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It was only within a few weeks of moving into the resident halls to complete my research paper that I fell ill. I had to finish my dissertation as the deadline was approaching. But all I had managed to complete by that time was the introduction. Five chapters remained and not to forget the referencing. I went on the internet and started looking for relevant research material. But there was not enough data to start with. I needed to go to the library but my physical condition would not permit.

I desperately needed more resources to write my literature review as I was dealing with a critical topic, “The relationship between sustained and divided attentional abilities and Austistic Spectrum Disorder traits”. I thought of starting with the methodology chapter. But despite having the research design and data analysis done, I could not move my writing an inch.

I then remembered once my friend had talked about a company, I visited the site; it was not much of a looker at first sight. But when I scanned the whole site, it looked OK. What caught my attention was they provided free samples. I went to the sample section and searched for Psychology assignments. There were a couple of them on psychology, but they did not match my topic. Tough luck!

I needed someone who knew the subject I was working on and assist me to finish my dissertation as soon as possible. So I started chatting with their customer care executive in the hope that he would help me out. I had to first enter my name and department to start the chat. I was attended by an executive named Charlie. He was easy to talk to. I started explaining him my requirements. I explained him that as I had already written my introduction part, the writer had to build the whole assignment based on the introduction. I took time but made him understand what I actually required. He got it right too. He gave me the confidence that the task would be handled by an experienced psychology expert and no one else. I uploaded my requirements and specifications given by my university. I did not counter any difficulty while placing the order. To make sure that they had got all my requirements, I called them up to cross-check. And I got my reply in affirmative.

I then received a quote for my order where they told me how much I needed to pay. As a matter of fact, I did not have much to spend, so I was praying that it did not overshoot my budget. It was reasonable. Since my order had 10 pages, I received an additional 15% reduction on the total cost too. This eventually made my price even lower. I found it as an optimum one, something that every student could afford to. So I processed the payable amount through PayPal and left everything to them. To my surprise, they said it would take four days to finish my dissertation. I was happy about it as the deadline was a week later.

But still I was skeptical about the whole idea, so I kept on calling them and inquired about my order. What pleased me is that no matter how many times I called them, their answers were always cordial and satisfactory. I also had some new ideas that I wanted to incorporate in my dissertation, a day before the delivery was supposed to be made. Andrew, the customer care executive, assured me that he would pass the specifications to the concerned writer.

After four days of nail-biting tension, I finally received my dissertation. I downloaded the solution in my computer. I was pretty nervous to look at it at first, but when I went through it, I breathed a sigh of relief. It had everything that I wanted in my writing. It was well-formatted, fully referenced and structured. What more could you ask for? It was a surprise to me that they incorporated my idea of separating ‘discussion’ and ‘recommendation’ part. I must say ‘recommendation’ part was impressive. I could not think of any suggestion for future research as it was perfectly written. They also reconstructed my introduction part (written earlier) and elevated the quality of writing to match it with the whole paper. The paper had clear views, perfectly developed content and was absolutely custom-made.

To exclude any chances of plagiarism, I checked the paper under a plagiarism detector. It came out clean. What I liked most about this company was that they implemented my feedback sincerely regarding the writing style. I am sure my instructor would not suspect that I did not write it. From my point of view, quality of writing is very important. And this company maintained that. The quality of the paper I received was an ideal one. I received an excellent feedback from my dissertation committee. The overall experience with was satisfactory. I received what I expected and what I paid for.

But there is one thing that can do to improve their user experience: that is to build a price calculator. What I noticed is they are very secretive about their prices. You need to place an order to know their exact prices. Many students would not feel confident about placing an order without knowing it, although their prices are very much affordable. In my opinion, they should have a price chart or price calculator where students can calculate their estimated cost once they visit the site. However, apart from it, I am more than satisfied with

Here’s my rating on the following parameters,

Quality: 5/5
Price: 4.5/5
Customer support: 5/5
Delivery time: 5/5
Add ons: 5/5

I would like to give full marks (5 on 5) for its efficiency, delivery timing and customer-friendly support system. I have already told my colleagues about this site and recommended them to use it too. I am confident that will not disappoint them.

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awesome work

Reviewed By Shalini Gupta on 16 Mar, 2018

I fell sick last week and I could not attend classes. At that time my history professor assigned a critical project. Maria informed me about that and gave me the class notes. But I did know what to do exactly as I was not present in the class. That’s when I took help from You guys saved me by delivering a 100% accurate project. Thank you so much.

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would definitely buy this again

Reviewed By Emily parker on 11 Jan, 2018

I was amazed how easy the experts at the made the process of creating my thesis paper so simple. Earlier I was dreading the whole process of researching and finding credible sources and writing my paper accordingly. The experts at the website took care of every single aspects of my paper. This is such a relief, it's like a weight is lifted off my shoulders. Now I won't be apprehensive to try out the other services that they offer

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someother website after disappointment

Reviewed By Ava leena on 19 Dec, 2017

To pay off my student loans I was working work part-time at a convenience store. Maintaining the work-life balance was turning out to be a nightmare for me. I was desperately looking for some help to manage the piles of assignments that I had to finish and I have found that help in Ordering an assignment with them is such a seamless process and even a child can navigate through their website. They are also extremely reasonable.

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amazing result

Reviewed By Zara Williams on 30 Nov, 2017

I had no idea an assignment service like this existed before I actually came across this website. I didn't have my hopes pinned on them since I'd never opted for something like this before, but I'm certainly impressed by the dedication they had shown for my assignment, and not to mention the amazing outcome of the beautifully written paper.

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Reviewed By Dane Henry on 16 Nov, 2017

myassignmenthelp guys are really great especially john. thanks john i got 91/100

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