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Website: Headquarter: UK
Pricing: Start at $17.37 Establish: 2013
Size: 4975 writers Serving Country: 1
Payment Option: PayPal, MasterCard, Visa                 Refund: Yes
Discount: Yes Rework: Yes
Refund Policy: Yes Services: Essay, Dissertation, HND


Assignment Masters complaints- 'Poorly written essay', 'unreasonable price', 'bad citation' 'refund issue' . Consequently, AssignmentMasters has a below rating of 3 stars out of 5 indicating that AssignmentMasters is not reliable and trustworthy. For this reason, students are not satisfied with them.

We are going to put a complete review on covering the following aspects:

Table of Content 
i. Quality of Assignment iii. Delivery
ii. Price Structure iv. Support and Refund Policy

Over the years, academic service providers have been the answers to the queries placed by students such as, “Who can solve my assignment on-time?” or “Who can write my assignment as I’m absolutely clueless about the topic?”

However, there have been instances when the students fell into the trap of scam activities, and ended up losing both their money and valuable marks. Thus, it is imperative; you conduct a background check on the academic service provider before you avail assistance.

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Here, we will closely study, which claims to be the best assignment writing service in the UK.

  Quality of Assignment

As far as the quality of the assignment is concerned, claims to provide top-quality write-ups. They have qualified experts, who are graduates from prestigious British universities. Thus, they are able to craft academic papers from scratch, shedding light on various subject matter topics.

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Here you can see that the writers do not consider the instructions forwarded by the students. Moreover, they also do not meet the word count requirement in the assignments. Thus, the writers are not trustworthy at all. 


  Price Structure states that it offers budget-friendly assistance to the students in the UK. Moreover, the students also get 20% off on the first order. And, they also offer free features such as outline, title page, bibliography, formatting and amendments worth £60.

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As you can see, many students have reported that do not provide quality assistance, especially for the price that they charge. Moreover, they demand extra money whenever the students ask for a revision. Thus, the service that they provide can be construed as a scam.

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  Delivery claims that it offers the assignments well within the deadline, so that the students can submit the tasks on time. Moreover, they state that the students will be able to save valuable time when they avail their service.

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However, this is far from the truth. As you can see, the students had to pay the price for relying on them for academic assistance on short notice. Moreover, they have also missed the deadline, when the students gave them enough time to complete the task. Hence, the service is not reliable.


  Support and Refund Policy assures the students of 24*7 customer support. Furthermore, they also promise direct contact with the writers who would be working on the assignment. However, there is no explicit mention of a refund policy on their website.

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As per the students, customer executives are not cooperative. In fact, they even refuse to help the students understand a particular feature of the service that they offer. Moreover, when it comes to refund, they refuse to acknowledge the genuine issues of the students. Thus, they offer fake services.

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As appeared in AssignmetnMaster's reviews, it is safe to assume that the service offered by is not reliable. Thus, if you wish to stand out from the rest of the class by submitting a flawless assignment, you should resort to any other academic service provider in the UK. However, you must check out the price scheme before availing academic assistance from any other service provider.

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Reviewed By User user on 12 Feb, 2021

If you want a poorly written, highly unprofessional assignment, then go ahed and use Assignment Masters' services. It is not bad enough that the assignment I received was sooooo poorly graded, their response to the issue was so terrible. Their customer service disregarded my issue completely and stopped answering my emails.

The assignment I ordered was short and I left the writer with creative liberty and I specifically said "choose from the list of topics the one you're most familiar with as I want this to be highly graded and I don't want you to write about a topic you are not that familiar with". The assignment I received according to the marker was "broad, not specific, not up to MSc level, the research questions need plenty of refinement, the literature used is not relevant to the questions, nor to the topic, and not grounded in context. Your assignment did not highlight the issue."
Also I had to redo all in-text citations and references list to the APA standards before submission since the ones they provided had so many mistakes.
The marker was so disappointed with my grade. I got a 52 which is on the verge of fail! I passed thanks to a miracle! Their terrible grade affected my overall GPA.
Not worth the 200+ dollars I paid for. Do your self a favour and use another website. At least one with better customer service. If I could rate their services 0 stars I would!
I asked for a refund especially since I'm going through a very hard time financially, but they did not answer my request and they ignored my emails. They only said in one email that they can provide revisions, but what good would that do now? Since the grade has already been released :( I'm beyond disappointed.
In short, do your self a favour and steer away from this site. I did the mistake and paid greatly for it, I'd hate to see more people fall for their trap and pay the price for it.

