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Reviewed By Mia Ryan on Nov 28, 2017

My experience with this website is horrible to say the least. claim that their customer service team is polite and cooperative, but that’s not true at all. This is even worse than struggling with my assignments. Now I regret having ever considered seeking their assistance on my assignment. They are basically playing with careers of us students.

Can’t call it the best

Reviewed By MaxKnatchbull on Jul 28, 2017

They certainly did a god job by helping me with the assignment, but I can’t call them the best in the business. There were certain loopholes that went unnoticed by the writers and proofreaders. I had to rectify the mistakes ignoring other academic tasks of mine. This is something I was really not expecting. They have an active customer support team though.

They broke all promises they made

Reviewed By Robert Hook on Jul 26, 2017

They said revisions for my essay would be free, they weren’t. They said my paper would be original, it wasn’t. They are one fraud company that only lies to you. Beware of these frauds!

Good quality, terrible pricing

Reviewed By Adam Hebrew on Jul 17, 2017

The way my dissertation was written was really good! But it cost me so much that I nearly had to shell out my entire savings! At this rate, I will not be able to afford their services again 

A bunch of frauds

Reviewed By Henry thomson on Jul 11, 2017

Fraud ppl, i paid them $100 plus for assignment , first they gave me after due date , second they done poor work and I failed in that assignment, after that i requested for money back but they don't wana pay me back

Late delivery

Reviewed By Petrea Dunn on Jan 25, 2017

I had specifically told them that I need the paper in 2 days as I have an urgent delivery. They gave me the copy a day late and when I tried to contact them, they said they’ll get back to me. I couldn’t even submit the paper. It was a waste.

Unbelievable! They deliver plagiarized content

Reviewed By Alina Anderson on Jan 23, 2017

I got my assignment from this service on time and was quite happy. But you won’t believe what I found. The content was 30% plagiarized which is way higher than permissible limits. They refused to do rework on it.

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