provide these essay and assignment help services. Here, I found different and opted for this service which was already referred to me by my best pal! But the main reason why I selected was that it provided a direct network between the students and their experts. Here I was able to convey my thoughts and requirements directly to the writer.  
The website was decent and user-friendly. Something which I found really helpful was that it had video in its homepage directing how to place an order. It is really a good initiative especially for students like me who are first time visitors to such kind of site. But I needed some clarifications even after watching the video, so I called on the number given on the website. The call was received by some customer care executive… I forgot the name… he was really helpful in guiding me to place my order.

Submitting the order form was swift and I didn’t face any problem in understanding any of those requirements. There was a separate box to provide special instructions, where I mentioned my requirement that it was an evaluative essay and above all it was my final semester and hence the essay should be delivered within two days. I found that 5 writers bid for my project out of which I needed to choose my writer. The bidding panel was very informative, I could see the number of orders they had completed, their individual rating and the most important thing: their price. The prices the experts charged were reasonable and I choose Ryan among them with the highest ratings. I specially requested him to kindly prepare the best possible content… I was really desperate at that time! He was an experienced writer. He gave me confidence and told that he used to be an athlete in his college days so he was quite acquainted with the topic.

I told him to please get the essay delivered by tomorrow and he took exactly six and half hours! He uploaded the solution and I found it really interesting. So this is how an evaluative essay should be written — perfect five-paragraph structure, strong opinion and arguments, personal experiences and above all, facts to prove the point! Just what I needed! There were a few spelling errors in the document which I understood must have been made due to hurry. Ryan rectified even those within half an hour. After I expressed my satisfaction, I released the final payment to the writer. I also got my plagiarism report from them and yes, the essay was 100% original. Overall, the process was really smooth and I got my essay much above my expectations.

I was immensely satisfied with the overall service provided by though I would suggest that there is a scope of improvement on quite a few areas especially on the customer care services. I understand they handle multiple customers at a time, but the customer service should be more prompt. I had to wait for nearly 15 minutes before the call was transferred to the executive. But the executive was very cooperative and expressed his apology over keeping me waiting. The website also gives plagiarism report, but I had to pay $2 dollars for it. It would have been nicer if I got it for free. But I didn’t mind paying for it because the overall charges for the essay help service was way cheaper than the other service providers.

Because of the prompt services of, I was able to submit my evaluative essay before the deadline. I was confident of scoring good but never thought that this essay would give me the highest grades in the whole class. The whole service really won my heart! From the customer service guy (very sorry to forget your name!) to Ryan, my writer, they were simply amazing. I wish I had taken their assistance in all the previous semesters. But never mind, my sister is now in the college and she is definitely going to take their assistance during her graduating years.

Every year my parents bring my favorite strawberry cake from the local cake shop in my birthday. This year it was more special. The celebration of the birthday was complemented with the happiness of my excellent grades. This is all because of Thank you! Love You!

Student Review

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good service

Reviewed By amy Clark on Dec 6, 2017

Terrific piece of work. I can’t explain how glad I am that I have found Each of the services is brilliant. I have availed multiple services from them, and I must say they are equally great in all of them. Writing, editing, formatting – everything is done superbly by these people. It is still a mystery to me how they consistently maintain the quality of the services. I’m recommending to all my friends and acquaintances

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Firstly I want to thank you for the assignment that you gave me. It is just too good. And secondly, I thank you for the way you have written it. My professor could hardly understand that I did not do it myself. He was very pleased with the effort. And also scored the best in my class. I am so happy.

Subject based Assistance !

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I am a mechanical engineering student, on hiring this website for completing a case study assignment, I discover this agency provides top class solutions. I am sure that a veteran mechanical engineer has written my case study. I will recommend this site to everyone.

Provides Customized Solutions

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I have hired many writing agencies, but this one is by far the best. I have hired this service provider to complete my essay assignment. The solution was highly professional and was written after prominent analysis.

Essay Assignment Nicely Done

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Writing assignment is boring for me. However, I was looking for a prominent assignment-writing agency that can help me with even toughest assignments. Until now, I was not able to find one. Last month, when I availed help from this writing service, I was finally satisfied with the result.

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I am studying medicine and assignment is like a nightmare to me. One of my friends suggests me to hire help from this writing service. To my surprise, I got a ready assignment before the deadline, and the quality was reflecting the expertise of the writer. Very satisfied.

Best Professional Assignment Writing Service

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Thanks to the highly qualified team of writers who solved my assignment at short notice. They deliver a nicely composed article before the deadline. I wanted them to rework on some portions, and they do it without any fuss.

