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Okay, so I'm a student of law and I am currently doing my LLM at the Sydney Law School. This assignment season I was in a bit of a mess as I had a very important paper due and I could not devote any time to this essay that had been assigned by another professor. Nonetheless, submitting it was very important for me as its grades were supposed to be a part of the report card and I could not bear the thought of seeing an ‘F’ there. So I thought, enough was enough. I needed to take help and so I got in touch with this website called and here's my review of it.




Not satisfied with the writers




I had read a couple of reviews before making my decision, which is why I thought they would be the perfect choice for my essay on “Should bullying be punishable by law?” But sadly, I was disappointed. Even though they gave me the freedom to choose my writer and I thought I had made a good choice by selecting a professional lawyer who had a PhD in criminal law, I wasn’t happy with the paper I got. The writers’ profile showed that he was knowledgeable and could do essays on any topics. So I wonder why he didn’t do my essay well. The writer clearly lacked knowledge or wouldn’t have made all the mistakes I spotted.




My rating for quality of writers is 2.5 out of 5




The quality of the paper was as bad as the writers




Seriously guys, the essay I got was only a little bit away from being a total disaster. It consisted of almost every possible error in the book! The structuring of the sentences was bad, the spellings were all wrong and to make things worse, some of the sections and articles of law were wrongly stated. Heck, there was even an instance of plagiarism! Even though it was just one small instance that I could fix on my own without much of a hassle, the very fact that it was there is disturbing and not something I had expected. In fact, at one point I thought my essay was written by two writers because the intro was good but the main body was not.




I give them 2 stars for this




Very impressive delivery timing!




I had given them a deadline of 7 days and boy did they deliver! It took them just three and a half days since I placed my order to deliver my paper to me. Now that’s what I call speed. In fact, when I was placing my order, they had mentioned that they will promise delivery in four days or less despite my 7-day deadline, and I’ve got to say that I’m really happy. Since, I got my essay way sooner than I expected, I got the chance to go through it carefully so that I could pick out all the mistakes and as for a revision, which I did!




They get 4.5 stars for delivery




Pretty much the standard range of services




Well, as per their website they can help you out with a wide array of assignments, which include accounting, economics, business, finance, HR and the like. As you can see, that their focus is mostly on commercial studies, so if you are an arts or science student, you should look somewhere else. And I'm saying that from personal experience because my law paper wasn't that good. As for other services such as delivery timings, plagiarism policies etc, I have already spoken about them. The cool thing is that they have an app so it’s a lot easier to place an order.




I give them 3 stars




I did not expect such high prices




A 7-day deadline, and just a 750 words essay – that’s what my order was. My topic wasn’t that difficult either. So when I got the quote of A$ 74, I was shocked. And honestly, felt cheated when I saw the quality of the paper because I had paid for a first-class standard paper which I did not get. Their prices are steep! Moreover, on their site, under the pricing page, their list of prices showed that they would just take A$ 26 so I can’t really figure out why I had to pay nearly A$ 50 extra! So if you’re looking for an affordable solution, guys go for someone else. This one is not worth your time.




2 stars for pricing




A friendly support staff




Well, you got to hand it over to them for being friendly. Right from the start till the end, they entertained every query I had very patiently. They actually were available round the clock to answer my questions. Because I had called them around 1.30 am on a Tuesday and they were readily available to pass on my message to their writer. Also, when I asked them for a rework, they were polite enough to admit that they had made some mistakes in the paper and that they do would rectify them. After the revision, quite a few silly errors were removed so I’ll give them that.




4 stars for their support staff




My suggestions for




After reading a lot of reviews by students as well as keeping my own experience in mind, my first suggestion for them would be that they better offer some clarity on their prices and even try to make their services more affordable for most of us. We are after all just students and it’s hard for us to pay up so much. And another thing I would like them to do is take the writing more seriously. There shouldn’t be even a single instance of plagiarism and the quality of the write-up should be better so I can actually get the ‘A’ grade that I was promised. Also, I’d suggest that they start offering services for more subjects. For students like us, we have a lot of varied subject combinations and it is very problematic for us to switch from one essay service provider to the next for a different subject. That’s all from me!!




So my overall rating for them is 3 stars out of 5.

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no knowledge of english

Reviewed By Omeo jones on 14 Mar, 2018

The writer that was assigned to my project has no knowledge about the English language. The amount of grammar issues in my assignment is insane, I do not understand how did provide me with such a shoddy work and allow an assignment to the customer without even proofreading the file, I have to proofread my assignment now, I do not even have time that is the main reason why I had booked the service but I am highly disappointed.

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grammar issue

Reviewed By Ava smith on 23 Jan, 2018

The quality of the paper that I received is so bad that I cannot even beginning explaining. There was immense grammar issue with the paper and some of my requirements were also not met. I had particularly asked for a specific style of referencing which was ignored and then I had to ask for it. I do not understand why the would claim to have highly qualified writers when they provide such bad papers.

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okay but ..

Reviewed By Aniee Jones on 18 Jan, 2018

I am satisfied with the kind of service of Thanks to them, I was able to submit my assignment within the deadline stipulated by my professor. The services provided by them are very affordable and unlike other companies they do not ask you for extra amount of payment to complete your assignment. However, I felt that the quality of the assignment could have been improved a little. The expert just provided me with a rough overview of the topic and not a detailed discussion.

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timely deliverd and quick response

Reviewed By Chloe Jones on 11 Jan, 2018

I can't thank the experts at enough for their contribution in making my paper stand out among papers presented by my peers. When I reached out to their customer support team, they had assured me that I will be delivered with the task in the shortest possible time and they not only produced the task on time, but they were also quick to respond to my queries on the status of my assignment. They are incredibly efficient.

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company changed their name

Reviewed By Mia Ryan on 08 Jan, 2018

I had pinned my hopes on the services of the website even though I had received mixed responses by my friends regarding the competency of such service providers. But I still went ahead and ordered an assignment. On communicating with them, they seemed completely genuine, but halfway through my assignment I get to know that they changed their name. Thankfully I got my money back but now I've grown skeptical of such services.

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