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I came to know about when I was in college freshmen year. It does not matter how much I hate to admit it I was in big trouble. Serious trouble! My grades were getting worse with days. I was failing to cope up with the pressure of academics, resulting in depression and anxiety. I needed to find a way out of this situation. So I talked to my classmates. One of my buddies came up with a cool suggestion - it was availing online help. I thought, why not? It seemed simple and safe. But I was wrong.

As I was new to this idea of taking online help, I thought of sticking to my friend’s choice. He had ordered an essay which was due in 10 days. They delivered the paper within a week so I was assured that they knew their work. At the first go, I placed an order for a term paper which was due three days later. I thought it was a safe play. I don’t blame my friend for recommending this site. But the experience I had with is not appreciable at all.

They have a section called, ‘our writers’. I expected they would describe the profiles of the writers, their qualifications, writing samples so that you could understand what to expect from the company. But they had a funny way to describe their writers like ‘our writers have at least master’s degrees.’ I suggest to them to make the page more authentic by putting the names of the university and degrees the writers have obtained.


Eventually, several things on this portal made me unhappy and left me dissatisfied with this service provider. While uploading my requirements in accordance with the instructions mentioned on the ordering form, what grabbed my attention was they were charging for proofreading services. I need to pay them $5 to get my paper proofread. It is ridiculous. Anyway, the order form was short. I uploaded the requirements very easily.

Customer services:

After uploading the requirements and additional specifications, I called them to simply check how efficient they were in responding. They did take my call immediately, but some technical errors caused call dropping. But there were few questions I needed to shoot. So I switched to their online chat option. After stating my initial question, a chat support executive named Raymond Perez responded. I described my query again in the chat. I kept staring at the chat window, but there was no response. I waited 5 minutes until I again posed my query. It took them 15 minutes to answer me. It was really frustrating. I was disappointed with the fact that they charge for plagiarism report. When I stated my requirements for the assignment, they said I needed to pay them extra $6 to get a plagiarism report. I could not afford to submit plagiarized content so I paid them to get the plagiarism report.


I was not sure about the market prices when I placed the order. But after placing the order, I went through few other sites to ensure they had not charged me anything absurd. But I was assured they did not. A good thing about their pricing policies was that fortunately they displayed their starting price of assignments. This is why I was assured that I could afford their services, but there was no discounts or personalized offer that I found in other sites.


They delayed the assignment delivery which was supposed to take place two days before the deadline. They delivered it just one day before. I was so disappointed with the content, I immediately requested them to revise it. They said the revised assignment would reach me within 12 hours as I had a deadline approaching. I called them to ensure that they were working on my assignment. Finally, they delivered the assignment within 12 hours. The recent version of the assignment was much better than the last version of the assignment.

Quality of the paper:

Still, many elements were missing in my paper. When I received my paper for the first time, it lacked the basic elements of a term paper: analysis. So I had to return it back for the revision. When I went through the revised copy, I would not say there was a huge difference. But it was some way better than what I had received earlier. It had a structure, albeit not a prominent one. The writing style was different this time. I understood that the second writer took the initiative to write the assignment from scratch. I appreciate the fact. But what was disappointing was the quality. It was average after all. I guess they lack experts who possess good writing skills. In addition, as I did not pay them for the proofreading services, they sent me the assignment with full of spelling and grammatical errors. I corrected them manually before handing it in. My suggestion to them is to direct their writers to check the assignment for   proofreading errors after completing it.

Final Verdict:

As this is the first time I availed writing services, I was expecting something good out of it. But I was gravely disappointed when I saw the results. I reckon some companies who would give you quality papers, but I cannot remark that is the one you should look upon. But I did obtain ‘B’ grade on my term paper whereas ‘C’ was my usual. I was expecting a straight ‘A’ on that paper as I invested enough money in it. Here are my ratings based on my experience.

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Reviewed By Tracy Walker on 17 Feb, 2018 did not incorporate half of the requirements provided by my professor in the marking rubric. I even had to ask for an extension from my professor as they did not complete the assignment within the deadline stipulated by the professor. I am completely disappointed with the kind of service that I got

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like to take the services again

Reviewed By Aniee Jones on 07 Feb, 2018

I am delighted with the kind of service that I got from the experts of and would like to take the services again. It was because of them that I was able to submit my essay within the deadline stipulated by my professor. The registration process was very easy as well as user-friendly. However, the quality of the assignment could have been improved a little. I found that the assignment was a mere paraphrase of the topic and did not provide a detailed analysis.

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Contents are not fully plagiarism-free

Reviewed By JustinHerlitz on 28 Jul, 2017

This is something I wasn't even expecting from a professional firm. Although the dissertation paper was decent enough, but it was not completely plagiarism free. There were certain copied text and references, which I had to edit before submission.

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Never order from them!!

Reviewed By Kelly Meto on 26 Jul, 2017

Unless you 100% want to fail in your assignment, never ever place your order with this site! They promised me a refund but it's been two months and now they have blocked me!!

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Wish they had done better

Reviewed By Adam Hebrew on 17 Jul, 2017

Everything was great when I placed my order. It was quick and easy, really affordable. And then I got my assignment, which was just not good. They revised it but for an extra price. I'm disappointed 

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