I got two assignments on World War I. The questions seemingly implied a detailed analysis of the role of journalists and Wilfred Owen’s poems on the war. I have been studying World War I in detail for the whole session and was very relaxed when these assignments were announced in the class. In fact, I did not even start working on these assignments for a few weeks since I was busy with hockey practice.

I started working on these assignments and completed them with a week left for submission. Since I had time left for submission, I gave the assignments to a known senior of mine for review. To my horror, she came to me a day later and informed me that both the papers did not answer the assignment’s question!

I panicked at that moment because I had very little time to start afresh. To top that off, the assignment questions were based on rarely known facts for which material was hardly available. So I asked for her advice to complete the assignments without having to restart them. She suggested searching online for assignment help where I could hire an expert who could write my assignments in five days.

I searched on the Internet for a writer who could pull this off and save my grade. Although I visited many websites that claimed to write perfect assignments for low prices, none of the said prices were low. All of them would have unsettled my monthly budget. All my work in the part-time job would have gone in vain if the assignments turned out to be bad. I just could not bring myself to trust their claims.

Then, I came across a review site in which the services of an assignment assisting website called ‘’ had amazing reviews from many students. Many of them had given 5-star ratings for the site’s services.

When I visited the site, firstly I had to place an order to know the prices. On browsing the site further, I found samples of previously written History assignments and read them. The quality of those assignments was top-notch and gave me confidence to place an order. Also, I placed the order knowing that I could cancel it before actually paying if I found out that the prices were too high.

When I filled in the type of assignments I needed and the number of words that were required (1200 each), I was told the price of the assignments and judging from that, I was convinced that the reviews were genuine and this site did offer assignment writing assistance at a throwaway price. So finally I decided to hire this site’s writers for my assignments and I booked my order and set them a deadline of 3 days. I also paid an additional $2 fee for a plagiarism report to ensure that the assignments were authentic.

I too started writing the assignments on my own, still not completely convinced that they would be able to complete both assignments on time without any error. This time, I had difficulties in relating to the assignment’s question with the topic. I felt helpless and became totally dependent on this site’s History writer for the assignments.

Curious for answers, I decided to use the live chat facility to ensure that the assignments were being worked on, and also to know why journalists were arrested even though they were keeping the soldiers’ relatives informed about the war. I also wanted to know why Wilfred Owen’s poems on war were not appreciated when he wrote them.

Now, I knew the background of these two questions but I could not find relevant material to answer the questions in detail as was required in the assignment. In the live chat, I spoke to their representative Phil and he spoke to me in the most polite manner. He assured me that the assignments were carefully being dealt with and that I would receive them before the deadline. And he cleared my doubts about the questions as well. I must admit that he is a terrific guy.

The first assignment arrived in the morning of the second day and the other one arrived in the middle of the third day. They sent the two assignments before the deadline and I was pretty impressed. Even though the delivery was quick, I was still doubtful of the quality of the assignments.

So, I called upon my senior again that day (and luckily she had spare time) to review one assignment while I checked the other. She did not find any mistake in the assignment that she reviewed while I found some minor quotation errors in the ‘journalists’ assignment.

I called the site’s service staff on +61-2-6100-3843 and asked for re-work to be done on the assignment to put in relevant and proper quotations in place of the irrelevant ones. They assured me that the re-work would be done within 24 hours free of cost after I receive a call back soon for the re-work. I agreed to this arrangement as it was a fair deal.

I received a call back after around 8 hours and they again assured me that I would receive the assignment within 24 hours after a thorough proofreading so that any other error could be removed.

So, on the next day (which was one day before submission), I received the edited assignment at around 3pm which was 6 hours before the re-work delivery deadline. And this time, there were no mistakes in the assignment.

I submitted my assignments on time and received an ‘A’ grade in both of them. I’m glad I hired a writer from because, as you have read, they gave me high quality assignments before the set deadline. They also completed a minor re-work before the deadline! Considering the regular service to be this good, I will definitely opt for the Premium services next time.

Fellow students can view these ratings and blindly trust this site’s experts to give you great assignments –

Quality: 5/5

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So, I give them an overall rating of 5 out of 5 which is fully deserved.

