Hi, this is Ellie Turner. I am a first year M.A student at Australian National University. My area of specialization is English. I generally do all my assignments on my own. I am the topper of my class also. My friend Mila told me about these assignment help services. Anyway, I was not in favor of taking assignment help from professionals. But last week I did avail help from Oh, one thing I forgot to tell. I am doing a part-time job to finance my education. Last week, Professor J.L. Wilson asked us to write an argumentative essay on the topic “Is Lady Macbeth a counterpart of Macbeth”. I was very busy with my office work at that time. Even on the same day, my boss asked me to visit Sydney to attend a meeting. I got very confused. It was really tough for me to take a decision as both were important. I discussed this problem with my friend Mila. She somehow convinced me to take help from According to her, is one of the best assignment writing companies. But my opinion is different. My mistake was I did not read globalassignmenthelp reviews on the internet. I would love to share my experience with you all.


Competency of the writers


They claim that their writers are PhD qualified. But honestly speaking, I do not think so. I am not totally satisfied with the performance of their writers. They assigned my task to one of their experts named Fred Green. I mentioned all my requirements while filling up the online order form. I even provided the guidelines given by my professor. Surprisingly, Mr. Green failed to understand my requirements. I received a call from one of their customer care executives. He asked me to clarify all the requirements again. He even told me to provide a gist of the topic. My requirements were very simple. I even mentioned clearly all the approaches that should be adopted to deal with the topic. It was beyond my imagination that a PhD qualified expert would not understand such simple requirements. It was unexpected.


Rating- 2.5/5


Quality of the solution delivered by them


The solution delivered by them was not that bad. But it was not exceptionally good. They generally claim to provide superior quality solutions. They failed to maintain high standards. I do not know why. The topic was not explained in detail. Their experts did not adopt all the approaches I recommended. They did not follow my instructions. But there was not a single grammatical or punctuation mistake. The language used for writing the essay was perfect. Even the solution was well-referenced. But the solution did not include adequate information. It would have been better if their writer could have done more research work.


Rating- 2.6/5


Timely delivery of the solutions


Well, I did not receive the solution on the promised date. They promised me to deliver the solution on 15th May. On 14th May, I received a mail from them. “We are unable to deliver the solution on 15th May due to some technical error. You will get your solution on 16th May. We are extremely sorry for the inconvenience” was written on that email. I felt so helpless at that. I didn’t know what to do. I called on the number given on their site. Nobody picked up my call. I did not have any option except waiting. They finally delivered the solution on 16th May.




Variety of services 


I went through their website thoroughly before availing help from them. It was quite impressive. Some of their services I came across are custom dissertation writing, custom essay writing, case study help, coursework help, custom assignment writing, and homework help. It’s not clear whether they provide thesis writing help. They should provide more information about their services on their website. I availed essay writing help from them. That is why I do not much about their other services. I should not comment anything more on this aspect.


Rating- 3/5




They claim that their rates are 40% less than other assignment help services. But I really don’t think so. Their rates are quite expensive. They charge £22.95 for every 250 words. I ordered a lengthy essay. That is why they charged me quite high. They have mentioned their prices in detail on their official website. It is not possible for everyone to afford’s services. Especially those who are looking for cheap assignment services should not avail help from them. Most importantly, I did not get my money’s worth. I will never order assignment from them.


Rating- 2/5


Efficiency of customer support team


First, I like to say that their customer support executives do not remain 24x7 online though they claim to provide round the clock support. When I received the mail regarding the delayed delivery of the solution, I tried to chat with their customer care executives. But nobody was available at that time. I left a message also. But I did not get any reply. I even called them. But nobody received the call. Their customer support team is not efficient enough. But one thing I must say that their customer support executives are polite enough. When they called me for asking the details, they behaved nicely.


Rating- 2/5




My overall experience was not good at all. I will not take help from them again. They deliver average quality solutions. I have not found out any grammatical or punctuation error in the solution. They are not strict about the deadline at all. I would recommend you all not to seek help from Trust me you will not get your money’s worth. It’s better to do your assignments on your own. You guys can look for other service providers. If you don’t believe me, you can also read globalassignmenthelp reviews posted by other students.

