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Website: Headquarter: UK
Pricing: Start at $14.03 Establish: 2012
Size: NA Serving Country: 1
Payment Option: PayPal, MasterCard, Visa                 Refund: Yes
Discount: Yes Rework: Yes
Refund Policy: Yes Services: Assignment writing


SameDayEssay review has rated below 2⭐ out of 5 stars, which clearly shows that SameDayEssay is not reliable & trustworthy. 📌SameDayEssay major complaints are 'use Wikipedia content', 'grammatical error', and 'expensive'📌. For this reason, students are saying them EXPENSIVE FAIL in their feedback.

We are going to put a complete review on covering the following aspects:

Table of Content
i. Quality of Assignment iii. Delivery
ii. Price Structure iv. Support and Refund Policy
  Quality of Assignment, considered as the best essay service but the facts do not support it. This website claims to be the best essay writing service but what this review suggests that the experience of the student was not good.

All their claims were false. They say that they will give a full refund but this person didn’t get the full refund but got only fifty per cent of the amount, that too, after a lengthy process. The reviewer also warns to stay away from both and as they both are miserable websites.


  Price Structure

Their price structure is really good and reasonable is what is written on their website. Once you opt for their service without comparing with any other website, then you might think their prices are good. But once you compare it with other website then only you come to know about their high and unreasonable prices.

The starting price of is $9.82 and it goes $37.86(per page) for urgent help. Checkout the complete pricing structure of

1 hour $37.86 $39.83 $42.12 $46.38 $48.51
2 hours $34.26 $36.22 $38.52 $42.78 $44.91
20 days $8.77 $10.87 $13.33 $17.89 $20.17
14 days $9.82 $11.93 $14.38 $18.94 $21.22
10 days $10.52 $12.63 $15.09 $19.65 $21.92
7 days $11.31 $13.28 $15.57 $19.83 $21.96
5 days $12.46 $14.42 $16.72 $20.98 $23.11
4 days $13.44 $15.41 $17.70 $21.96 $24.09
3 days $14.75 $16.72 $19.01 $23.27 $25.40
48 hours $16.55 $18.52 $20.82 $25.08 $27.21
24 hours $21.47 $23.44 $25.73 $29.99 $32.12
12 hours $25.24 $27.21 $29.50 $33.76 $35.89
6 hours $28.68 $30.65 $32.94 $37.21 $39.34
3 hours $30.65 $32.62 $34.91 $39.17 $41.30


This aggrieved student has also written about their high pricing. She is also mentioning about the poor quality of assignment she received even after paying more than 100 dollars. This student does not recommend this website to anyone.


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  Offers And Discount

They have so many discount offers but none of them works. There are so many instances of students complaining about getting duped in the name of discount coupons.

In this review the student has written how he got duped in the name of thanksgiving discount. This has happened in many other cases as well where the student was given a coupon and conditions are mentioned only after they availed the service.



“What they say” and “What they do” is a big mismatch. They claim to give your assignments before time but reviews do not indicate this at all. After going through many reviews we observed that they very often miss their deadlines.

They leave students in complete helpless situation which can be seen in this review. Here the student didn’t even received the draft and missed the deadline. This is also a breach of trust as the students who trusted them and paid their money to them, fails to receive a good assignment.

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  Customer Support

What they say, is that their customer support is excellent and unmatched. It is mentioned in their website that employees are positive, friendly and always willing to help and resolve your issues but the review does not indicate this.

After seeing many reviews from multiple website, we come to an agreement that their customer support service is dis-satisfactory. As seen in this review, the person is really annoyed by their service and how their employees treated him. He has also written about the lack of management in the company.


  Revision And Refund Policy

Very poor service, high prices and no refund. Even after claiming to refund the amount in case of unsatisfactory services, they don’t do it. They have a very bad history of turning down request of refund of many students.

This is quite evident in the following review. In this review the student has written about the poor quality of assignment which could only get him F grade. When the student approached them for the refund, his request was strongly dismissed.


  Payment and Transactions

When its come to payment and transaction, one person ask them to stay away in his review. Their payment and transaction methods are not safe. Their services are so expensive and they ask people to pay so high amount, even for a very simple assignment.

This students writes about how he was asked to pay 300 dollars and the final assignment he got was looking like as if a 10 year student has written the assignment. is even threatening the student who has written this review. Not only their services are bad but they are also unethical in their approach.  



All in all, this website is highly discredited by all the students who avail their services. Their writing quality, pricing schemes, refund and discounts and all other parts of their services have been highly deplorable.

In this review, the student is really fed up from their service. She has mentioned that she had been using their services for last 5 years and was never satisfactory. She was using this website only because she was not able to find any other website. She has also mentioned that they will apologise for their poor service but still will not be able to fix it.

