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About provides essay services to students. They deliver customised essay solutions, dissertation, assignment, editing and proofreading services to students.

They promise to deliver high-quality assignment and essay help services to students. But, students complained that their work is of inferior quality. The content they received is improper. Let's know why students worldwide think their service is fraud.

Short intro about review

Students may think that provides only essay assignment help. But no, other than essays, they also deliver dissertation and assignment services. Like any other educational service company, they also say that they provide the best quality work.

But after going through several reviews, it can be said that the company is unreliable. The services they deliver are not legit at all. Strengths and Weaknesses

Let's know about a few strengths and weaknesses of



They provide assignment and proofreading services.

They do not provide dissertation or research paper services.

Qualified experts are associated with the company

Just 676 experts are there Quality levels-

  1. In-Depth Subject knowledge

Experts and teachers who are associated with do not have sufficient knowledge. That is the reason they end up delivering improper content to students.

  1. Researched content

Experts of do not know the proper ways to research. Sometimes they end up adding fake data or information to the assignment.

  1. Structure

They do not have minimum knowledge about the Structure of assignments and essays. That is the reason the content they deliver is illogical.

  1. Syntax Skills

Experts of this company have inferior syntax skills. This is another strong reason why students say the experts of are unreliable.

  1. Citation knowledge

They do not have strong knowledge about citation and referencing. Also, they do not know how to use the referencing generator tool.

 Price and Quality

As per the price, the quality of their work is very poor. Students will only be able to see the price after placing the order with this company. But the majority of the students think that this company is a fraud because many of them faced several issues. After paying the money, they have not received the order from them.

Offers and discounts does not give any discounts and offers to students. They need to understand that students do face issues with money. If they could give some discount, students will be able to hire their services. More than serving the students, their main focus is to earn more profits. This is why the students think that this company is improper and unreliable.

Customer support reviews

Most students said that the service they receive is of very poor quality. Some students even said that they hired their services from proofreading and editing. But the editors of have not worked on the files.

They submitted the files as it is.

While describing the company's service, students have to use words like 'illogical'. 'Unreliable', 'not legit', 'fraud' and 'improper'. ghosted several students after they got paid.

Due to these reasons, students do not rely on their services.

Revision and refund policy

If the question comes to your mind, is legit? The answer is a simple no. They do not have any refund policy. What happens if someone wants to cancel their order? Their business model is simply improper.

They do not revise appropriately before they deliver the solution to the students. Many students complained that they received highly plagiarised work.

Online Reputation has a terrible online reputation. If this question comes to your mind, Is reliable? The answer is a big no. Students need to always avoid placing orders with this company. If they place, then high chances are there that they will get poor quality work.


  • Is legit?

    No, the services of are not legit. They deliver poor-quality services to students.

  • How can I know that my paper provided by Sourcessay is original?

    Check your paper with an online plagiarism checker tool. Just upload your file to the tool. Within just a few minutes, you will be able to know the plagiarism percentage in your file.

  • Is Safe?

    No, is a fraud company. At first, they take money from the students and then ghost them.

  • Will I get a complete refund from Sourcessay if I fail?

    No information regarding that is available on the website of Therefore, students need to contact the customer care of this company and conquer.

  • Can I cancel an order on Sourcessay?

    No information is available regarding this. However, high chances are that the students will not be able to cancel their order after placing it with

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