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Just three days before the final submission date, I remembered that my law assignment was due to be completed. Actually, I am crazy about football; I ...
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Scam website

Reviewed By Jessica Glover on Jun 13, 2017

Poor quality work while taking premium service. I got 73% plagiarized assignment. Be aware, it is scam website.


Worst essay writing service ever


Reviewed By Dave Leena on May 15, 2017

Their writers are incompetent to provide Essay writing help, I agreed that they just loot your money if you follow their writing you will fail. I wonder those that wrote pieces for them. Absolute nonsense. Be careful so as not to fall a prey. I am a victim of their cheap tricks.They are Nonsense! They are fake!


Unreliable services


Reviewed By Ambarly Jensen on Jan 25, 2017

First, they weren’t clear on the price. They initially offered me a different quote which increased due to ‘additional costs incurred in creating my paper.’ And then, when the time came for submission, they delayed it by three days! Very unreliable.


Disastrous experience

Reviewed By Petrea Dunn on Jan 23, 2017

When I availed help from this service, I got my assignment three days after the deadline. The support team came up with a stupid excuse that the writer was unavailable. It’s a scam, beware everyone!