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I failed

Reviewed By Alice Davison on Jan 19, 2018

I failed because of the poor quality of work provided by the experts of I opted for the premium services but the quality of the work was so miserable that I myself had to redo more than half of the assignment. The references were completely fake. I am never going to use their services. They did not even deliver the solution on time. I am totally disappointed by the services and think that it would have been much better had I myself done the assignment.

completely fraudulent website nd company

Reviewed By Marceline Joseph on Jan 6, 2018

How I wish I could turn time and undo the mistake I made by taking the help of this globalassignmenthelp website for writing my assignment. They completely destroyed my paper and left me with a useless stacks of papers. They are a fraud! All they care about is taking money from the students.

had a bad experience with this website

Reviewed By Mia Ryan on Dec 4, 2017

My experience of ordering assignment from is something that I never want to recall. They make tall claims about their services but they hardly live up to those claims. I had to pester them again and again to get my paper done on time. They are anything but hassle-free. I regret my decision of choosing them to do my task. I’m appalled by their inefficiency

worst writing experience

Reviewed By kelly Meto on Nov 10, 2017

Not professional at all, silly texts with no meaning, false informations, can't use anything! Can't attach assignment photo, but if I would and I'd make your day, you would laugh like crazy. But I will copy and paste my "favourite" part:
Natural disdaster- There are many disaster that has occurred in United kingdom. Cycolones and tornados are more frequent which presents a major threat. It influnece the number of visitor because with this threat, they do not want to go that place where their life will in danger.
For example- If in UK, there will occur Cyclones then no one will go to Albert museum or other tourist place for gaining knowledge. They can gain education from other sources like internet.

They charge for everything

Reviewed By EdwardHollinworth on Sep 14, 2017

No free rework facility, no offers and discounts, no free service. Don’t fall into their trap. This coursework writing agency charged me for everything and gave the worst assignment.

They lied!!

Reviewed By MatildaForwood on Sep 14, 2017

While the customer care executive promised me customized and cheap rates, I was charged completely opposite. My sociology dissertation burnt a hole in my pocket. Never going to use this agency again.

Excellent homework service!!

Reviewed By TylerTreloar on Sep 13, 2017

I am overwhelmed with your assignment help service. The ideas were simple yet unique. My instructor said mine was the best formatted and edited homework paper he has received from the whole class. Thank you all for the excellent support.

Mind blowing coursework service

Reviewed By JustinBuckingham on Sep 13, 2017

I am very happy to get my assignment done by your writers. They are definitely the best writers on the web. They wrote exactly what I wanted them to do. It is an authentic place for coursework papers and always keeps their promises

Really helpful !!

Reviewed By AlanaHutton on Sep 12, 2017

I have to attend my part-time shift and complete my Assignment paper as well. I do not have ten hands. That’s why, I have hired these guys to my work. I can proudly say they did exactly the way I expected.

No refund

Reviewed By EveBrodzky on Sep 12, 2017

I didn’t get my money back even after repeated complaints. Thank goodness I didn’t pay them the whole amount. They promised hassle-free rework of assignment which never happened.

Fabulously disappointing

Reviewed By BenjaminBorella on Aug 25, 2017

I have never been so disappointed. But this time, I have a new record to share. Delayed delivery, worst quality assignment, too pricey – everything adds up to my experience and makes it worse than ever.

Customer support was rude !!

Reviewed By CalebWatriama on Aug 23, 2017

It is about one of the their customer care executives. I talked to three of them. They are all just illiterate bunch of shits. They do not give any information or guide you with assignment status. They just ask you to wait. After a long wait, they just give you excuse.

Dumb customer care

Reviewed By LauraTruscott on Aug 23, 2017

They asked me whether I placed an order with them, of course you dumby I did. That’s’ why I called you to know the status of my assignment. He was asking all sorts of stupid questions. How can they hire such mutton headed people in professional agency?

It is the worst!!

Reviewed By BlakeMorley on Aug 23, 2017

I have seen them deliver faulty assignment, which has no relevancy with provided specifications. Their writers are stubborn like stones. They would not change anything no matter how many times you tell them. Full of non sense!

