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I am currently pursuing PhD degree in English from the University of Melbourne. Few days back, I availed help from I would like to share my experience with other students. Well, the so-called experts of this online writing service even do not have enough idea about the basic structure of a dissertation paper. 

I am from India. It is difficult for my parents to bear all my expenses. That is why I am involved in a part-time job to survive in Melbourne, where the cost of living is very high.  I have to go to Sydney for some official work at times. Last week, my supervisor informed me about a seminar which was supposed to held in the University of Queensland. He told me to present a paper on that seminar. He even helped me to select a topic. The topic was- “Chinua Achebe as a post-colonial writer”. But unfortunately, my boss asked me to go to Sydney at the same time. I got so confused at that time. I could not say no to my boss. It was not possible to refuse my supervisor’s proposal too.

My best friend Suzanna told me about online writing services. I was quite skeptical about seeking help from professionals initially. I did not want to take any chance as it was about showcasing my efficiency and skills as a research scholar. But the situation compelled me to avail help from 

I searched for best online writing help services on Google. I came across this site. The content written on’s website appeared to be quite impressive to me. I studied their site thoroughly. I read the testimonial section as well. I even read reviews about their writing services posted on several review sites. According to those reviews, is one of the leading writing help agencies. I was somehow convinced to take help from them. 

I clicked on order now. I wrote my email id, subject, and subject title on the given spaces. I also mentioned the deadline. I conveyed all my requirements. I had no clue about what to write on the space specified for coupon code. I opened the chat window and enquired about this. The reply from the person whom I was chatting with is “I have no idea dear. You can send your assignment on”. Then I again asked, “Can you please explain me the order submission procedure”. That person said, “It is a paid service dear. Ask to experts by email”. Huh, is not it funny that a customer support executive does not have any idea about the order submission process?

I became very disappointed. But since I did not have any other option, I sent mail to the address given by that so-called customer support executive (jokes a part). I was eagerly waiting for their reply. Most interestingly, they replied after two days. I became worried as only three days were left before that seminar. I thought that I would not be able to present paper on the seminar. I did not have enough time to write the paper on my own as I was doing some official work. Anyway, they explained the order submission process in that email. They also sent a quote. I made the payment through PayPal and successfully submitted my order. 

Now let’s talk about the deadline part. I gave them a deadline of 12 hours. Their experts refused to deliver the order within such a short time frame (according to them). I negotiated with them and they finally agreed to deliver the order within 24 hours. I got a sigh of relief! 

Guess what happened! They failed to deliver the fully-formatted paper on the promised date. I got a mail on the very next day from them. They informed that they required 4 more hours to complete the paper. I did not have any option except agreeing with them. 

Finally, I received the fully-formatted paper via mail. Well, the paper was written in a proper language. The content was quite informative. Their experts tried to do an in-depth analysis of the topic. They missed out some of my requirements (was quite expected from them). No, this is not the end of the story.

Well, they claim that their experts are PhD qualified. But I really do not find this claim to be true. PhD experts know the basic format of a dissertation paper. If their experts were really PhD qualified, then they would not have composed ill-structured synopsis. Literature review section was not included in the paper I received. But surprisingly, the reference list was perfect.

I called them on the given number. But nobody, received my call. I tried ten times. Then I sent a mail and requested them to include the literature review section in the paper. They agreed to revise the paper. But they asked me to pay some extra dollar. I argued with them and finally convinced them to revise my paper at free of cost.

Thankfully, they delivered the revised synopsis on the promised date. Otherwise, I would not be able to present the paper at the seminar. I read the paper thoroughly. There were countless typing and punctuation errors. Surprisingly, there was not any grammatical error. I did not have any option except proofreading the paper. One thing I liked about them is that they included authentic data and information in the paper. 

Though their order submission process is time consuming and their customer support team is quite inefficient their services are quite affordable. I compared prices of several writing agencies before availing help from  Their affordability was one of those reasons that convinced me to seek help from them.

Though they harassed me a lot, the revised paper delivered by them was quite good. They claim that they have a co-operative 24x7 available customer support team. This claim is not true at all. Their customer support team knows nothing. 

I would suggest others not to avail help from Yes, those who have enough patience and time can of course seek help from them.

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total garbage

Reviewed By JOHN DOE on 13 Dec, 2018

I trusted this website with 2 assignments and I failed the first one. They were more focused on how many words there had to be for the money. There were grammar issues I had to fix. There wasnt enough thought put into the paper. they rushed it and caused me to fail. After that, i didnt want to take any chances with them again and got my credit card company to get my refund for me since they didnt want to give me my money. I suppose you get what you pay for.

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Reviewed By Archit Sharma on 03 Dec, 2018

This website is a complete SCAM. I beg you to not to approach this website, even though I understand the assignment deadline will be fast approaching. But no matter what you will be wasting your time and money anyway. This is because I gave them an assignment and literally begged them to complete it as I will fail the course otherwise. These guys told me that the writer had started the assignment and were completely lying as after 10 days they told me sorry we cant deliver the assignment due to unforeseen conditions. Now they haven't even refunded me the amount and are acting like a complete fraud company. PLEASE DONT EVEN BOTHER WASTING YOUR TIME AND MONEY WITH THIS SITE. THEY ARE A BUNCH OF SCAMMERS. Now I am filing a case against them to get my money back.

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Very slow service...and no reponse from the experts

Reviewed By Kaival on 03 Oct, 2018

I have given my assignment to them. But they have already passed the deadline and still the assistant talk very rudely. like they have done nothing. Don't go for it friends, otherwise you will definitely fail. I also have the screenshots of the chat by assignment help. I can show if anyone want to.

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Never coming back here again

Reviewed By Una on 30 Sep, 2018

Dragged on my assignment until it was over 1 day 6 hrs past the deadline and then told me the expert could not complete it due to complexity of the task, when the previous day they told me it was on the verge of completion. Worst service, never using allassignmenthelp again.

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worst writer

Reviewed By Michael Drayton on 07 Aug, 2018

They only care about the money. They do not care about your assignment. I won't recommend them to anyone. poor use of grammar and service is so poor.

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