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poor chat window

Reviewed By Bella Phillips on Nov 21, 2017

The chat window is faulty, and don’t have a real executive to answer our queries. The chatbots could answer only pre-registered answers, so basically they are useless. When I wanted to chat with a real executive, it took them hours to arrange that but they done my assignment.

not a professional way

Reviewed By Siena Williams on Nov 11, 2017

Thank you, professional way of answering and on time efficient. However, it is not convenient to the increase my research essay price after payment is done by the customer as you let customer in middle of the way with no choice. I did not like it.

Please revise the content before submitting

Reviewed By HarryMokare on Jul 28, 2017

I would suggest the writers to revise the content and go through the assignment thoroughly before sending the final copy. Although the referencing was good, too many silly mistakes spoilt the content quality. Do look into the matter from next time.

Do you guys know what referencing means?

Reviewed By Adam Hebrew on Jul 26, 2017

This company is so bad, so bad that at the end of my essay they didn’t do the referencing in the APA format. They just put two Wikipedia links. Now they wouldn’t revise my paper or return my money!


Reviewed By ava luker on Jul 17, 2017

I don't know what to say. I just had about 5 hours left to submit my essay when I placed my order with these guys. The content was obviously not great, but the good thing was that I got to submit a decent paper on time.

Don’t trust them!

Reviewed By ricky hardy on Jul 12, 2017

They are bullshit, they are creepy people, My personal experience, I tried them twice, and everytime they were unable to provide the assignment. They are weird or more than that. They will charge but not deliver the assignment. So, pleaseeeeee donn't ever give them any assignment... pleaseee.... they are totally fraud.. Thanks

The quality was below average

Reviewed By Dave Leena on Jan 24, 2017

There were so many errors in the completed copy that it was impossible to count each one of them on the tip of my finger. The quality of the paper they gave to me was awful!

Conning people- Real Cheaters

Reviewed By Pattrick Smith on Jan 21, 2017

My god, I received a plagiarized solution and I thought I was the only one. These people are cheaters who are conning people.

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