Absolute disgrace !!

Reviewed By HarrisonBatchelor on Aug 23, 2017

These guys should be banned from this assignment writing industry. They neither deserve students’ time nor money. I am disappointed because I could not given them negative rating, which they totally deserve.

Referencing was not proper

Reviewed By JackStyles on Aug 22, 2017

My essay paper needed proper referencing, and you did not check that. Why? You gave me such a good experience from ordering to a good customer service and even delivery. Then why did you miss on the referencing section? Some references we missing and if I had not checked, then you can very well understand what would have happened.

Content check was not done

Reviewed By GeorgeCrouch on Aug 22, 2017

I received my essay paper yesterday prior to my delivery time and thank you for informing me that I would get it. But I must mention that I did not expect such a poor content. I though the paper will be properly done. There was information but not the amount of information that I expected.

Bunch of unprofessional

Reviewed By EllaClapp on Aug 22, 2017

Order was placed on 2.07.2017 and was not delivered on the promised date. When delivered after chasing them, it was not the assignment as I ordered. Later delayed the revision too. I had to call them multiple times to see my assignment completed. This is pure act of harassment and nothing else. Worst experience ever!

Had a horrible experience !!!

Reviewed By HaydenVaux on Aug 22, 2017

This looser site does not know anything about assignment writing. It does not follow specifications, it does not deliver the paper on time, even does not resolve concern. All it does is want money and more money. Strictly avoid this if you don’t want to lose your grades or money.

Soooooooooo frustrating

Reviewed By AmelieChuter on Aug 22, 2017

I never have been so frustrated in my whole life. They passed the promised date and asked me to wait two more days. I was kind to do that, but now I just don’t want to bear it anymore. Just give me my essay paper already!

Overpriced assignments

Reviewed By JoshuaGillen on Aug 21, 2017

They are shitty expensive. I did not know that. When I saw the price calculator, it was all cool. But the price started bloating up they kept adding something or other to the cost. Ultimately, when I paid them, it was huge. Never take assignment help from this company. Ever in your life.

Support team sucks

Reviewed By JamieSturt on Aug 21, 2017

They never reply on chat, they never revert on mails or even take up calls. I am now struck with my order. I paid them, but still have not received the assignment. I am worried that they would never send it to me.

Worst company ever

Reviewed By ElizaGepp on Aug 21, 2017

They sell plagiarized paper. Me and my friend got 100% plagiarized assignment. I wanted my money back, they blocked out account and diverted our call every time I call them. They are just liars!

Trouble makers !!

Reviewed By LiamQuaife on Aug 21, 2017

They are just piece of shit. Not capable enough to write you an assignment. I bought an essay from them. It looked like it is written by junior school student. It lacked everything, depth, information, structure, and everything that makes an assignment sensible.

Fraud !!!!

Reviewed By ZacBernays on Aug 21, 2017

I had no information about the assignment, whether the writer was doing or not. Nothing. I tried to contact them. They assured me. But ultimately, I missed the deadline. Never going back to this fraud company.

Worst site!

Reviewed By ZacharyUther on Aug 19, 2017

My experience with this company went sour. I demanded explanation of the assignment. What they have sent me a few links of the books and journals. I was puzzled. Then they completely stopped entertaining any of my calls and mails. Great guys! Good to know that this is how you treat customers.

Terribly tired and sick !

Reviewed By RileyBarge on Aug 19, 2017

I will never buy homework assignments online again. It was my hard-earned money that I have wasted on you guys. Thanks for nothing.

Content was not detailed!

Reviewed By CaitlynStodart on Aug 19, 2017

Satisfactory writing service but the content of my homework paper was not at all detailed. The paper needed details in few of the sections. I am satisfied with the other services especially the delivery. It was so on time. Also, the assignment was well formatted and good styling. Good customer support. Thinking about going for revision.

It is too pricey

Reviewed By AshleyBoelke on Aug 19, 2017

I don’t know how they decide the rates because they are just mindless. I gave them $359 for a assignment paper. Such waste! Could have bought a few summer dresses instead.

Rude customer support team !

