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Poor service, avoid!

Reviewed By Ziad Alobeidi on Sep 4, 2017

They don't have good customer service and don't look after their returning customers well. On one occasion, the writer took a long time to finish the paper and as a result I was penalised financially and academically. Assignment Masters delayed the investigation process so long and in the end said that they cannot issue a refund back to my card as the transaction was over 6 months old and would only give me store credit which I refused as I am not coming back. There are better services out there that look after their returning customers more.

The actual quality of the papers is not great either, you would have to constantly heck grammar, content, spelling, formatting, etc. They do not have native English writers and so the work produced is basic even though you pay a premium for a PhD level service.

Zero referencing

Reviewed By StephanieOldfield on Jul 28, 2017

Although the content quality was good enough, they didn’t use any referencing while drafting the paper. My dissertation paper suffered due to this loophole. I wish they will pay attention and make things better and more accurate in the near future.

Not that happy

Reviewed By ava luker on Jul 17, 2017

A part of me honestly expected a better quality assignment than the one I got because they had received such good ratings elsewhere. To me, they only provided an averagely written paper completed in a hurry.

Ordinary service

Reviewed By jett mould on Jul 14, 2017

Good customer service. Had a small misunderstanding with covered topics ,the quality of assignment is satisfied and department helped solve it. Ordinary work

A Big Scam

Reviewed By Alice Davison on Jul 12, 2017

This company is a scam. I wasted $40 to buy an assignment solution from them which turned out of a very poor quality that I could not use any of it. On top of the completely irrelevant content, the report was full or grammatical and spelling mistakes. I requested a refund straight away which they refused. Instead they suggested that I deal with their 'expert' who can help to correct the mistakes. I explained that I did not trust their expert after the quality of work I received. Also they would have to write a completely new report as what they sent me was not suitable. I did not have time to wait for them to completely re-write the assignment with no guarantees that the new work would be of any better quality. When I put the transaction dispute through PayPal some Indian guy called and started to blackmail me that they would have to contact my University if I do not cancel the dispute! Don't make my mistake, avoid AssignmentHelp as all they do is still your money!

Not good at all

Reviewed By Rosy Smith on Jan 30, 2017

They just do not care about the quality of the assignments. I suppose they don’t even do the little research to prepare the sheets. I got C. But, that’s because I made certain last moment changes in the paper. Don’t trust them.

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