My only suggestion to the site would be to show the prices for various assignments before placing an order. Otherwise, this site has been of immense help to me. Thank you guys and keep up the good work!

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surely book my next assignment

Reviewed By Harry Watson on Feb 5, 2018

I had a paraphrasing assignment; the did not charge me much as I had got some discounts. The customer care is good and had understood each and every requirement that I had stated was met by the writer. I also appreciate the effort that the writer has put in attaching an appendix which I did not ask but has fetched me marks for effort. I will surely book my next assignment with the website.

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satisfied with my assignment

Reviewed By Mia Ryan on Jan 23, 2018

I will come back to for my management assignments as I am very happy with the work that the writers of the company have provided. It is clear that the writers are knowledgeable and have good exposure of academics. The references used were al journal articles as I wanted and they were also referenced properly. The language that was used was not distinction level; nevertheless I am satisfied with the overall outcome of my assignment.

I really like the way presented

Reviewed By Jelina Robinson on Jan 18, 2018

I really like the way was presented it was composed in a very professional way and the requirement was met point by point. I also liked the way the format of the assignment was done. It was also delivered in time and hence I am very happy with the overall experience. However, placing an order can be a little tricky but if you understand the process then it will be easy for you to place the order next time.

speedy services

Reviewed By amy Clark on Jan 17, 2018

The speedy services provided by the experts of helped me to submit my assignment within the stipulated deadline prescribed by my professor. The service was very economical as well as affordable and I would like to take the help of the service. However, I had only one problem with the service provided by the experts. The quality of the assignment that they provided was average and could have been improved had they done proper formatting and referencing.

great prices

Reviewed By Ava leena on Jan 11, 2018

When I chose to delegate my statistics assignment to the writers at, I never really imagined that they would be so approachable and communicative. What’s more, their services are super affordable, and for a student like me, already burdened with a whopping amount for student loans, this sure comes as a boon.

discount is awesome

Reviewed By amy lee on Jan 8, 2018

I was so psyched to find an assignment service that understands my requirements and follows my vision to prepare my assignment. They make it seem like all the hard work was done by me, without being weighed down by the pressure. Also, who doesn’t love discounts, right? offers amazing discounts on the papers they prepare. I absolutely recommend their services

grateful for their services

Reviewed By Rosy Smith on Jan 8, 2018

I’ve always been an above average student, secretly harboring the wish to top my class. With the help of the experts from I think I’m close to turning my dream into a reality. With their assistance, my academic career received a much-needed push. I’m so grateful for their services!

Greate Job

Reviewed By techteam on Jan 4, 2018

For me writing a complex assignment is tougher than building a bridge. I availed three different services from this writing assignment-writing agency, and every time I got exactly what I was looking for.

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Best assignment Help services at calltutors

Reviewed By roy.jason572 on Dec 17, 2017

Available subjects°

Financial Accounting
Management Accounting
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Human Resource
You may check course availability via message
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friendly costumer service..

Reviewed By HunterBlacklow on Sep 18, 2017

Never thought that I could get in touch with a customer service so fast and I also never thought that they could solve my problems so fast. Excellent service and quick solution. A five star to you always. Quick delivery of my assignment even. A five star again.

Fastest Delivery seal the deal !

Reviewed By EmilyGay on Sep 18, 2017

The writer did a great job with my psychology report. I am overall satisfied with the essay assignment solutions I got. Thank you.

Prominent Subject Based Assistance

Reviewed By IsabellaNuttall on Sep 18, 2017

This assignment writing service not only provides you nicely composed dissertation but you also get to learn so many tricks about writing dissertation assignments from them. Pleased with my dissertation solution. Obvious my professor was happy with my assignment.

Finally, a reliable service provider !

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For me writing a complex civil assignment is tougher than building a bridge. I availed three different services from this writing assignment-writing agency, and every time I got exactly what I was looking for. Was sceptical earlier, but now I will only hire this agency.


Reviewed By olashawa85 on Sep 16, 2017

This platform is full of incompetent and unprofessional writers. After paying so much to get my assignment done, i was asked to pay another huge sum for revision and all i got was a failed grade. Liars...