Reviewed By JesseSaville on Aug 19, 2017

When the deadline was nearing, I started asking about my assignment. But they did not bother to answer me. And they gave rude answers too. Is this the way you guys treat your customers? I will never come back.

False company !!!

Reviewed By CharlesGrills on Aug 18, 2017

They gave me plagiarized assignment paper. Yes, full of inauthentic text. Thank God! I checked the content before submitting. It showed 90% plagiarism. 90%! That is insane. That is like doing assignment in 5 minutes. If I had to copy paste, then why would I give it to you guys? Morons!

Not professional writing

Reviewed By JessicaDhakiyarr on Aug 18, 2017

Your service is really very good. I appreciate you on that. On time delivery, customer service executives readily available. But still, to me it is an average service because of the writing. The content is fine, informative, meeting needs but somewhere the writing is not a professional standard writing at all that you gave me for my assignment help.

Revision facility needs to be checked

Reviewed By ElijahBunker on Aug 18, 2017

I got my assignment on time. It was all good and well done. But some minute details were missing. So I had to send it back. Unfortunately, I was charged for the revision work. Then again I had to get in touch with the customer care executives and to waive that off as that is a free service. Please check that it does not happen again. Rest everything is just fine.

0 rating!!!

Reviewed By EdenPackard on Aug 18, 2017

0 rating for you guys. You just single handedly ruined the essay. I don’t know was writer sleeping while writing because sentences make no sense at all or may he or she does not know how to write in English. Worst experience for me!

Give me my money back

Reviewed By MatthewSeal on Aug 18, 2017

I want my money back. You gave me a piece of shit. The writer has cited references from chemistry book whereas the topic is statistics-related. Can you imagine? If I did submit the assignment without checking, my professors would have mocked me in front of the whole class.

Not at all cooperative!!

Reviewed By JaiHardman on Aug 17, 2017

It was a frustrating experience for me. I told them many times that I wanted my assignment right on time. But they did not listen. God! How dumb they can be. Thank I extended my deadline, or else I would have missed the deadline.

My content could have been better

Reviewed By AlexisKeldie on Aug 17, 2017

I was all in praises when I got my homework done from you for the timely arrival, the support that you gave, and the updates that you continuously provided and the low price that you took. But the only thing is that the assignment content could have been much better. At least that is what I expected.

I am happy with the physics assignment that I got. The paper is properly written and well-organized. But the only thing I am dissatisfied is the customer care service. They are slow and take a long wa

Reviewed By ZacharyHawkins on Aug 17, 2017

I am happy with the physics assignment that I got. The paper is properly written and well-organized. But the only thing I am dissatisfied is the customer care service. They are slow and take a long waiting time to give a professional support. Also getting connected to them is quite late.

Super Unprofessional

Reviewed By SpencerStobie on Aug 17, 2017

Don’t know where to start. These guys don’t know how to behave with people. They just ignored me altogether when I asked for revision delivered assignment. They clearly bailed on me. It’s not at all cool. I want answers.

Unhappy and disgusted !!

Reviewed By XavierTarenorerer on Aug 17, 2017

I am very unhappy with their services. Their experts do not have sufficient subject knowledge. I had to revise the assignment they delivered on my own. I just want to blacklist this company.

Methodology chapter missing

Reviewed By EdenSleigh on Aug 16, 2017

I ordered my Philosophy assignment from them because I was sick. They delivered me the dissertation on the exact date. But the research methodology chapter was not included in the paper. They revised the paper again and included that section.

Irresponsible writers

Reviewed By HarryFullwood on Aug 16, 2017

I was so convinced while going through their website. Their customer support team is very cooperative. But I must say that their writers are very irresponsible. They did not follow any of my formatting related guidelines regarding the assignment.

Scoundrels !!

Reviewed By BethanyMcCall on Aug 16, 2017

They are cheaters. They took the money from me. But I did not receive the assignment solution. I tried to call them multiple times but nobody picked up the phone. These scoundrels should be put into the jail.

Missed out my requirements!

Reviewed By DeanCavenagh on Aug 16, 2017

Their attitude towards their customers is very casual. Their worthless writers missed out all my assignment requirements. They did not follow my single instruction. I won’t place my order with them from the next time.

