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I am pursuing my MBA course since business studies are my favorite. Yes, I aspire to be an entrepreneur too after I finish this course. Yet, there is one thing that disturbs me in my academic life, and that is case study assignment writing. I find it very tough to work on a marketing case study assignment, but it’s a crucial activity that can impact my grades.


One fine week, my college professor provided our class with a marketing case study assignment. We had to complete the task within a week and ensure that our assignment did not reflect plagiarism at all. The topic on which I was supposed to write the case study was ‘Building a brand to sustain its life cycle.’ It was a marketing case study on the popular health food brand Kellogg’s. I felt that even I needed to launch such a company after few years, but right now as a case study, things were tough for me.


I asked my elder brother to help me out with this topic, but he was too busy with some work. When I asked him if there was any way out then, he told me to seek professional assistance over the Internet. Initially, I felt slightly apprehensive about this idea, but my brother told me that once he had also availed such services that brought him good grades in his History dissertation. So I sat on the Internet and searched for a reliable assignment help brand. After googling in some portals, still I couldn’t find an appropriate brand. My brother suggested me website since he had tried it too. Looking at the portal’s name I initially felt too that the company hired ‘expert’ level writers to provide assignment help.


I found that the website claimed on its homepage that it offered services at prices that best suited my pocket. But I could not find out its price page. My brother assured me to go ahead and place the order since he was ready to provide me financial assistance if I fell short of money. I placed the order through their assignment details submission form present on their site’s homepage. It required me to fill in details about referencing style, deadline date, etc. Further, I made the payment through PayPal rather than opting for Western Union Money Transfer or credit card payment.


I received the case study help material two days before the deadline. I was pleased with the speed of delivery, but my smile didn’t last for long. I found many errors related to the topic’s data. It seemed that the writer prepared the case study material in haste in order to meet the deadline for me. I found from the Internet that Kellogg’s was initially created in the 1930s, but the writer mentioned that this brand was launched from scratch in the 1940s. Com’on, I didn’t expect a professional writer to commit a mistake where they can change an entire decade when it’s about a brand’s launching time.


I read the case study material further only to find out a few more unacceptable errors. The Internet says that around the 1980s the Kellogg’s brand ran a £3 million campaign which was meant to urge the consumers to re-appraise their fiber cereal products. But here the writer mentioned the campaign’s investment amount as £8 million. Now this was the second mistake where the writer may find a minute difference between the numbers 3 and 8. But hey, it’s a blunder since practically or at least logically for my case study, the difference between both the amounts is of 5 million which is a big financial factor for a brand like Kellogg’s.


Two big mistakes took me by shock, but a third mistake also came in front of me. The Internet says that Kellogg’s market research told us that consumers’ top priority was on taste while opting for a cereal product. But this writer mentioned in the case study content that the top priority was cereal color. It just shows the carelessness of the writer’s job with my case study help material.


I was very upset looking at the three mistakes, and I thought of conveying my concern to the customer support staff via their live chat support. When I clicked on their live chat support link on their portal, I was surprised to see that they told me to leave a message and then they would get back to me shortly. Gosh, I didn’t know that leaving a message was another form of ‘live chat’ nowadays.


Anyways, I left a message that included my phone number, stating about my case study help problem. After a day, I received a call from their customer support executive. I told her about the errors that were present in my case study help material, and she apologized on hearing about it. She told me that I could send my case study material for revision to their writer. I clearly told them that I didn’t have the time to get a rework done since my deadline was over.


Somehow, I went ahead to prepare the final draft of my marketing case study. Further, I completed the documentation process and submitted the assignment in college the next day. I was scared that apart from the errors, my assignment doesn’t throw up any plagiarized content else I may have to face expulsion from the institute and my MBA dreams would be shattered. By God’s grace, such a thing didn’t happen, but I failed in my assignment. Yes, I secured an F grade in my case study assignment, and my professor told me that it happened due to serious errors and extremely low quality of my assignment content. He even scolded me stating that my work could not do justice to the topic and told me to thank my stars since the copy didn’t show any plagiarism. But wait, failing is as bad as getting expelled, if not worse, right?


Feeling utterly dismayed with my performance, I tried contacting again their support team. Again, one personnel called me over the phone. Here, I clearly stated that due to the low quality case study help service of their writer, I had failed in my exam. I demanded a refund of my hard-earned money through my part-time job means, but she clearly refused to it. She told me that their brand didn’t follow a definite money back policy. I again demanded a refund stating that their brand did not provide me the hundred percent guarantee as claimed on their portal. But she replied me rudely that inaccuracies happen on the hands of their writers at times. She even refused to give the call to their writer who did my work stating that it’s not under their company policy.


I told my brother about these low standard case study help that I received from writers. He told me that this company’s marketing assignment writers may not be that highly qualified as their history assignment writers may have been. Whatever may be the case but I swear never to recommend this company to any of my pals or students for that matter.


I am very furious since my money went into the drain and I even failed in my case study assignment that left a blot on my academic life. This effect may stay in my career life ahead too.

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Amazing Customer Service

Reviewed By Ross Taylor on 23 Feb, 2022

Working on programming assignment was a tough job for me. I got help from academic consultants at Online Assignment Expert. They offered me amazing customer services and quality content which had helped me in completing my assignment on time.

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Highly Recommended- Online Assignment Expert is Best Assignment provider in Australia

Reviewed By Vijay kumar on 23 Feb, 2022

I was facing some challenges with the accounting assignment, so one of my friend suggest online assignment expert so I went there and they provided me best assignment for my academic. Highly Recommended.

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Best Academic Mentors

Reviewed By Harry Robinson on 23 Feb, 2022

I have opted Online Assignment Expert to provide assistance in my nursing assignment. Their professionals provided helped me to complete my nursing assignment. Thank you guys for your impeccable services.

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only name is big

Reviewed By Rose Martin on 15 Feb, 2018

I did not much like the assignment completed by the experts. The assignment was very monotonous and did not incorporate some of the requirements mentioned in the marking rubric provided by my college. I guess only the name of the is big and not the quality of the services provided by them to the students.

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They never take suggestions!

Reviewed By Henry thomson on 18 Jul, 2017

Okay, my dissertation was not that good, so I called them to get it revised. And they just refused to admit anything was wrong with it! Since it wasn't that bad, I somehow managed to fix it myself.

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Complex order submission process

Reviewed By Suzann Juela on 25 Jan, 2017

It took an entire day for me to understand their order submission process. It's too complicated. As I did not have any option, I had to avail help from them. I am not happy with the solution they delivered. Guys, it's better not to take help from them.

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Poor customer support service

Reviewed By Lacy gill on 21 Jan, 2017

The service is gross, and the customer support team is just good for nothing. Every time they pick up just to answer, they will take few more hours to inform me the status of my assignment. And on time delivery? That is a lie indeed.

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