Helpful Support Team

Reviewed By GeorgeWilkinson on Sep 15, 2017

I am hiring this service provider for last three years, and they never fail to mesmerise me with their quick and on time assignment service. The support team not only understand your requirements but they are also very prompt in attending your every request. Full marks on an active customer care.

Assignment writing service at its best

Reviewed By CaitlynHuie on Sep 15, 2017

I will not think twice before hiring writing service from this writing service provider. My very first experience with this writing service was prolific, and they successfully completed my assignment while maintaining all the given guidelines.

Really Good At Writing Paper

Reviewed By ArchieMacalister on Sep 15, 2017

I was having an issue with completing my business marketing assignment. I hired writing service from this agency. They deliver completed assignment right on time, and I got an A on my assignment. I am going to hire them for all of my future assignments as well.

Mindblowing Experience !

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I am thankful to this agency for helping me to achieve higher grades. I was dealing with many assignments at that time and came to know about this website from a friend of mine. On hiring them, I got a customised and well-structured assignment which was awarded A level Marks.

Absolute on time submission

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They kept their promise and give my essay on time... saved my graduations.

No refund!!!

Reviewed By AmelieWhitta on Sep 14, 2017

These morons took seven days to complete my urgent task. When I said I don’t need the assignment papers anymore and want my money back, they refused. They forced me to take the homework without refund.

Awful quality!

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Asked for twenty marketing management questions, of which only three were correct. Rest all was wrong, or unattended. Plus got the assignment the night before submission.

Awesome economics assignment!!!

Reviewed By SaraEade on Sep 13, 2017

You guys nailed my economics assignment while I was struggling to figure it out. I am amazed with the quality of the content you guys provided. My lecturer gave an A and said my work is noteworthy. Thanks.

Plagiarism-free assignments

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I am so happy that you guys did my assignment completely free from plagiarism. Good quality content was produced. And there were in-depth illustrations regarding the topic throughout the paper. I loved the service. Thank you pals.

Most affordable rates

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I was looking for a cheap assignment writing service for my business law assignment. As I came across you, I knew this is what I was looking for. I got customized essay at the cheapest price possible.

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I have got my friend’s birthday party, soccer match and assignment in a week. I was really overwhelmed. But then you guys came and made things easier for us. Thanks a ton guys! Keep rocking like this.

Good quality !!!

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There’s only one word to describe it – amazing. I am blown off by the quality of the assignment I received from them. That was really good. Thank you guys for making my life better. See you soon!

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I am happy with this company. I don’t know about other companies but it did well for me. I would definitely recommend this to my friends if they ever need help with assignment writing.

More professionalism !!

Reviewed By AdamMayne on Sep 11, 2017

It is good to know that there are a few people, who want to help you out with academic difficulties, but in my suggestions, they should be more efficient. Delayed delivery is not acceptable from a professional writing service. But the I can ignore the point, the assignment was really good.

Tone of the paper was not proper

Reviewed By JamesMcKeown on Aug 19, 2017

Such a good service I got from you. Timely delivery, good customer care support service, a properly formatted dissertation paper, referencing was so good. But the only thing that marred all these impressions is that the tone in which the paper was written. It was not at all professional and formal. Had to send for revision and waste my time.

Quick service required

Reviewed By HarryFrewin on Aug 19, 2017

Quite happy with the dissertation paper that I got. But the delivery service needed to be checked. That was quite late, and I had to continuously call customer care service to know when that will be delivered as I was already running late. Customer care was supportive, and I got it within the time promised by the executive

awesome content!!!

Reviewed By RubyIda on Aug 18, 2017

I am satisfied with the delivery time and how the customer care people supported me. Just one thing to say, the essay paper is amazingly written. I am at all satisfied with the content of the paper.

Customer service requires training

Reviewed By MollyMcVey on Aug 18, 2017

I am not at all satisfies with your customer care service. They need a lot of training. They fumble and take time to help. I had to be on the line for a long time. About other things, it is quite ok. I am happy with all the other aspects with my assignment help.

