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Writing is not my forte at all, so I never meet up with the expectations of my professors whenever they assign me with projects. I’m pursuing a BA Hons degree in language and literacy education from Greenwich University. Our professors have a habit of giving us several projects to write, God knows what they make out of that! Performance? I doubt it because most of us really can’t concentrate on so many tasks at a time and that obviously make our performance poor.


Anyway, as writing is not my cup of tea, I always try to get some help from my seniors with whom I have a good rapport. Sometimes I ask my brother to do it for me, though I have to bribe him for that. But, the last time, when I was given a task of writing an essay on the topic ‘symbolism in the novel Jane Eyre’, I didn’t go for these acquaintances to help me out with the projects. I thought of trying the online academic service that I had heard of from my friends. I applied to and asked them to deliver me the essay paper written on that topic within next five days.


I rested the responsibility of writing the essay to the ‘experts’ as they term themselves and was literally at peace. I did go through the site before placing the order and also read the testimonials to be sure of the quality of work they produce. I found nothing so doubtful and placed the order. In fact, the page consisting of order details and payment options was very well-organised. The tabs and drop-down menus are also indicative of a good service. So, I made a decision to let them write my assignment. The price they charged was completely reasonable. On their site they also assured the customers about the on-time delivery of the projects. It looked as if there was no better way to get my essays done other than applying to that site.


But my notions proved to be wrong when I got the assignment papers delivered. First of all, they did not deliver the task on time. They have sent me the papers few hours before the deadline though they advertise to send the materials exactly on the stipulated time. You may wonder why I haven’t poked them to send the papers to me faster than they did. Well, I did so. That’s another story. I dialled the number given on their home screen to get in touch with one of their representatives. And yes, one lady picked up the call only to let m know that the paper will be ready by the time I have specified to them, but I really can’t speak to the writer. What the hell? I mean I should be getting the person in charge of writing my assignment on the other side of the phone! At least that deserves to be a part of their so called ‘high’ quality service.


After getting this response, I thought waiting for the papers would be better than calling them because there is no use of talking to the customer care representatives. So, finally it got delayed, and I was left with no time to read through the document and see whether everything was written in a proper manner or not. I have specified to them the guidelines my university told me to maintain throughout the essay papers. And, when I was having a look at the papers, I found they have made their own structures and format! What was I supposed to do now? It was only 2 hours left for me to attend the class at college and submit the essay. I realised I am at a total loss and nothing can be done now. So, I let the paper remain how it was and started getting ready for college.


Oh, one thing I must mention, they talk about a 15% discount on the first order. This is perhaps the only thing that they have maintained well; they gave me the discount, and that dropped the price even lower than what I was to pay at first. No doubt that made me happy and that was perhaps the only reason I placed the order. When I think about that day, I still wonder what made me so obsessed with the site that I did not give a second thought before applying to them! However, I got the ‘cheapest service’ I guess at the ‘cheapest price’.


I had to submit that substandard writing as I was left with no other option. One of my friends said that it was better to write the papers independently than taking service from these companies. But, my question is, when there is a service telling me they would reduce my burden, why won’t I opt for it? When we feel like dining out, we do so, right? Or do we stay at home thinking of better health and get ready to prepare for cooking at home?


Finally, the results were out for that semester, and for that project I got a C, as expected. My professor said there were a lot of grammatical mistakes and spelling errors on the papers which I overlooked. I knew who overlooked those, anyway, it was of no use to think about the blunder I made by ordering this site to write my English essay. My professor even mentioned that the writing style of the essay was not of a matured hand. He asked me what was wrong with me!


I have always been a good student, great learner. Even though I do not like writing much, as it involves too much of time investment, I come up with various ideas and tell those to my friends and brother when they write my project. So what happens, the idea remains mine, they just write the thing following the rules and regulations of my college. These professionals at the website turned out to be unprofessional, not even trained for writing college papers. I prefer to study and research and get a better knowledge of my subject instead of writing the projects which hardly have any practical use. That’s why I request my acquaintances to write for me. That’s all. But what these writers did makes me feel that I made the greatest mistake of my life.


I feel there are a lot more like me who have faced the issues similar to what I have faced, either with this site or with the others. I request all of them to write reviews about their experiences so that none get deceived like we got. And, as far as my next projects are concerned, I will try and write them myself, or will seek some other kind of sources to help me out with the projects, but not this site, never again!

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Big chargers for low quality

Reviewed By MathewCollins on 04 Aug, 2017

Never expected that I would get such a bad quality essay paper. So sweet customer service till they got their payments and now they are showing their true colors. These damn people charged so much money from me just for an essay paper saying that there is the best writing. Liars.

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Not outstanding quality

Reviewed By SamBlakeney on 02 Aug, 2017

I heard that they are famous for their high quality assignments. But I don't know why they failed to maintain the quality in my case. Anyway, I am not happy with the average quality assignment they delivered.

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Faced hard time contacting customer support

Reviewed By CooperDowner on 31 Jul, 2017

The dissertation paper was well-framed and insightful, but I faced some real tough time getting in touch with the customer support guys. They were unavailable most of the time. Proper care should be taken in order make the service more active.

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This company is made up of scumbags

Reviewed By JaydenJuan on 29 Jul, 2017

They are a bunch of money-hungry scums who only want to drain of your money. They'll charge you too much for your assignment, then they will deliver a shitty paper and after that charge extra for revisions!

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The biggest mistake of my life!!

Reviewed By EleanorGarner on 27 Jul, 2017

I don't think I've ever been foolish as I was when trusting you guys with my dissertation. If only I had known that you guys were cheats who would make me fail, I would've never done this!

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Shitty website

Reviewed By Robert Hook on 25 Jul, 2017

Don't fall for the samples you see on their website. They have probably been copied off from somewhere. My assignment was the worst. It made no sense to my professor even!

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It needed more research

Reviewed By Henry thomson on 18 Jul, 2017

I was really looking forward to the dissertation I had ordered with them, but when I got it, I was disappointed. The paper clearly lacked research. I'm buying a paper from them again.

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Don’t take help from here

Reviewed By Tom curs on 27 Jan, 2017

My friend recommended me this service when the deadline was due in 5 days. I was happy when they delivered my marketing assignment on time. But when I used plagiarism-detecting software to check the content, I found it to be 30% plagiarized! They refused to revise my content. I am thoroughly disappointed.

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Don’t deserve a Single star al all

Reviewed By Brooke Brewer on 23 Jan, 2017

Yes, they do deliver the papers on time, but for what? To help us with the lowest of grades? This site deserves no star at all.

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