Full of spelling mistakes

Reviewed By ScarlettCopley on Aug 16, 2017

Oh god, the assignment I received from them was full of spelling mistakes. This is really not expected from their so called certified and experienced writers. They didn’t revise the paper also. I’m going to file complaint against them.

Below average !!!

Reviewed By GabrielleBishop on Aug 14, 2017

I didn’t expect that they would deliver me below average quality assignment. I had high expectations from them. I am totally disappointed. Their services are really pricey.

Tricksters !!!

Reviewed By TimothyHannam on Aug 14, 2017

I was soooo happy after talking to their customer support executives. But once I made the payment they stopped responding. They supposed to deliver my assignment yesterday. I haven’t got the solution yet.

Totally disgusted !!

Reviewed By AbbyChild on Aug 14, 2017

Don’t have appropriate words to express my feeling. All I can say that this company should be blacklisted. Guys do not believe them. They just paraphrased the content of the assignment materials I provided them and delivered it to me.

Didn’t get the essay on time !!

Reviewed By MillaMichelides on Aug 14, 2017

I had an urgent submission. They promised me to deliver a well-formatted essay within 4 hours. But they disappointed me. I had to write the essay on my own. Do not rely upon this site.

Got delayed delivery

Reviewed By AvaPaton on Aug 14, 2017

Those who are looking for assignment writing services should avoid this company. They are not punctual at all. I got the solution 10 days after the deadline. I just wasted money on them.

Disappointed with the quality

Reviewed By JasmineOakley on Aug 11, 2017

I had lot of expectations from them because I found everything perfect in their website. Unfortunately, it was an illusion. I became upset after going through the dissertation they delivered. The paper was so shitty.

False claims !!

Reviewed By RachelLeeson on Aug 11, 2017

This company never sticks to their claims. They are liars. They quality of the assignments their writers produce is very mediocre. Their rates are not pocket friendly at all. So, guys it’s better to stay away from this company.

Damn, they are ridiculous

Reviewed By SethJordan on Aug 11, 2017

Guys do avoid this company. I didn’t like the assignment they delivered. So, I opted for revision facility. They asked me to pay $800 for rework. But “we provide free revision facility” is written on their website.

Terrible customer support !

Reviewed By HudsonWolff on Aug 11, 2017

OMG, their customer support executives know nothing about their services. Even they do not know how to behave with customers. I called them to ask about revision facility as I was not satisfied with the assignment they delivered. They hung up the call.

Hopeless people !!

Reviewed By IslaBurrowes on Aug 10, 2017

I failed and all credit goes to these idiots. Their writers are so dumb. They did not follow the guidelines provided by my department for the assignment. I do not know what to do exactly. But I’ll surely take actions against them.

Never trust them !!

Reviewed By LeahTranter on Aug 10, 2017

This is a scam site. Their main intention is to loot money from students. I paid them $1000 and in turn, I received a poorly written essay. They should be punished.

Full of plagiarism !!

Reviewed By BiancaParnell on Aug 10, 2017

They promised me to deliver 100% authentic assignment. But they did not keep their promise. They betrayed me delivering a plagiarized solution. I asked for authenticity report but they refused. I recommend you all not to place your order with them.

Bloody cheaters

Reviewed By AliHorne on Aug 10, 2017

Losers, f**k this company. They should burn in the fire of hell. They took the payment but did not provide me the essay paper which I ordered from them. Guess what they blocked me. I am so annoyed and angry…..

Missed deadline !!

Reviewed By SpenceBrowne on Aug 9, 2017

They promised me to deliver fully-formatted dissertation within one day. But they did not keep their promise. Finally, I got the dissertation solution two days after the deadline.

Executives know nothing

Reviewed By TomWhite on Aug 9, 2017

While going through their website I had some queries. So, I asked their customer support executives. They failed to provide me the required information. But surprisingly, the quality of the assignment I received was up to the mark.

Average services

Reviewed By ErinShepherd on Aug 9, 2017

They are not that bad. Their assignment help services are average. But their rates are very affordable. This is the good thing about them.