Got my paper on time !!

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I was awestruck when I got my paper. They deliver quality contents right on time. Due to some work related emergency, I did not get time to work on my assignment. Hired their service and received high quality solutions two days before the given deadline, which is awesome.

Writers are really Helpful

Reviewed By BenBelisario on Sep 15, 2017

Writers are really Helpful
The writer who attended my assignment request was fantastic. He spends hours chatting with me just to understand my queries clearly. I received my assignment that reflects a high level of expertise. I would recommend this website to others.

I loved the service!

Reviewed By DavidCusack on Sep 15, 2017

I went to this assignment writing company for a complete academic help service. Because I work part time and don’t get the time to complete my university papers. It’s the third time I am using their service and it is as excellent as the previous two times. Their teamwork, professionalism and punctuality have astonished me. Love you all guys.

Speedy completion of assignment

Reviewed By NatePinner on Sep 15, 2017

Thank you very much for completing my assignment swiftly. I am satisfied with the quality of work that you people have given to me in such a short period of time. Plus, I got enough time to go through the paper and understand it. I must not forget that all the research problems that were solved so precisely. Plus the coordination was fantastic.

Awesome Term paper!

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I had ordered a term paper. The quality of assignment is very good and their offer saved my 50 bucks. Fully satisfied wit their service.

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Premium services my foot! I won’t take your assignment service even if you give it to me for free. I will say every contact of mine not to take these cheaters help.


Reviewed By AshleyNickel on Sep 14, 2017

My God! I can’t believe money refund can lead me to so many threatening emails. First I failed in the examination because of the pathetic dissertation that you have given me. Now you want me to pay extra for rework?

Received assignments before deadline, fully satisfied

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My HRM assignment had a deadline of seven days, which I completely forgot. Then I came across this assignment writing company, that too only two days before the final date. I asked the writers to complete within a day. And they did it exactly. I could not believe that I will receive the paper within a day. The professor loved my paper.

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I have got my assignment done from you guys as I wanted it to be. Expert writers followed the professors’ regulations as well. I was handed with a tailor made assignment, which is very impressive. I will recommend this assignment writing agency’s name to all my contacts.

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I am amazed by the solved Python assignment by you guys. My professor loved my task and I got an A for you people. You are the best programming experts I must say. The answers were in-depth and to the point.

Professional Help !!

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They are professional and very good at coordinating with the students. Love the essay paper. It was accurate, and my professor is very happy. Plus, they handed me the complete task one day before the deadline.

Exceed my expectations!!

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I availed their services only a few days back to complete a assignment of research paper on history of medicine. And I must say, they are good more than I expected. I would recommend this name to everyone.


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Completing that project was like no less than climbing a mountain. But you guys made it easier for me. Last day, I submitted the assignment paper and I still have a day to go the final deadline. Happiness!

Incomplete work!!

Reviewed By AlanaBinnie on Sep 11, 2017

How can someone submit an incomplete essay? It was wrong all through. No title page and lots of spelling mistakes. Why do say yourself experienced? It’s all fraud. The writers don’t even know how to construct a sentence.


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Please train you customer care people properly

Reviewed By JoelStutchbury on Aug 19, 2017

Awesome write of the essay paper. What a good content. Never expected it. But I must say that you need improvement for your customer care service. They took a long time to answer my questions and had kept me waiting whenever I had any query. Thanks to them that they did not pass me from department to department.

Paper needed a proper structure

Reviewed By LaylaCrooks on Aug 18, 2017

I very much appreciate the content of the essay paper that I received. Your service is also very good. But the thing I must point out is that the paper is not written by a professional person. This is because there were flaws in structuring. The layout needed perfection. Hire professional writers, please.

Incomplete referencing!!

Reviewed By DominicSummerfield on Aug 17, 2017

Received my economics assignment yesterday. It was so well done. I was overwhelmed with how it was done and that I got it within my specified time. But the only problem which I saw later was the referencing section. It needed to be carefully done. I found some sources of information missing which I had to add later.

Writers with good writing skills!!

Reviewed By ThomasLaby on Aug 16, 2017

I have ordered a case study on IKEA. I must say the writer has done the justice to the topic. The assignment was well-written as well formatted. My grades are due on next week. So fingers crossed!

Real-time solution !!

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Thank you for ending my struggle! That aerospace essay was soo tough to handle. I had to ask my friend to help me out. But he as struggling too. This is why, I am grateful toward this service for helping me out when I needed the most.

Affordable prices !!!

