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A Few plagi sentences

Reviewed By OliviaStockdill on Sep 11, 2017

I am little disappointed with this company because they delivered an assignment that had a plagi. A few lines were plagiarized. I need to take out time and remove them from the writing. I paid them for original paper not plagi paper. But then, quality of the paper was commendable.

False discount

Reviewed By IsaacFroggatt on Aug 25, 2017

They have no discounts. These are all lies they have written on their websites. They give no off on their order. In addition, they take money for plagiarism report of assignment, which they claim is free. Rotting service!

Upgrade your delivery!

Reviewed By WilliamBlumenthal on Aug 24, 2017

Thank you for the beautiful essay paper that you did for me. My professor is very impressed with it, and even I am. Just one thing I must mention is that I am not at all satisfied with your delivery. Please review your service. I had to call your customer care support several times a day asking when I will get it.

No refunds for fail

Reviewed By SebastianReed on Aug 4, 2017

Firstly I failed for their too bad assignment and now when I am asking for refund as per their policy they are denying it. Continuously I am trying to make them understand and they are denying it. I made a big mistake by going through their glittery site and all those false promises.

I had to revise my paper on my own

Reviewed By DominicKelly on Aug 3, 2017

I tried contacting them several times as I needed to get loads of changes done in my assignment but they didn’t even pick up once! I had to fix the entire paper on my own in the end.

Not so experienced writers

Reviewed By MadisonMobourne on Aug 2, 2017

Their writers are not experienced at all. They disappointed me by delivering me a very average quality assignment. They did not follow all my instructions even. Guys, you should better not to avail their services.

The contents were not fully original

Reviewed By AidenHacking on Aug 1, 2017

They have plagiarism loopholes. I don’t know about the software being used by them, but that’s certainly not an efficient one. There were so many copied text and unoriginal content present in my finance assignment, which I had to alter and rectify all over again.

They failed to send the project on time

Reviewed By MaxHerman on Jul 31, 2017

I am not saying that the writers were inefficient in the matter of farming a proper assignment, but they failed to send the final copy on time. I had a tough time waiting for the project to be submitted in my mailbox. It took three extra days for that. Guys please take care of such loopholes.

Failed for the 2nd time

Reviewed By DeanLeal on Jul 29, 2017

I had placed orders for 2 assignments within a span of 3 days and I failed in both of them! Now their customer care tells me that I had never placed an order with them!

They have no standards of quality

Reviewed By TomFord on Jul 27, 2017

I think they don’t even know what quality means coz if they did, my assignment wouldn’t have been as bad as it is. So many grammar issues, spelling errors, factual mistakes – it was a disaster!

I got a freaking F!

Reviewed By kelly Meto on Jul 25, 2017

Can you believe that??!! And they “guaranteed” top grades for my essay. Now an entire college year for me is ruined, my money is gone and my professors don’t even like me anymore! All because of this god forsaken company!

Quite a few spelling errors

Reviewed By kelly Meto on Jul 18, 2017

I’m not complaining here about the way my law essay was done because it was full of information. My problem was that it had way too many spelling errors in it. They could have at least spell-checked it.

Finance Assignments and Finance Projects and Finance Homework Help

Reviewed By Danish Khalid on Jul 7, 2017

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