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Reviewed By Zoi on 09 Dec, 2020

UNFORTUNATELY, there is no ZERO STAR choice.
They were not delivered the work on time, they are not responding to emails or calls, and after me chasing them for 15 days, they are refusing to give a refund, which is against their policy.

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Worst experience with assignmentmasters

Reviewed By Barbara Roberts on 10 Apr, 2020

I had the worst experience with assignmentmasters. While I was making the payment for an order, the transaction was failed, but the money was debited from my account. When I told it to the customer support, they told me to contact the bank and denied receiving any money.

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They are absolute fraud

Reviewed By Jan McKelvey on 07 Apr, 2020

I ordered assignmentmasters to write me a history case study, and they have sent me an essay on the economic policies of Austria. Why are you guys so careless? On top of this, they completely denied to pay me back. Don’t go to these people. They are absolute fraud.

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Incorrect Citations

Reviewed By Ronald Jackson on 23 Mar, 2020

I had explicitly asked them not to cite from blog posts and online articles for my history assignment. Assignmentmasters did not pay heed to what I said. Now I have to revise the content

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Fgdfgd 03 Apr, 2020


stay away

Reviewed By Mia on 19 Mar, 2020

This firm is one of the largest scammers on the net. They are marketing themselves as top writers but they nothing but grade 4 elementary school writers.
They will fight, be rude, nasty and in denial.
They are deceitful and totally unreliable.
They provide poor work and if you challenge them they will fight and put you down. They will never refund your money.
Stay away!!!! or you will be robbed !!!!!

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I never again taking the help

Reviewed By Olivia Thomas on 14 Feb, 2018

what I actually got from them was 20 pages of rubbish. I even had to ask for an extension of the deadline from my professor as they did not complete the assignment within the deadline. I am never again taking the help of the services provided by

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Poor service, avoid!

Reviewed By Ziad Alobeidi on 04 Sep, 2017

They don't have good customer service and don't look after their returning customers well. On one occasion, the writer took a long time to finish the paper and as a result I was penalised financially and academically. Assignment Masters delayed the investigation process so long and in the end said that they cannot issue a refund back to my card as the transaction was over 6 months old and would only give me store credit which I refused as I am not coming back. There are better services out there that look after their returning customers more.

The actual quality of the papers is not great either, you would have to constantly heck grammar, content, spelling, formatting, etc. They do not have native English writers and so the work produced is basic even though you pay a premium for a PhD level service.

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Zero referencing

Reviewed By StephanieOldfield on 28 Jul, 2017

Although the content quality was good enough, they didn't use any referencing while drafting the paper. My dissertation paper suffered due to this loophole. I wish they will pay attention and make things better and more accurate in the near future.

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Not that happy

Reviewed By Ava luker on 17 Jul, 2017

A part of me honestly expected a better quality assignment than the one I got because they had received such good ratings elsewhere. To me, they only provided an averagely written paper completed in a hurry.

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Ordinary service

Reviewed By Jett mould on 14 Jul, 2017

Good customer service. Had a small misunderstanding with covered topics ,the quality of assignment is satisfied and department helped solve it. Ordinary work

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A Big Scam

Reviewed By Alice Davison on 12 Jul, 2017

This company is a scam. I wasted $40 to buy an assignment solution from them which turned out of a very poor quality that I could not use any of it. On top of the completely irrelevant content, the report was full or grammatical and spelling mistakes. I requested a refund straight away which they refused. Instead they suggested that I deal with their 'expert' who can help to correct the mistakes. I explained that I did not trust their expert after the quality of work I received. Also they would have to write a completely new report as what they sent me was not suitable. I did not have time to wait for them to completely re-write the assignment with no guarantees that the new work would be of any better quality. When I put the transaction dispute through PayPal some Indian guy called and started to blackmail me that they would have to contact my University if I do not cancel the dispute! Don't make my mistake, avoid AssignmentHelp as all they do is still your money!

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Not good at all

Reviewed By Rosy Smith on 30 Jan, 2017

They just do not care about the quality of the assignments. I suppose they don't even do the little research to prepare the sheets. I got C. But, that's because I made certain last moment changes in the paper. Don't trust them.

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Sarah 12 Dec, 2020

I just literally paid for a quote to be told the transaction was declined. I have verified the money left my account! I have emailed them and am waiting for an urgent ressne. For some reason the live chat function does not work on their website.
I’ll be reporting them to the financial ombudsman if I do not recieve a response or refund.
Most disappointed.

Gurublorian 28 Jun, 2023

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