Not recommendable

Reviewed By MaddisonFarrell on Aug 9, 2017

I am not happy with their services. They delivered me the assignment on the promised date. But I did not like the assignment I got. So, I would recommend you all not to take help from this company.

Hidden charges!!

Reviewed By JudeRobertson on Aug 9, 2017

The rate shown in the price calculator was different from the actual amount I paid. They have hidden charges. I am feeling like cheated. But the quality of the assignment was up to the mark.

Statistics homework delivered on time

Reviewed By ClaudiaGame on Aug 8, 2017

Thank you for the quick delivery of my statistics assignment. I am glad that I could go through it and learn the things written to answer the questions. Also, I thank you for I learnt new things from the paper. The paper content was way too satisfactory for the price that I paid.

Scam, be aware!!!!!!!

Reviewed By SophiaLindt on Aug 8, 2017

I can’t tell you how frustrated I am feeling right now. They took my money and did not deliver me the assignment. I tried to contact them several times. These assholes did not respond. I will make sure that these morons get pay back for what they have done.

Shitty service!!!

Reviewed By StellaStobie on Aug 8, 2017

I took their service because I had very less time on my hands. They promised me to deliver the essay by this Friday, but they failed to deliver that on time. I had to write the essay all by myself. And now when I’m done submitting the essay, they are presenting me with a fresh one. Why don’t you take that and shove it up your a**?

Illiterate writers!

Reviewed By Bruce on Aug 8, 2017

I don’t know what they were smoking when they hired these useless writers. They don’t even have the idea of academic writing. My assignment sounded like some blog written by a teen aged punk. It is futile ton expect efficiency from these people. Complete waste of money and resources.

My professor threw away my paper

Reviewed By AshtonMorris on Aug 8, 2017

I have to do my paper again just for you people who gave me such a paper that my professor threw it away right on my face and ask me to redo it. And you bastards promised me that I will get a high quality paper. I had to waste my precious time do the assignment again. you people should be sued.

Rude customer care executives!!!

Reviewed By TyreseCox on Aug 7, 2017

Typically rude customer executive you have I must say. I have been calling them for a week now for I have to submit my assignment and I did not even hear from your side. The number keeps on ringing. Cannot ask even to send my money back. Students please avoid these people.

Make false promise

Reviewed By DerrickHo on Aug 7, 2017

This site only makes false promise that they do this and they do that. But they do not do anything at all. They promise you of giving a good quality assignment but they cannot. I gave them to do mine but have not yet got my papers back though I have paid the full amount.

Do not waste your money here

Reviewed By MarkBrown on Aug 7, 2017

I made a sheer wastage of my money by giving them my assignment to write. It was not delivered on time at all. After much calling to the customer care service I got a paper not even at par with my university. A whole lot of mistakes and unprofessional language used in the paper.

Not at all a professional work

Reviewed By AyuniRajan on Aug 7, 2017

Hell with these people. Such big liars they are. I gave them my dissertation to write and this is what they deliver. A piece of writing that too in an unprofessional way. No definite tone of language. No structural patter. Even the topic is not clear as to what the paper wants to say. And I paid a full 500 bucks for it.

Bad assignment quality at high price

Reviewed By JakePerry on Aug 7, 2017

I got the most worst assignment. no proper content. No proper styling. No layout. Nothing. Just a lengthy piece of writing with few headings. And for this I was charged a good amount. No appropriate after sales service from their end. I am pissed off calling them every day to make some sort of adjustments.

Did not get the correct paper

Reviewed By PhilKoh on Aug 5, 2017

I had to do a dissertation paper and instead of that I got a paper that is not for me. The topic is different and everything else. I let the site know about it but they have not showed any interest. Only they said they are seeing what they can do about it. but till now no step have been taken to rectify this mistake.

Fake company taking money

Reviewed By OliverWhite on Aug 5, 2017

This is one fake company selling low quality assignments and charging high price in the name of providing quality assignments that will improve marks. All the people looking for assignment help please go through this review and be aware of this site and the work that they do. I lost a good amount of money to them.

Fake company taking money

Reviewed By OliverWhite on Aug 5, 2017

This is one fake company selling low quality assignments and charging high price in the name of providing quality assignments that will improve marks. All the people looking for assignment help please go through this review and be aware of this site and the work that they do. I lost a good amount of money to them.

