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I am a student of English Literature pursuing my degree from the University of Sydney. I always had a fascination for classics since I was a child, so I wanted to pursue literature as my major. I thought it will be as easy as reading classics and interpreting it in my own way. But when I went to college I realized that the scenario was completely different. I was overloaded with never ending assignments. I was not prepared for this, so I was struggling with my assignments while others were doing well in theirs.


I was asked to prepare a term paper on ‘the work of Shakespeare as compared to George Bernard Shaw, drama and tragedy.’ It was impossible for me to sit and read all the works of Shakespeare and then compare it with that of G.B Shaw’s because I had to submit the assignment within ten days. I started looking for services on Google that could help me with my assignment. This site appealed to me particularly because they claimed to have PhD qualified experts in English and was also offering 15% discount on first purchase. I was convinced enough to place my order with this service because my deadline was just a week away and I did not have many options left.


When I went ahead to place my order, they opened a new page with way too many details that irritated me a bit. Also, I noticed that they charge separately for proofreading and editing and there was no discount in these services. They charged me £127 for 12 pages of term paper which was quite expensive honestly. Though they gave 15% discount I still felt the price was expensive. But I was desperate to get it done and I couldn’t back out.


However, I was happy to see that they had several payment options, including PayPal, debit card, credit card and net banking. Once I made the payment they did not send me any confirmation. I waited for 24 hours before they finally sent me a confirmation. It was then that I started having my doubts. I was eagerly waiting for my assignment. I had given them the deadline of 6 days so that after receiving the paper I could make changes accordingly after proofreading it. Meanwhile I tried contacting the support team via call but to no avail. Nobody was picking up my call. I tried to get update about the status of my assignment via live chat too but they did not communicate with me. I had left all hopes of receiving my assignment but surprisingly on the 6th day I received my assignment in the portal.


I was already dancing with joy before opening the assignment. Finally when I downloaded the assignment and opened it I saw that the term paper was filled with inaccurate details. The writer had not compared all of Shakespeare’s works with that of G.B Shaw’s. He had only referred to two works of each author and compared them. The assignment was filled with spelling mistakes and grammatical errors, as if a student of class 9 had prepared it. I called their support team immediately to claim a rework for free. It was only when they refused to provide a rework that I realized what a blunder I have committed by placing order with them.


I had only four days left before the final submission, so I sat down with the paper myself and included some more works after referring to the internet. I rectified all the mistakes they had made and proofread it myself. I checked my paper through a plagiarism-checker tool to make sure that at least the content was authentic. I was relieved to find that there was 0% plagiarism. Finally on the submission day I handed over the term paper to my professor who had great expectations from me. When I received the paper I saw that I had secured a ‘B’ in my paper while all my other friends had got ‘A’ and ‘A+’. I sent a copy of the assignment to the support team and demanded an answer from them as they had claimed to provide 100% satisfaction. Instead of accepting their fault, they started looking for excuses to get away with what they had done. I seriously have my doubts whether the writer who claimed to be a PhD qualified expert was really so or just a college pass-out.


There are many like me who will fall in the same trap and suffer the same fate as me. So, I want to warn all those students who are thinking about placing an order with this site. Please go through my review and ratings before making a decision.

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incorrect references

Reviewed By Jelina Robinson on Feb 17, 2018

I almost had to redo more than half of the assignment myself to make it in a presentable form. The references used by the speedycoursework.co.uk were incorrect and the majority of them were outdated. I even had to ask for an extension of the deadline from my professor as the completed work was not delivered to me within the stipulated deadline prescribed by me to them.

Just passing marks

Reviewed By LucyDenham on Sep 11, 2017

My grades are out now. I just got passing marks in the paper. I was expecting more but it clearly not happening this time. I am blaming it on luck because my friend received a well-written assignment from them.

Worst presentation ever!!

Reviewed By SamGrace on Aug 25, 2017

I ordered my law presentation to these guys. I could not believe how someone can be so fake. Very poor assignment, plus late submission, plus no plagiarism report. Don’t you guys understand it’s our career after all.

Be more cooperative !!

Reviewed By AliciaPye on Aug 24, 2017

I was expecting something more. I thought you guys would inform me about the progress of the assignment paper, but I was clueless. But it could have been better if they did. But the paper was fine when I received it.

Delivery too slow

Reviewed By LaylaAdkins on Aug 4, 2017

Did not receive my essay paper by the due date. Had to call up customer care service continuously asking when they will send me. Faced a lot of problems in the university as well for this. Too slow delivery which is ultimately useless. Students please be cautious when ordering from this site.

A full scam process!!!!

Reviewed By JakeEllis on Aug 3, 2017

People beware. Never take service from this site. They run a scam process in the name of giving assignments. Do not go by their site and other attractive offers. They will take money from you but never do your any assignment. And after that you cannot even get connected to them.

No constant support

Reviewed By AlicaBlaxland on Aug 2, 2017

I had some queries regarding some sections of the assignment they delivered me. I called them but nobody was there to pick up my call. They got back to me after one day. They do not provide constant support. So, it’s better avoid taking help from them.

Writers are casual

Reviewed By ZacMathew on Aug 1, 2017

I heard a lot of good things about them. So, I ordered my geography assignment from them. Their writers did not follow my instructions at all though the paper they delivered me was informative. They should work on this aspect.

Plagiarism issues

Reviewed By KaitlynSteigrad on Jul 31, 2017

Although I was promised that the assignment content will be an original one, I could still find certain originality in content while going through the final copy. That actually required me to go through the content and alter the text in order to make it completely original.

Shockingly rude customer care

Reviewed By ZacharyTweddle on Jul 29, 2017

Their rep, some woman named Tara, didn’t even stop from abusing me when I demanded a refund for the essay I got from them! She then said she’ll complain about me. I’m at a loss of words!

My money down the drain

Reviewed By NaomiWhitehouse on Jul 27, 2017

It’s like they took my money and flushed it down the toilet! The essay I got was that shitty. The referencing section was the worst. All styles were used together in a weird hotchpotch!!

Douchebags and losers

Reviewed By Adam Hebrew on Jul 25, 2017

They are so shitty, I literally have no words to explain how to shitty they are! First of all, they screwed up my assignment badly. My professor gave me an F. Then when I demanded my money back, they just refused! To my face!

They need to up their game

Reviewed By Robert Hook on Jul 18, 2017

Guys if you are like me and do not like carelessly written essays, the choose someone else. However, if you are after timely delivery and cheap prices, you can go ahead with them.

Big scam

Reviewed By Melisha Kent on Jan 25, 2017

They are fraud. They did not deliver the solution. I asked them for refund. They threatened me that they would inform my university about it. Be aware of them.

No improvement in service

Reviewed By glenna dua on Jan 23, 2017

Yes, been through the same situation. I pointed a set of issues after receiving the final assignment. But I can see there is no improvement at all.

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