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Essay writing is an integral part of one’s academic career, and no matter how simple the task seems, there’s always something more to an essay than it usually appears. is a UK-based website that publishes blogs and highlights the various issues revolving the practice of essay writing. Here is what to expect from this minimalist blogging website.

  • The website appearance:

The website is absolutely basic. It does not have any navigation bar, call-to-action buttons, or any menu – things that you often get to see on fake websites. only has a list of blogs covering 90 percent of the landing page. Besides the list of blogs, the landing page only has a handful of elements, including the “Login” button, the “request a call” button, a list of related posts and social share buttons (for Twitter and Google+).

At the footer, the website has links to the "Terms and Conditions" and the "Policy" pages. However, both the links are broken and redirect you to the homepage only. There's no image, graphics or any other mentionable visual element on the landing page. The most aesthetic element on the landing page is the website logo itself.

  • The blogs:

As mentioned, the blogs are focused on the practice of essay writing. So, if you are looking for essay related information, this is a good place to visit. However, the dull presentation of the website may make you wonder whether the information is legit or not. Even the blogs are poorly structured. There’s no visual element to complement the texts, and most blogs are filled with huge chunks of words per paragraph that make it difficult to follow.

The content of the blogs is reliable to some extent. However, there is no search bar on the website where you can put a keyword and get the necessary links to the blogs you want to read. There certainly is a variety of essay related topic to read, but since the website lacks a proper navigation, you cannot exactly browse through the pages to find blogs, besides the ones in the featured section.

  • Customer support:

The website seems like it was created with the intention to serve as an essay writing service provider and didn't work on it after developing the blog section. There is certainly no "contact us" page on the website, but they do have a "request a call" button. If you have a query regarding the blog or have any issue you want to complain about, you can perhaps use that feature to get connected with the customer support.

The page also has a login button, which means people can manage an account there. But since there is no option for “signup” or “register”, you cannot know what happens after creating an account there. Perhaps, you can avail essay writing services after logging in. You can get in touch with the customer support and check if the website actually serves any academic support on a subsequent website.

The website may be underdeveloped, but that is not exactly the parameter to judge whether the website is genuine or fraud. To learn about the genuineness of the blogs and the whole site, you may need to go through the website yourself or read the reviews that are posted by the previous users of the website.

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Research Work Lacked Insight

Reviewed By Asad Shehzad on 08 Feb, 2021

My argumentative essay on a technical topic lacked insight. This shows that the experts at customessaywriter did not conduct thorough research work and just wrote whatever they felt like. There were only 3 citations in the 2500 word essay.

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