Very unprofessional work

Reviewed By JennyStevens on Aug 5, 2017

Is this any paper? Is this any sort of writing? And you claim that you have professional writers? No you do not have any. Or else I would not have got such a dissertation paper with such an unprofessional and below standard language usage. Good lies you have told me. All you can do is cheat people.

Took my money, no assignment yet

Reviewed By AxtonPratt on Aug 5, 2017

This site took such a huge amount of money for me for my dissertation and yet now I have not received it. I contacted the customer care people and they are saying that I will get it within a few days. Days have passed yet the same answer. All big liars sitting to take money and do nothing.

Paper full of fillers

Reviewed By KenleyNunez on Aug 5, 2017

What the hell of a paper have you given me!!!! No content at all. Only full of fillers repeating the same thing over and over again. Is this what I have paid you for? Liar people. Cheaters. Robbers. Took my money and not giving back for such a kind of essay. Cannot even submit it to my university. Damn you.

Got a different paper

Reviewed By MarcelFarmer on Aug 5, 2017

I ordered a dissertation with you and you gave me a coursework paper which is totally different from what I ordered. And when I told you about it you are not at all ready to change. Instead you are asking me to order again. What kind of cheaters are you? Already have taken so much from me.

Plagiarized paper

Reviewed By AllanBurke on Aug 5, 2017

These a**hole people gave me a plagiarized paper for my assignment. All liars sitting to take money and do nothing. Cheaters and scammers. Thank god that I checked before submitting else I would have been suspended by now for this offence. Please nobody give any assignment to these people.

Got a huge charge for a low paper

Reviewed By Seena on Aug 5, 2017

I ordered my assignment paper and when I received it I was surprised to find that it of such a poor quality that it is not fit for submission. And I was charged a huge amount for it because as per these scumbags they are the best writers and service providers. My foot. They are just a bunch of cheaters and nothing else.

Got a C grade for your paper

Reviewed By AudreyRogers on Aug 4, 2017

This review is to inform people who are taking assignment help from this site not to take assignment from them. They will take your money and give you such a paper that you will not be able to score more than a C grade. So guys please be aware of this fraud people.

You’re better off choosing someone else

Reviewed By CharlesDuffy on Aug 3, 2017

They call themselves the best assignment help because nobody else will call them that. They took my annual online exam for me and I failed miserably! Go for another company I’ll say.

Revision charges!!

Reviewed By TaylorHooper on Aug 2, 2017

“We provide free revision” is written on their website. But when I asked them for revising the assignment they delivered, they asked me to pay extra. I had to do that because I did not have any other option.

No SMS updates

Reviewed By BellaByrnes on Aug 1, 2017

They told me that I will be updated with every single detail and notifications related to the status of my assignment work via SMS updates. But the facility never worked and I was totally blank for a couple of days. The paper received was a faultless one though.

Make customer support more efficient

Reviewed By PatrickTaverner on Jul 31, 2017

The essay paper was good, it helped me score good marks, but during the time of dealing with the firm, I found the customer support executives somewhat inefficient. They were not able to come up with convincing answers to certain technical questions of mine. Moreover, they kept me waiting over the phone for long.

Absolutely hate this site!

Reviewed By NathanDitter on Jul 29, 2017

And I’m not even exaggerating when I say that the writers of this company are goddamned faking fools! I would never in a million years pay them again for the shitty essay I got!

Cheaters will always be cheaters!

Reviewed By KateFarmer on Jul 27, 2017

Guys, I’m warning you. Stay away from these people. They cheated me and they won’t stop from cheating you. I had ordered a rather expensive essay, which I never received. So beware!

Just stay away for your own good!

Reviewed By rose jude on Jul 25, 2017

You will come here expecting an awesome grade but all you will get is an F, or a D at best! Stay away from these losers if you want a good dissertation. I’m so fucking pissed off!!

A 2-star experience

Reviewed By ava luker on Jul 18, 2017

Lots of things were missing. They never had proper customer service, never referenced my essay. I wasn’t very happy. The only thing I liked about my essay was that it contained lots of stats.

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