Disappointed by the support service!!

Reviewed By TylerMcLeish on Aug 17, 2017

Your customer care and support service need revision. Just see that they can be connected to easily. We do not have so much time to be on the line for long hours passing on from department to department. It is an important connection between us and the writers. But I should appreciate the science essay paper that you have given me. It was awesome.

Could not get connected to customer care service

Reviewed By TomFord on Aug 17, 2017

Please improve your customer care service. I had to try numerous times a day and get the line busy. Even reply on chat service was also late. But the assignment was well done. It was written properly with good style and formatting and also got my paper on time. Thank you.

High-quality papers !!!!

Reviewed By DarcyCiantar on Aug 16, 2017

My professor just the loved the essay. He even appreciated me in front of the classmates. I loved the experience. I really want to do it again. My psychology paper is due, can you guys finish it off for me. I know you guys can!

Trustworthy !!!!!!

Reviewed By TysonKeldie on Aug 16, 2017

I trust this company because I have experienced its services. And it is better than any other service provider available on the internet. I am happy that I got associated with this assignment help providing firm.

Reliable company !!

Reviewed By HaydenPenton on Aug 16, 2017

Had a great experience with you guys! I would definitely come back to this site. My exam is coming, so I might need help from you guys in my management assignment. Overall, it was a great pleasure doing business with you guys!

Definitely Recommended

Reviewed By SofiaField on Aug 14, 2017

Amazing guys! I really appreciate your writer’s efforts in completing my research paper with all requirements intact in the place. I guess this commendable – finishing off a assignment within deadline that too with all parameters. Thank you for helping me out in this case.

Simple but effective !!

Reviewed By SaraWaring on Aug 14, 2017

There’s nothing complicated about this company. I placed an order with them and they gave me a completed assignment. That’s all. And I am happy with the quality. Keep doing good work like this!

Height of unprofessional-ism!!!

Reviewed By RebeccaMcIlrath on Aug 14, 2017

I am going to blacklist this company for sure. They cheated on me by delivering an unoriginal dissertation paper. I asked them to provide authenticity report. They refused. They even didn’t revise the paper.

Excellent job done

Reviewed By RyanMcCready on Aug 11, 2017

You guys did an excellent job, truly appreciable. The essay was totally insightful and detailed. This actually helped me improve my academic score.

Great job!!!

Reviewed By EbonyGlynde on Aug 11, 2017

Thank you guys for saving me! I would have gone crazy if the last minute essay assistance help would not have come into play. Indeed a great job!

Very timely and professional

Reviewed By SaraBurges on Aug 11, 2017

I am happy to find out that they managed well to keep the words as promised. They guaranteed a timely deliver, and guess what? I got the essay in my mailbox before the given deadline.

Satisfactory work quality !!

Reviewed By LoganStarke on Aug 10, 2017

I am totally impressed with their quality of work. The way they drafted my dissertation is simply praiseworthy. Great work guys!

Best customized project work !!

Reviewed By MaddisonHook on Aug 10, 2017

I was looking for a custom dissertation help, and then I came across this site. I must say that the writers here are completely efficient in customizing a project, according to the instructions given.

Quick solution !!!

Reviewed By RachelStanfield on Aug 10, 2017

You guys made my day. I was in search for a quick solution as my assignment submission date was quite near. Thanks for helping me out.

Improved grades !!!

Reviewed By KianAllen on Aug 9, 2017

Thank you so much for helping me with the essay. It fetched me better marks this time. I am so happy and grateful to you all.

Best academic writers

Reviewed By RyanStorey on Aug 9, 2017

Some of the best academic writers I have ever worked with. They framed my assignment brilliantly, and with absolute perfection. This is great!
Sharon, Finland

Professionalism at its best

Reviewed By AaronSaunders on Aug 9, 2017

You guys are so professional and precise. I am happy to get my assignment project done from a team of such efficient writers. Great experience!

Certainly helpful

Reviewed By RyanPoole on Aug 9, 2017

I am so grateful to you guys. I would have flunked big time without your help. Thanks for helping me with the dissertation. My professors are so impressed with me.