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I could not believe the prices were so low. I heard writing services are generally expensive. But this company was different. I thank the God that I have landed on this service provider. I got a professionally written assignment at a reasonable price.

Efficient service !!

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I cannot thank you guys more. I had an assignment due on yesterday. And your writer, Hailey has helped me to complete the paper within just a few hours. That was unbelievable. I am really grateful for you guys. Thank you!

Very bad customer support !!!

Reviewed By SummerDuncan on Aug 14, 2017

I had some queries regarding the dissertation paper they delivered me. So, I contacted their customer support team. They just put me on hold. I again tried to reach them but they didn’t respond.


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The best till date

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This is the best essay writing service provider I have worked with, till date. You guys have done an awesome job by submitting the assignment having good quality content and insightful details.

Good referencing

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The writers were fully capable of coming up with fully referenced coursework. This is exactly what I needed with my assignment. Thanks for your cooperation.

Impressive results

Reviewed By MackenzieConsiden on Aug 11, 2017

I was certainly impressed with the kind of assignment work they came up with, following every professional protocol thoroughly. Henceforth, I can totally rely on them.

Experienced writers; better than the rest !!

Reviewed By AliceDarrell on Aug 10, 2017

They have a team of highly qualified and experienced writers. They are simply amazing, and helped me a lot with the assignment brilliantly. Thank you!

Pretty awesome and prompt service !

Reviewed By MiaPescott on Aug 10, 2017

The customer care executives are amazing and active. I ordered a assignment help service three days ago, and received the project on time. What more can I ask for!

Active and accurate

Reviewed By GeorgeChambers on Aug 10, 2017

I was truly in search for an essay help service like this. The writers are pretty active and managed pretty well to come up with an accurate copy of the project.

Simple yet accurate !!!

Reviewed By LouieWong on Aug 9, 2017

What impressed me most about the writers is their less complicated approach of framing an assignment, but they did include insightful and accurate information at the same time. This is amazing!

Amazing job guys

Reviewed By RebeccaEdwards on Aug 9, 2017

I am finally done submitting my dissertation and felt so happy to see my professors impressed with the work. Thanks to you guys for making things fall into place.

Superb performance

Reviewed By GabrielWoods on Aug 9, 2017

I requested them to write my essay a couple of days back, and I already have the final copy in my mailbox. Wow, would like to work with you again!

Best experience so far!!

Reviewed By JayPowell on Aug 9, 2017

The best experience of working with an essay writing firm I ever had. If you are looking for accuracy, they have the best to offer.

What a great support !!

Reviewed By LeonYates on Aug 9, 2017

I faced a problem with my history assignment a few days after I started to write it. But you people did not let it go waste. Thank you so much for taking my writing and continuing in the same manner keeping my idea intact. Thank you for so much support.

Quickest service time

Reviewed By JoelBaylebridge on Aug 8, 2017

Never thought that I could get in touch with a customer service so fast and I also never thought that they could solve my problems so fast. Excellent assignment and quick solution. A five star to you always. Quick delivery even. A five star again.

Unmatched law assignment

Reviewed By PatrickHurley on Aug 8, 2017

Get an excellent law assignment. The excellent content of the paper which proved that it is written by a native writer and a lawyer. I am extremely satisfied with your service and also happy that you kept your promise. A thank you is not enough to compliment you. I will come back again for more.

Reliable assignment service

Reviewed By TobyClendinnen on Aug 8, 2017

I have taken a lot of assignment help from different assignment writing service, but I have found you to be the very good and reliable. This time I took an essay help from you but unfortunately I encountered some troubles. But you people are so good that you resolved it for me within a day.

Satisfactory delivery time

Reviewed By JordanHorton on Aug 8, 2017

I was worried about the delivery of my thesis as I had never taken any assignment writing service before. But my experience with you is great as I got my thesis before my scheduled time and so I had time to check it. Great content and great work.

Awesome service

Reviewed By Alexis Peterson on May 16, 2017

I just love your service. Great help, you have provided my essay! keep it up guys.

Excellent assignment help service

Reviewed By Robert Hook on Mar 30, 2017

Excellent assignment help service

Excellent service!

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I am extremely happy to avail services from this site. They are truly the best academic help company. You get exactly what they show on their site page. I would recommend this company to every one of my acquaintances.

Mind blowing Quality, Got an A

Reviewed By Robert Hook on Jan 21, 2017

I was very happy too when I got my paper from this site. The sheer quality of it was mind blowing. And when I submitted it to my professor, I got an A . Job well done.

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