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I am not good in penning down my thoughts. When I was in freshmen year, I did try though. But my instructor put me down every time saying that I lacked basic knowledge of academic writing. I did use to write essays and assignments in my high school years, although with help from my elder brother. But graduation was an entirely new level for me. So I decided to get online help which I thought was a fairly good idea. My part-time job in a music store allowed me to bear the additional academic and personal expenses. I did receive few good written essays from online writing sites which I cannot deny. But frankly, was not a good decision by me.


When I went to work one day, my friend Laila who is also my roommate, asked me the name of the site that I used for doing my due essays. I told her that they specialized in providing essay help, but I had no idea about their different services. As she planned to write a research paper to get into a research program, she wanted a professional to do it. And I too had a term paper due. So we took the trouble of searching for a writing site that had a good reputation in providing different assignment writing services. seemed to cover a wide range of services. Besides, we thought it operated from UK. Fortunately, they had both research paper and term paper writing services. So it was a good sign for us. We decided to place our orders with them as soon as possible. As I was very much aware of the ordering process of online writing services, I asked my friend to upload the assignment requirements directly. She was hesitant at first.


After uploading assignment requirements, we gave all the needed financial information. My friend chose 10 days’ deadline and I chose 3 days’ deadline. They send us a confirmation that our assignment would be delivered right on time.


I did not use the customer care desk so I do not have a take on this. But afterwards, as the deadline approached, we realized they did not maintain professionalism with their services. As I was busy with my side job, I asked my friend to enquire about my order. She did, but they did not revert instantly. It took them two hours to answer a simple question. A day before the delivery I called them to ensure my term paper was right on schedule. They flagged me positive. So I did receive my assignment right on time. But there were a lot of problems with the paper. The references I asked them to use were missing, the structure of the assignment was very poor, and the most annoying part is that the writer definitely had no knowledge about the topic. It was very amateurish work; the writer just ripped off the Wikipedia page and paraphrased it. There was no analysis, not at all an argument; simply stating facts that anyone could do. The presentation of the paper was not at all attractive.


I was not ready to submit a poor quality paper for which I had paid heavily. So I called them their customer services. I was surprised to see that they were defending their work. I strictly told them that I wanted my paper to be revised, and more importantly not by the writer who had done it in the first place. They finally agreed to deliver the revised copy in 12 hours. After 12-hour wait, there was no sign of assignment yet. I called them again. I was ready to pay them more to get my assignment done as I was only few hours away from my deadline. They said my rework was already done. And they were sending it right away. I downloaded the copy. I had to say, the paper was not the same. But it still did not match the level I was expecting. I thought it was good enough to get me passing grades.


I will give them 2.5 out of 5 overall.


After revising when I got the final copy, more information was added and analyzed. But the writing was not clear as it should be. But this time, the presentation of the paper had a professional touch. It maintained the parameters and references I mentioned earlier. But the paper could have been more stellar if the writer had added in-depth knowledge, some earlier references to previous work in the field or a few experts’ quotes. But it was missing. They did put an argument and analysis that had an introduction, body and conclusion. I did check for plagiarism, it had some minor issues, a few instances of sentences matching. I revised it. I guess they did not check it too.


I want to give them 2 out of 5 on quality.


They clearly mentioned on the website that they provided 20% discount on the first order. But my friend and I received only 10% on our order as first timers. Although the average prices of their services are lower than the service I used to avail, I would prefer an expensive and quality services rather than a cheap and poor quality service. Their prices are divided in three quality levels; you choose any of them and pay accordingly. They also charge you depending on the urgency. Yes, the earlier you need a complete assignment, the more you have to pay. The policy would be fair if they provide quality papers written by experts.


My ratings would be 3.5 out of 5 for pricing.


They do have free formatting services, but it is only applicable when you order lengthy academic assignments. My term paper was two-page long so it did not need any formatting as such. However, they do not have any special services that helped me. I would give them 1.5 out of 5 for add-ons.


Final Verdict:


As I did not receive a good response from this site, I would not recommend you for using it. But if you are under strict budget, have to go for a cheap writing services, then can be a good option for you. Rather I would recommend you to skip this site. My suggestions to would be revamping their services and taking strict measures to elevate their quality of services.

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I never again taking the help

Reviewed By Olivia Thomas on 14 Feb, 2018

what I actually got from them was 20 pages of rubbish. I even had to ask for an extension of the deadline from my professor as they did not complete the assignment within the deadline. I am never again taking the help of the services provided by

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Poor service, avoid!

Reviewed By Ziad Alobeidi on 04 Sep, 2017

They don't have good customer service and don't look after their returning customers well. On one occasion, the writer took a long time to finish the paper and as a result I was penalised financially and academically. Assignment Masters delayed the investigation process so long and in the end said that they cannot issue a refund back to my card as the transaction was over 6 months old and would only give me store credit which I refused as I am not coming back. There are better services out there that look after their returning customers more.

The actual quality of the papers is not great either, you would have to constantly heck grammar, content, spelling, formatting, etc. They do not have native English writers and so the work produced is basic even though you pay a premium for a PhD level service.

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Zero referencing

Reviewed By StephanieOldfield on 28 Jul, 2017

Although the content quality was good enough, they didn't use any referencing while drafting the paper. My dissertation paper suffered due to this loophole. I wish they will pay attention and make things better and more accurate in the near future.

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Not that happy

Reviewed By Ava luker on 17 Jul, 2017

A part of me honestly expected a better quality assignment than the one I got because they had received such good ratings elsewhere. To me, they only provided an averagely written paper completed in a hurry.

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Ordinary service

Reviewed By Jett mould on 14 Jul, 2017

Good customer service. Had a small misunderstanding with covered topics ,the quality of assignment is satisfied and department helped solve it. Ordinary work

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