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Hello! This is Helena Garrett. Last week, I took help from I can’t help sharing my unforgettable experience. Well, I am pursuing PhD in Linguistics from Lancaster University.


I am also doing a part-time job to support my family. Last week, I was very busy with my office. At that time, my supervisor asked me to write an essay for an academic journal. He told me to choose the topic on my own.  I could not say no to him. I managed time somehow and selected a topic. I decided to write a critical essay on Roland Barthes’s Mythologies. Next day my boss called me. She asked me to go to London to attend a meeting. I got so confused at that time. It was really difficult for me to take a decision.


Then I called my best friend Maria. I told her everything. She suggested me to take help from online writing help services. I did not find the idea helpful. As I did not have any option, I started looking for writing help services on the internet. But it was difficult for me to identify an authentic company. I again called up Maria. She told me, “My cousin availed assignment help from a company last month. Let me ask him the name of that company. Do not worry. I will let you know.” After 15 minutes, she called me and told me about


Without wasting a minute, I visited their website. I did not find anything interesting in their official page. Even the content uploaded in their page was not up to the mark. While I was going through their page, a chat window popped up. A customer support executive asked me, “Let me know how we can help you”. His name was Amy. I wanted to know about their rates. He provided me all the required information.


After that, I filled up the order form and submitted my order. I paid through PayPal. I gave the deadline of two days. They promised me to deliver the solution on 20th November. I took a sigh of relief.


Next day, I went to London to attend that meeting. On that day, I received a call from them in the afternoon. They asked me to provide some information about Roland Barthes. My reaction at that time was “what! Their highly-qualified experts do not know who Roland Barthes is!” I was so shocked at that time. As I already made the payment, I did not have any option. Anyway, I mailed them some PDF files. Oh, another thing I forgot to share. I was also informed that they would not be able to deliver the solution on 20th November. I requested them to deliver the help material on 21st November because 22nd was the last date to submit the essay for that academic journal. Somehow, I convinced them.


I lost all hope. I thought that I would not be able submit the essay. I tried to find some time to write the essay on my own. But unfortunately, I could not. I called on the number provided in their website on 20th November. But nobody picked up the phone. I was so disappointed. I was crying. At that time, I received a call from my supervisor. He was asking me about status of the essay. I could not hide the truth. I told him everything. First, he scolded me. Then he told me to mail him the solution after receiving it.


Again, I called them. As expected, nobody responded. I received a mail from them at night. “Your solution will be delivered on 21st November” was written on that mail. I was relieved somehow after receiving that mail.


Finally, I received the solution. I mailed the solution to my supervisor. He called me after two hours. He told me that the paper was full of grammatical and punctuation errors. He suggested me to call them. I called them. But as usual nobody picked up the phone. Then I sent a mail and asked them to revise the paper. Thankfully, I received a call from their customer support executive after 10 minutes. I told him everything in detail. He told me, “Sorry. We do not have any revision facility.” I got so angry and asked to refund my money. He somehow agreed. But I had to pay extra money. He told me, “We will deliver the revised paper within two hours.”


After two hours, I received the revised solution. I started to revise the paper after receiving it. Thankfully, the revised paper was completely error free. They included authentic data and information. The paper was written nicely. Even the reference list was perfect surprisingly. I must say that the writer did a good research work before drafting the paper.


Their customer support team was quite co-operative. They know how to behave. According to me, their service charges are quite expensive. As I did not have any option, I had to avail help from them. They claim that they provide flawless solutions. But this claim is absolutely false. They even have to work on their website. I would suggest you not to seek assistance from them.

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took too time

Reviewed By Martin Harry on 15 Feb, 2018

registration actually took me about 4 hours to get registered with Also, the assignment which was provided to me by their experts did not incorporate more than half of the requirements mentioned in the marking rubric provided by my professor. I had to ask for an extension from my professor as they did not complete the work within the stipulated deadline.

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Post-deadline submission!

Reviewed By JustinHodgson on 11 Sep, 2017

If you people have given me a quality paper, I would have said nothing. But these guys were late and gave me poor quality history essay. I will never order and never recommend.

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Hopeless !!

Reviewed By BrockMatson on 25 Aug, 2017

There's no way you can make good out of this company. They are just hopeless and worthless bunch of fellows that make you struggle more. Strictly avoidable! Don't waste your money, time and grades on this f**ked up company. Shitty assignment

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Customer care was not available

Reviewed By StephanieHazon on 24 Aug, 2017

Please check your customer care, team. Once I called them in wee hours and could not get them. But you said that they are always available. I was afraid. But I have to mention that they called me back and apologized for it. I am happy. I also got my essay paper properly done. My teacher praised me. They send me the paper on time also.

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Made false promises

Reviewed By RodneyBowman on 04 Aug, 2017

This site made false promises and said that they will deliver my assignment within the due date. Unfortunately they did not do it and now I have to struggle with it. Also I have paid them a lot of money for it. But I did not get what I was said. The paper was very poorly written and there was no proper content.

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