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  • How I can trust these reviews about Samedayessay?

    Samedayessay does not have a lot of good reviews. Most of the reviews are about clients bad experiences with the platform. As per customer experience, it is not a trustworthy site when it comes to availing services. Moreover, they are very unethical in their approach as they threaten the people to remove negative reviews.

  • Is Samedayessay Legit?

    Samedayessay does not have a well-maintained website. This raises a question among the students about their legitimacy. Moreover, students do not find answers about privacy policy, customer support etc., which evokes trust issues.

  • Is Samedayessay Safe?

    This platform does not have safe payment options. Their payment gateway is not efficient, and sometimes payment can get stuck. Also, when it comes to delivery, they do not provide on-time delivery as claimed, and a delay often occurs.

  • Is Samedayessay Fraud?

    Their customers are not happy. When you compare their pricing with other writing services, you will find that they charge a lot for delivering poor assignments. Samedayessay have inexperienced writers who do not take the projects seriously and scam your money.

  • Is Samedayessay Reliable?

    If you are looking for a reliable writing platform, then this is not for you. Late delivery, high pricing and unsatisfactory content make them not a trustworthy website. Students claim it to be a miserable website that lacks proper work ethics.

  • How I get a refund from Samedayessay?

    Samedayessay does not provide refunds quickly. Even if they do, they only offer 50% of it. Their reputation has gone down by turning down refund request of many clients.  Moreover, their customer executives are not friendly, which makes it difficult to contact.

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Zero Satisfaction with their Services!

Reviewed By Eric on 14 Jan, 2022

I send a query about my assignment work, I accepted a cryptic response from the expert one. I was too close to my deadline due to the delay in preparing the assignment. They are highly non-cooperative after order. I had to make changes to it and put it in the right way. The result or the solution to be precise was simply not up to the mark. I am never approaching this site in the future. Highly dissatisfactory!

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Reviewed By Ana on 11 Mar, 2021

This is a scam!! They are using student l, taking their money and not giving it back!! Their website states money back guaranteed but they don’t give it back they refuse too!
Please please don’t use this company!

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Full of fake promises

Reviewed By Amanda Fuller on 09 Apr, 2020

Everything they say about the samedayessay services is a lie. They don’t have any qualified writers. The solutions seemed like they were written by school students. Also, they failed the promised deadline. And the customer support team is just worthless.

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Wrong pricing

Reviewed By Natasha Dee on 02 Apr, 2020

If you look at the price chart of samedayessay, you may think it is reasonable. But when you place the order, you will get the actual picture. The service provider asked me for additional charges which weren’t mentioned earlier.

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I failed because of these thieves

Reviewed By Alex Matias on 25 Mar, 2020

Thank you so much for all the damages you have made to my academic career. I failed just because of your poor assignment. Where is my money? Pay me back. What are your promises to refund if I don't like the task? Samedayessay are thieves.

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Worst website

Reviewed By Arnab Chandra Roy on 19 Mar, 2020

Do not trust samedayessay. They just have a bunch of inexperienced writers who are just looking to get some easy money from students. The worst part was I got my physics assignment paper one day after the mentioned deadline.

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They don’t know their job

Reviewed By Vedanshi Sarda on 17 Mar, 2020

The essay writing service at samedayessay is the worst that I encountered in my academic career. The writers don't know how to format the paper. The customer support executive does not know how to talk to a client. But they charge so high for the services as if they are the best in the market.

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Scam site- They are just after your money

Reviewed By Kavitha Tamilselvam on 24 Feb, 2020

Samedayessay deducted my money twice while I was making the payment for my order. The support team said that I would get one of the payments back. It has been more than a month that I ordered my paper with them and yet I did not get my money back.

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Legal actions towards samedayessay

Reviewed By Fataneh Javadpour on 18 Feb, 2020

Guys samedayessay is a total scam writing service provider. Do not place your order here. There should be legal actions taken against them as they are not what they promise to be. After giving me poor quality assignment paper, they refused to give refund which is against their policy.

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Costly. Never use Samedayessay

Reviewed By Ria on 03 Feb, 2020

Never use samedayessay. I paid 3 times more for urgent essay help. After comparing with other, I realized I paid too much. I requested for refund. They are not give me a refund! Don't use them!

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Shame on your name SAME DAY ESSAY

Reviewed By Richelle Perez on 03 Jan, 2020

I had an important task to submit on the same day, so I hired Samedayessay. They assured me that I would get the papers on the same day. One hour before the submission, I received a call from the customer support executive, saying that they are unable to deliver the paper. I had to write the assignment in a rush and scored a very low grade.

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