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Unlucky circumstances made me take help from an assignment help service for which I am writing this review. I belong to South East Asia and am pursuing a graduate History degree at the Monash University. Ever since I came to Australia, I have faced great difficulty in communicating with the local people. The problem at University was that I could not understand the professors. As a result, I began to fall behind on my assignments and other coursework. I tried contacting the counselor and my professors who helped me in every possible way. They even wrote down instructions for me! Even so, the lectures were really tough to follow and I did not always have time to copy notes from other students.


A few weeks ago, we were given a complicated assignment regarding the historical legislative issues of Uganda and their impact on the neighboring African countries. It was an important assignment and my semester depended upon it. I attempted to write the assignment with the assistance of my professor and classmates, but failed miserably. My only hope was to take professional assistance.


So I searched for an assignment help service online and found Customers had given good reviews about the quality of their work. I decided to go ahead with this since it was my last resort and I had to submit a good paper. I visited the site and in my honest opinion, it was evident that the web page designer did not have much experience when he designed this site. Also, the homepage itself had a glaring grammatical error. I had read something similar about the website’s homepage earlier but then the reviewer mentioned that the homepage was the only flaw in the service. So, I browsed further to the samples page. The samples that I read were of sufficiently good quality. This fact made me finalize the site for my work. I then clicked on the ‘Order Now’ button and was redirected to the ‘Submit your Order’ page where I had to fill in details like my Email ID, title, topic and word length of the project. There was also an option to choose the reference style and the number of references to be included. There was a file attachment option as well if students wished to specify the exact format in which they would like their paper to be written. I then entered the deadline date and time and clicked the ‘Submit Assignment’ button.


I thought that was sufficient but then a page opened in which I had to register to confirm the submission of the assignment order. I had to give my contact details like name, email ID and phone number. After the account was created, an email confirmed my order and I waited for the assignment to arrive after a week. In the meantime, I did my own research and kept my part of the contributions to the assignment ready.


The deadline that I had given to the assignment help service was a week before I was due to submit the final assignment. The day passed and I did not receive the assignment from them. I emailed them on their customer support and they replied after 2 hours. They apologized for the late delivery and assured me that I would get the assignment the next day. I was annoyed at this delay but accepted the situation.


The work arrived the next day and I was relieved that they fulfilled their latest promise. I began checking the assignment as a final measure. Shockingly, I found that there were no references at all and 3 sections were repeated so that the word count is delivered. I was really disappointed with their service because I had paid quite a lot of money for this assignment. I called their customer care number and complained to them about these grave faults. The support executive asked me to remain patient while he contacted the writer for details. I demanded to speak to the writer but the executive flatly refused, but he did assure me that I will get a free rework done within 24 hours and this time the assignment will be accurate and proper. I paid extra for some add-on services which, according to the customer care person, would ensure the paper’s correctness and authenticity.   


I received the assignment 3 days before submission day which was a whole day later than what they promised me. I checked the paper again and I was disappointed for the second time in 3 days. This time, the references were present but the repeated sections were still present. I could not believe that even after paying an extra amount, they still did not deliver the quality and content that was desired.


I called the customer care number again, and this time I did not hesitate to show them how disappointed I was at their service. They asked for one last opportunity and told me that I will get the final reworked draft in 24 hours guaranteed. I did not want to argue anymore so I kept the phone and I modified those sections according to my understanding of the subject.


The reworked paper arrived on the morning of the submission day. The lateness of its arrival did not surprise me at all. I checked the paper again to find that they modified the sections and added new content. It did not matter at that moment because I had already finished the paper and bound it.


If you are declaring that your service is top-quality and never late, at least prove one of those declarations to be right. The only positives of this service were their customer care personnel’s patience, and the low prices for the work. However, those low prices may well be the reason why the quality of the work was substandard. I would ask the service provider to kindly deliver the work on time so that there is sufficient time for necessary changes to be made.


These are the ratings that I would give for their services –

Content – 3

Quality – 3

Time of Delivery – 2

Add-Ons – 3

Customer Care – 3.5

They get an overall rating of 3 out of 5 for their services.  

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Don't waste your time

Reviewed By Paul on 08 May, 2018

Placed an order, came back, wrong essay. Their writer cannot even follow instruction of the task sheet. Even the essay came back was of low quality. No response to queries regarding their work. Inquire through live chat, their attitude is rude.

Don't ever try to use them.

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Avoid this website

Reviewed By Ammie jackson on 14 Mar, 2018

I am sure that I will never again book my assignments with this website again I had a bad experience with the They did not follow my requirement and provided me with a file which was very poorly done. I had to complaint several times in order to fix the issue. I will also ask my other friends to avoid this website as I don't think they take the work seriously therefore it is no point.

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false claims

Reviewed By John Hook on 08 Feb, 2018

I cannot think of a point to start and end my complaints with I had a terrible writing experience and I will make sure none of my friends ever place assignment order with All the claims, each and every claim made by the company on their website is false there is nothing good about the website. The quality of the paper was very very bad and the language used was just horrible.

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Reviewed By Ammie jackson on 05 Feb, 2018 did not incorporate half of the requirements provided by the marking rubric and to get the assignment completed by them I had to pay extra amount of money apart from the one which I already paid at the time of registration. They did not even deliver the solution to me within the deadline stipulated by me and they do not even provide 24*7 services. Completely disappointed.

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not much satisfactory

Reviewed By Ava Lee on 18 Jan, 2018

The services provided by the experts of are not much satisfactory. The completed assignment, which was provided to me by their experts did not cover half of the requirement of the marking rubric provided by my college. They claim to have easy as well as user friendly registration process however I faced lots of issues during the process of registration. I think that only the name of the organization is big and they do not live up to the promises made by them.

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