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I’m a media studies student. I’m currently interning with a reputed media house in downtown London, and have to constantly juggle all of my time in between classes and covering various events. Naturally, this leaves me with no time for my assignments and I had a mounting pile of them. While I somehow managed to scrape through the essays I had to do, I did not want to take the risk of rushing through my dissertation. I remembered a friend of mine had taken dissertation help from a company called last year so I decided I’d give them a shot. And that’s exactly what I did. Here’s a review of my experience with

The writers were just sloppy

Okay, so before I talk about the writers, let me tell you about the topic of my dissertation. My topic was ‘Freedom of Press and Direct Censorship.’ Since, it was a pretty straightforward topic, I honestly expected their writers to do a better job at it. But boy, was I disappointed. When I got my copy back from them, I felt as if the writer who had worked on my dissertation had done so pretty carelessly. It’s almost as if he or she had not put any effort into it thinking it is an easy topic so there’s no need to do much research or anything.

I am going to give them 2 stars out of 5.

Definitely not satisfied with the quality of the content

At this point, I am almost tempted to label as scam running website. Well, the quality of the content was bad, like really BAD! Like I said before, the writers were sloppy so that was bound to reflect in the copy I received from them. And it did! First of all, the introduction to my dissertation was very shabbily written. Then the arguments were scattered here and there with no logical connection between them. On top of that, there were just so many errors! It’s almost as of nothing was right with the dissertation I received. I had to sit and fix all of it on my own.

My rating is 2 stars out of 5.

They at least delivered it on time

One of the reasons why I had (even though they don’t seem legit now) was because of the delivery timings they had listed on their website. I needed a company that could help me out immediately since I had less than a month left for submission. I had given the time frame of 10 days to complete my dissertation and luckily, they lived up to it. So in this regard, I’d say that I’m quite satisfied with their services. Although if I think about it, I’m sure it wouldn’t have taken them much time to complete such a paper.

My rating for them is 4 stars out of 5.

Their range of services is very limited

Once you go onto their site, there’s nothing much to look at. They only and only could help me out in my dissertation and nothing else. So if I wanted a couple of essays and research papers done as well, I would have to look elsewhere. And yes, they only claim to offer free revisions. They don’t actually do it for free. The revision policy of is fake. I had spotted a few minor instances of plagiarism in my dissertation so I naturally called them and asked them to revise those portions. While they did revise it, they charged me extra for it! Apart from that, they offer pretty standard services.

Yet again, I give them 2 stars out of 5.

The pricing of their services is average and confusing

At first, when I clicked on the pricing page on their website, I was pleasantly surprised. The rates were so cheap that I just couldn't believe my eyes! I could get a platinum quality dissertation in just 24 hours for £24 was something too hard to digest. So when I actually placed my order and my bill came up to £150, I just didn’t know how to react. They said referencing was free but I guess they charged me for that too because they only calculated my overall price by taking citation into account. Bad experience overall. I felt completely cheated by

My rating for them is 2 stars out of 5.

The customer care staff does not respond

Even before I had actually placed my order, I had tried to get in touch with them through their live chat support and I did not get a reply back. I should have taken this as a warning sign and not placed my order but I was hard-pressed for time and had no choice so I went ahead anyway. In fact, even when I tried to get in touch with them for the revision of my dissertation, it was quite difficult to do so. There contact number didn’t work and no there was no email address either. I had to fill out a query form and they got in touch with me way later.

2 stars out of 5 for this too.

My suggestions for

I have so many recommendations for them, my list could go on and on and on! Okay, first things first. They need to be clear about their prices. I mean what is this? You say one price and then charge another? That is just not fair! Second of all, they also need to work upon their customer care. Their live chat is certainly not available 24x7 and they barely ever reply on time. I mean seriously, you take these services to save your time but you actually end up wasting it trying desperately to get in touch with them. One of the last things they need to do is improve the quality of their writers as well as of the content they provide. Instead of claiming they have PhD writers, they should try to actually hire real PhD writers who can produce much better quality content. I ended up getting a C- and they should not play with someone’s grades, future and career like that. So avoid at all costs for your paper.

My overall rating for them is 2.3 stars out of 5.



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Overall good

Reviewed By Rose Martin on 08 Feb, 2018

I had ordered a dissertation which included a separate proposal, which had to be submitted before and then there was the main dissertation. I am very happy with both the assignments. I wanted the same writer to do both the file and the customer care ensured that happened. The process and the procedure were all to the point. There were some minor issues with were immediately dealt with. Overall I am very happy with the outcome.

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miss my deadline

Reviewed By Timothy Wilson on 17 Jan, 2018

These people made me miss my deadline, I cannot believe this! Even after charging me with so much money they have not sent me a complete dissertation. The basic and the minimum requirement which is on-time delivery of the service are flawed. I will never book another service form I will also tell about my experience to all my friends and I will make sure they never book an order.

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Failure to meet the requirements

Reviewed By ChloeBoreham on 11 Sep, 2017

I clearly mentioned I needed a few images for my assignment. But they did not bother to put it up. Although, the paper was written and has met all criteria that I had in my mind.

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Not referenced paper !!!

Reviewed By ThomasCardwell on 11 Sep, 2017

The assignment questions were answered properly, but it was not referenced properly. A few in-text references have not been used in the reference list. It is a bit misleading for readers.

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Expected better quality !!

Reviewed By BenGairdner on 11 Sep, 2017

Quick response from the support team. They are really quick. They did all necessary work on behalf of me to quicken the process. But it would have been better if they deliver a better quality assignment paper.

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