

Students have to log in to place orders. Many students may see this step as a complete waste of time.

Tutoreye.com Quality levels

Let's discuss Tutoreye.com based on a few essential factors.

They are:

  1. In-Depth Subject knowledge

Experts and teachers associated with Tutoreye.com provide illogical content to the students. The teacher does not have in-depth subject knowledge.

  1. Researched content

Tutoreye.com does not provide research content to the students. So if the question comes to your mind, Is Tutoreye.com legit? Then the answer is a simple no.

  1. Structure

The Structure which they follow while providing tuition to students is very poor. Students are not able to learn simple things.

  1. Syntax Skills

Teachers who are associated with Tutoreye.com have poor syntax skills.

  1. Citation knowledge

Experts of Tutoreye.com have zero knowledge about citation. That is why students are unable to learn much about referencing and citation from the teachers of Tutoreye.com.

Price and Quality

According to the price, the quality of service they offer is not up to the mark. The price of their cheapest package is $0.5 per minute.

The price of their best package is $299.99, which is too much. Students these days are ready to pay the price, but there is no reason to pay a business that is not reliable and not legit.

Offers and discounts

Tutoreye.com does not provide any discounts on the price. They do not give any offers to students either. This is very improper. Students rely on their pocket money, always looking for discounts or offers.

If they had given discounts, then students belonging from all financial backgrounds would have been able to place orders with them. The pricing strategy of Tutoreye.com is very poor.

Customer support reviews

tutoreye review

Students rely on their services and pay for them and what they receive is a poor quality service from Tutoreye.com. The student did say that the site is a total scam. Tutoreye.com is not reliable, and its services are not legit at all.

tutoreye review2

This is another review where the student paid Tutoreye.com $50, but they ghosted the student when it came to the service. This review proves that Tutoreye.com is completely unreliable and a fraud company.

Revision and refund policy

Tutoreye.com does not have any revision or refund policy. Students have to face major issues in this matter, as seen earlier that the student has paid, and then the company ghosted the students. Tutoreye.com is a fraud, which is why they do not have any refund policy.

Online Reputation

The online reputation of Tutoreye.com is very poor. If this question comes to your mind, Is Tutoreye.com reliable? Then the answer is that it is not reliable. They take money from students and then do not contact them.


  • Is TutorEye legit?

    Tutoreye.com is not legit. The company is a total fraud. First, they take money from students, and later on, they ghost them. 

  • How can I know TutorEye provide me with original paper

    You can check your paper with Turnitin or Copyscape. These plagiarism tools will help you know to what extent your paper is original.

  • Is Tutoreye.com Safe?

    Tutoreye.com is not safe at all. The company is a total fraud.

  • Will I get a complete refund from Tutoreye if I fail?

    Nothing like this is mentioned on the website of Tutoreye.com.

  • Can I cancel an order on Tutoreye?

    Once you place an order with Tutoreye.com, you will not be able to cancel your order. In addition, you will not get a refund. 

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