Such updated content and information

Reviewed By AidanGough on Aug 9, 2017

I want to thank the writer who did my physics essay. The content was just great, and my teacher praised me for being so updated. Credit goes to you. The assignment was even perfectly formatted to my requirements and also got it on time so that I could submit it to my university.

Impressive homework paper

Reviewed By LeoBirdseye on Aug 8, 2017

I ordered my assignment for Economics, And I really appreciate that you did it so well. I am very much satisfied with the content that you have written in the paper, and also I appreciate the details and the information that you have mentioned which is only necessary.

Got the value of my money

Reviewed By KeiraBoyd on Aug 8, 2017

I was running short of time and had to get someone to write my assignment on a financial report. It was an overnight delivery, so they said that the delivery charges would be high. I was worried till I got my paper and I was surprised to see how well they composed the paper will all needed information.

Too good dissertation service

Reviewed By MatildaTubb on Aug 8, 2017

I ordered my dissertation two weeks back, and surprisingly I got it within the due date all written properly with excellent research and content. My fussy professor could not even speak a word pinching me. Hope to get the best grade. Will say you when I get my result.

Improved grades!!

Reviewed By JakeLeal on Aug 8, 2017

My grades improved after I took my assignment help from you. Since I am working and also study at the same time, I could not properly do my assignments for which my grades went down. But now I am satisfied as I found a friend to help me.

Great Help

Reviewed By Justina Christopher on Jul 25, 2017

I was tensed for my assignment, apparently I found MyAssignmenthelp and really they help me lot with my essay writing

Highly Satisfied !

Reviewed By jett mould on Jul 11, 2017

I strongly believe that they have writers with high experience, they serve high quality and original assignment of 100%. is a trustworthy website and you can get your assignment on time and even before. this website helps me a lot to get high grades. IM VERY SATISFIED.

Best Essay Help Service

Reviewed By Henry Lee on Jun 24, 2017

Since childhood, I had the dream of studying in Harvard University. But the admission process in so hard that I failed to get selected in the previous academic year. This year I took the assistance of the professional essay experts from Guess what, I got selected! Today I can proudly say that, “Yes I am a student of Harvard University!” But this was only possible due to the support of my parents and the helpful advice from the experts of I am really grateful to them!
From them only I got to know that each category of essays have different structures and procedures. They told me the nitty gritty of admission essay. Following their tips, I practiced essay writing at home. And today the result is in front of me. Brilliant service and the best assistance, must say! Will definitely come to you all for the different assignments in my post graduation!
Thank you soooooo much!
If you too have the same dream, do take the assistance of and also do not forget to practice writing at home. That is important too!

Good job

Reviewed By Aidenv Michael on Jun 8, 2017

They helped me with my assignment. It was good and original but then u need to give them whole lot of information to get what u r actually expecting. I liked their work.

Best quality papers,Improve Delivery time

Reviewed By Ambarly Jensen on May 12, 2017

Best writers you have! But need to work hard on delivering assignments on time. I ordered a dissertation of 14000 words. The quality of papers was very good but I got the solution four hours late from my deadline. Nice work by the way..!

Thanks for dissertation help.

Best quality assignment solutions provided

Reviewed By Alice Davison on May 8, 2017

Once I needed help in my maths assignment.One of my friend suggested me to go with
Before placing an order I read reviews on various sites.Reviews were satisfying, then I placed an order with and payed half amount in advanced for my order. I got my assignment solutions on time, the quality of papers was very good and I got an (A) in my academics.
Satisfied with their service and get an excellent return on my investment.

The assignment services is fine

Reviewed By Sashitosh Das on Mar 17, 2017

They are doing a fine job with the assignment.
This website is a every good help for all the students and people.I am now 100% satisfied with this and hope to use this in future as well.

Highly Satisfied with the service

Reviewed By Melisha Kent on Jan 21, 2017

This site is actually amazing. It gave me the best paper I could’ve ever asked for. I’m really happy with their services.

Best Assignment Help Company

Reviewed By Ameelia Brown on Jan 17, 2017

They are very good at doing the assignment in given time.

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