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About Oxessays.com

Oxyessays.com is an emerging academic writing service about which a lot of students are curious. Understanding your dilemmas and concerns, our top reviewers will inspect Oxyessays.com to find out if it is reliable or not. You obviously cannot blindly trust all the sugar-coated words.

Here is everything you need to know about Oxyessays.com

Overview of Oxyessays.com

Oxyessays.com claims to help students with all types of academic disciplines in the UK. They ensure always to produce 100% original assignments that meet specific requirements.  They are known to have qualified subject-specific writers with years of experience in a specific area. They also promise to help students with free revisions if clients are not satisfied with the finished assignment.

But that is far from the truth. When we started researching Oxyessays.com, we came to know that the website had not been completely honest. We have found evidence that writers were not really up to the mark, and the quality was not as good as they claimed.


Oxyessays.com claims to provide a student-friendly and reasonable price structure.

However, after checking the experience of previous customers, we came to know that they even include additional charges to their services. In addition, there were complaints about the overall cost of the paper being higher than what they had anticipated.

Company details

It is necessary to check whether the writing service provider is genuine or not, and the best way is by checking the company details. The website of the company had all the details like phone number, email address, address.

However, when we called on the contact number, there was no response. We even tried mailing them, but got no reply. This puts a red flag on the writing service.

So, we do not recommend you trust such a writing service that comes with no assurance but only false promises.

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FAQs about Oxessays.com

i.) Is Oxessays.com a legit company? wanting to know before i spend my money!

Answer: A writing service provider is called legit when it produces unique, original and high-quality essay content. However, that is not the case with Oxyessays.com since it fails to help students write good quality essays. They even use stolen content in their essay writings. Thus, one can say it is not a legit or a professional essay writing service.

ii.) Can I get a 1,000-word essay done by 11 pm tonight?

Answer: There is no guarantee that writers at Oxessays.com can manage to produce a 1000-word essay and complete it by 11 pm on the same night you place an order. There had been several complaints regarding writers missing deadlines. Thus, in terms of timeliness, Oxessay.com is certainly not the right writing service to pick.

iii.) I have already paid for my assignment, why they need some documents (identity, address,...)?

Answer: Beware of sharing your credentials with Oxyessays.com after you have already made your payment. There were many cases when their documents were used unethically. So, if you do not want that to happen with you, stay cautious of this.

iv.) Do you provide service to customers in Singapore?

Answer: Oxessays.com offers PhD assistance to students in Singapore. However, they fail to follow the specific guidelines and formats of universities in Singapore. Due to this, a lot of essay papers were rejected when students submitted them.

v.) How long does it take for Oxessays.com to complete an undergraduate essay?

Answer: As per their delivery chart, they claim to deliver essays as early as possible. They even mentioned delivering essays before the deadline, but the reviews said completely different things. There were a ton of users who complained about not receiving their papers on time.

vi.) Is Oxessays.com a scam or a legit company?

Answer: Oxessay.com does not provide all the facilities that are expected from a legit writing company. In fact, many students have expressed their disappointment after paying Oxessays.com due to its poor quality and copied texts in the document. You cannot possibly call their writers to be professional if they are stealing content from other places. Therefore, it is best to stay away from such scams.

vii.) How much is 500-word essay?

Answer: If you compare the price chart with other writing services, they charge quite high for 500-word essays. So, if you have a budget to maintain, choosing Oxessays.com might not be a good idea.

viii.) What resources do you have to help you with proper citations? My professor wants scholarly resources

Answer: Although Oxessays.com claims to offer informative sources, your result in the final document will be a different story. They tend to provide inaccurate sources, which show their poor research quality. Due to this, the quality of the content goes down, and so does the grade.

ix.) Can I hire an expert for me throughout the semester?

Answer: There is never a guarantee that you will find the writer and website resources throughout the semester. Sometimes even after placing an order, students had to wait for a long time as no writer was available. This only shows Oxessays.com has limited writers.

x.) Is Oxessays.com site is fake?

Answer: Oxessays.com has many times been proved to be not reliable for students. A lot of students have also complained about seeing errors on site after opening the website. Thus, they are unable to contact them after placing their order.

xi.) Do you do online protected exams?

Answer: Yes, Oxessay.com helps students with online protected exams. They claim to have professional assistants to guide students through their online protected exams. However, students regretted their decisions as none of them could secure a good grade in their online protected exams.

xii.) Can I cancel an order and book another of the same value?

Answer: Although they allow the cancellation process, many students face issues with this process. There were a lot of cases where the cancellation process was complete but then were unable to book another of the same value.

xiii.) Will I get complete money back if I fail in assignments?

Answer: Students complained in review sites for not receiving a refund after they failed in their assignments. Even though they have a money-back policy, they deny providing it. Instead, they blame it on students for submitting their solution directly to teachers without making any changes to it.

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