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Late delivery

Reviewed By AbbyDelany on Aug 2, 2017

I asked them to write a cause and effect essay for me within 2 days. They promised me to deliver my order on the exact date. But they did not. I am disappointed with them.

Don’t use this crappy site

Reviewed By CurtisBarker on Jul 29, 2017

I have been so stressed out because of them! I HAVE GOTTEN MY ESSAY REVISED 15 TIMES AND IT STILL HAS ERRORS! I really wanna bang my head on the wall!

Is this what they call an assignment?

Reviewed By JettCameron on Jul 27, 2017

An assignment with no paragraph breaks, with no data and with several mistakes – that’s what I got from them. Are they freaking serious! I doubt they even know what an assignment is!!

Their services sucks

Reviewed By Adam Hebrew on Jul 25, 2017

I mean it. They literally suck. They cannot do anything right. They used a mixture of three citation styles in the bibliography section of my assignment, and they did not even admit to their mistakes! Horrible!

Needed more matter

Reviewed By Robert Hook on Jul 18, 2017

The problem with the essay I received was that the arguments given were just not backed up by enough data. Otherwise, it was all well and cool, and I had no other issues apart from the research given.

Pricey services but low quality content

Reviewed By Alina Jobs on Jan 25, 2017

Had worst experience with this company. Prices are too expensive, but the quality is below the average. I guess no would be interested to pay such high price low quality paper.

Too expensive

Reviewed By rose marry on Jan 23, 2017

Their rates are too high. Most importantly, they do not provide quality service.

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